Here you can find walkthroughs for Titus the Fox and Moktar.

Level 11 walkthrough by Cosmo
Walkthrough by ManiacMansionFan, version 1.5

Level 11 walkthrough by Cosmo

Level 11 is my favourite level both in terms of design and skills required. If
you are a master of titus the fox, you don't need this. If you are a good
player and want the most of this level, meaning loads of bonuses AND a safe,
medium difficulty run of the level, keep on reading. I will skip the parts that
ManiacMansionFan and the secrets sections already covered.

Start the level by killing the guard and the scorpions by up throw technique.
Do not waste boxes on them. Take a box, go right to first building, go to the
roof and kill the knife thrower. Get the carpet and kill the fly and scorpion.
Go back, get another crate, and kill the knife thrower to the right, where the
next building is.

With the carpet and trampoline, get the bonuses on the top of all buildings, 3
in all. Use the carpet to kill scorpion in the 3 floor tower, and one box in
that tower to kill the fly over the elevator, the other 2 you will need later.

One very IMPORTANT thing to remember, all through this walkthrough. The carpet
must be with you at all times, all the way to the end. It makes this level much,
MUCH less frustrating.

Go to the right most tower, very tall, and go to the top with carpet in hand.
You can kill the scorpions or jump them, your choice. Taking the padlock is
irrelevant, the whole idea is that you don't die at all in this level. You die,
you use carpet shortcut below. Use the 2 boxes to get the trampoline, and leave
it for now.

Carpet in hand, do the jumps on icy platforms to the left, they are not THAT
hard (if they are, again, take the carpet shortcut). Stop on the big, highest
platform. From left end, activate carpet and ride it to whack the camel. For me
it worked perfectly first attempt, so I believe this is not a tricky part. Go
down below the camel platform, kill scorpions with carpet, then take both the
carpet and the bag, go up the ladder, kill fakir with bag, and leave carpet
there, take the 6 bonuses.

Go back to the tower, take the trampoline and come back. This is the last
(and short) ice jumping sequence, so don't fall, after all, you're here because
you did level 9 jumping, this is much easier. Use the trampoline to get the
whole shebang of bonuses, you can go up carpet in hand, then fly carpet back to
tower, and go down all the way. You can also take the trampoline while flying
carpet, your choice.

Now it's back to level start. With carpet flying from roof to roof, it is an
easy and fun ride. Also in your way, collect the 2 boxes in the fly tower, and
the initial trampoline (you can also have 2 trampolines if you took the one you
just used, up to you). You need to have 6 boxes, one trampoline and the carpet,
to continue this run.

*** alternative carpet shortcut ***

If you don't want/need the bonuses, skip all the above, but do go get the
carpet at the beginning of level, without wasting any boxes, just avoid the
knife thrower, jump him, take carpet, come back. If you do this, you are
exactly in the same situation as above, no bonuses, but with carpet.

*** end of alternative carpet shortcut ***

Stack 5 boxes and trampoline, go up throw the 6th box on platform between icy
spikes, return get the carpet, back up again. You are at the bottom of the
tower, carpet in hand and one box.

The tower is a walk in the park with a carpet. Kill all fakirs with carpet,
kill flame thrower with the box, go all the way up, collect bonuses, padlock is
irrelevant, since again, you must not die.

From now on, there are 3 objectives to finishing the level nice and easy: never
lose carpet, never lose your caged friend, and don't die.

To do so, step a bit back from the ladder at the end of the tower, leave a
space of approximately another fox between you and ladder. Launch carpet to the
right, pick up friend, fly carpet as long as you can. The carpet will stop the
ride on an icy platform. Repeat, and fly carpet with friend in hand to the next
section of buildings, careful not to slip off carpet (you can ride it until it
folds by itself, so you fall with it).

The rest of the level is another walk in the park thanks to the carpet.
Jump the knife thrower (the only real obstacle from now on), kill the fakir
with carpet, go right, kill the fakir guarding the ball with carpet, leave the
carpet, take the ball (leave the gun, take the cannoli :)

Go back after your friend, and kill the knife thrower in a rather nice way,
from safe distance jump and throw the ball, it will bounce and whack him. You
can try several times, just crouch walk past him and try again. Or you can just
jump him, friend in hand.

From now on, all is clear, throw the friend in ugly baby boss cage, take ball,
dispatch boss, finish level, as ManiacMansionFan already explained.


This is pretty much it, both the carpet bonus run and the carpet shortcut run
are doable, and the carpet really makes this level fun, rather than obnoxious.
The bonuses path is a bit tricky, but grants some 4-5 extra lives, more than
enough to finish the game. The carpet shortcut simply avoids the incredibly
annoying acrobatics with the ball fakir, which btw if not done perfectly, will
leave you hit before the boss.

For me, getting there with the carpet is MUCH easier than actually getting the
ball, and also much more fun.

I hope you enjoy the walkthrough as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

Walkthrough by ManiacMansionFan

     ___ __    __      ___     ___      __  ___ __    __  ___
|   [__ (__   [__]\  /[__ |\ |  |  |  |[__)[__ (__   |  \[__
|___[___.__)  |  | \/ [___| \|  |  |__||  \[___.__)  |__/[___

888b     d888          888      888
8888b   d8888          888      888
88888b.d88888          888      888
888Y88888P888  .d88b.  888  888 888888  8888b.  888d888
888 Y888P 888 d88""88b 888 .88P 888        "88b 888P"
888  Y8P  888 888  888 888888K  888    .d888888 888
888   "   888 Y88..88P 888 "88b Y88b.  888  888 888
888       888  "Y88P"  888  888  "Y888 "Y888888 888


_____ _ _               _   _              ___
/__   (_) |_ _   _ ___  | |_| |__   ___    / __\_____  __
  / /\/ | __| | | / __| | __| '_ \ / _ \  / _\ / _ \ \/ /
 / /  | | |_| |_| \__ \ | |_| | | |  __/ / /  | (_) >  <
 \/   |_|\__|\__,_|___/  \__|_| |_|\___| \/    \___/_/\_\

Version 1.5

- Written by ManiacMansionFan -
- Contact: maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com -

*********** IMPORTANT INFO ***********

Please do not distribute or reproduce the guide anywhere without my explicit
permission. The ONLY websites allowed to host it are:

* http://www.gamefaqs.com
* http://www.neoseeker.com
* http://www.supercheats.com
* http://ttf.mine.nu

Please contact me if you see it reproduced anywhere else.

*********** GAME HISTORY ***********

“Les Aventures de Moktar” is a French platform game created by Titus and
released in 1991. The game’s scenario derives from a (very bad) popular French
song of the time.

The international version, renamed “Titus the Fox”, was released in 1992. In
order to appeal to a broader audience, this new version replaced the original
protagonist, who was unknown internationally, with a cartoon fox (the company’s

Apart from that, both games are virtually the same. Minor cosmetic changes have
been made, sometimes for the sake of political correctness: at some point in
Moktar, you are chased by hungry black guys carrying a knife and a fork; in
Titus the Fox, these enemies are instead white skinned. A few sound effects
have been added for the Titus version. There is also the very occasional minor
change in the levels (the Titus version sometimes gives the player an item that
isn’t present at that point in the Moktar version, and vice versa), but these
differences are all rare and minor. And finally, the last level of Moktar
(level 15) has been removed for the conversion to Titus the Fox, reportedly
because it wasn’t deemed good enough. I don’t know if that is the real reason,
but I agree: this level is considerably inferior to all the previous ones, it
feels like the programmers were tired of working and just wanted to finish the

*********** DIFFICULTY AND SCROLLING ***********

This game has a justified reputation of being very difficult. In itself, it is
already pretty hard. But on top of that, everything is made harder by the
horrible scrolling of the PC version (the Amiga version fixed that problem, but
if you’re like me and only own it on the PC, you don’t have much choice).
Instead of being fluid and closely following the protagonist’s movements,
scrolling in this game is done abruptly. This often means that enemies will
suddenly appear at the edge of the screen, too late for you to react because
the scrolling did not let you see that you had an enemy inches away from you.

It is usually better to stand at the end of the screen and wait for the
scrolling to go on, rather than to move forward without seeing where you’re
heading. So when you’re in doubt, wait, and hope that there isn’t an enemy just
around the corner. A good player advances slowly and waits for the screen to
scroll properly.

Another source of difficulty is the fact your character does not briefly become
invincible upon getting hit, as is often the case with other platform games.
Instead, if you get hit, you will be thrown a great distance, and if you’re
unlucky you’ll be thrown into a pit or against another enemy, which may in turn
throw you back to the first enemy, etc. Getting hit even once can be disastrous
for you if it happens when you’re in a bad position.

Despite this exaggerated difficulty, the game is still very good, which is why
I keep coming back to it. But be aware it is so difficult that only the best
and most dedicated players will ever catch a glimpse of the later levels.

*********** PASSWORDS ***********

The existence of passwords makes the difficulty more bearable, but don’t think
you will automatically gain a password for each level. In this game, you have
to earn it by finding an oil lamp icon which rests somewhere in the level, and
is sometimes well hidden.

I consider that it is usually worth the extra effort to locate the passwords in
each level. The game is hard enough as it is, and it will only get more
frustrating if you skip the passwords and repeatedly have to beat levels you
have already beaten.

Different passwords are generated with each installation of the game, which is
why I’m not giving you a password list here: unless you are playing on somebody
else’s installation, you cannot swap passwords for this game.

There are no oil lamps in levels 9 and 13. I don’t know why. Note that
passwords to access these levels do exist, but you can only find them by
guessing, you will not receive them at any point during the game. There is even
a password to go straight to the ending, which, likewise, is never given during
the game.

*********** GAME SPEED IN DOS EMULATION ***********

Unless you are playing this on an ancient computer, you will most likely need
to use a Dos emulator, such as DosBox, to make the game work. This tends to
make the game go too fast. If this is the case, decrease the number of cycles
(in DosBox this is done by using Ctrl+F11) until the speed is acceptable.

*********** CONTROLS ***********

Move: directional arrows
Jump: up arrow
Crouch: down arrow
Note that crouching for a while on top of an object will make you drop to the
object’s level.
Crawl: down arrow + other directional arrow
Enter a passage: keep the down arrow pressed

Pick up an object*: down arrow next to the object + space bar
Throw an object: space bar, when you are carrying something
Throw an object upwards: same, but while keeping the up arrow pressed
Note that throwing an object upwards usually means that the object will remain
in the game, whereas throwing one normally usually removes it from the game;
see the items section for more details
Drop an object: down arrow + space bar, when you are carrying something

Check your lives and bonus: F4 (this can also be used to pause the game)
Lose a life: F1 (use this if you get irremediably stuck)
Display your energy bar: E (the bar is displayed when your energy changes, but
disappears after a while)

* It is also possible to pick up certain enemies if you come up behind them.
However, this is usually risky and not worth the trouble.

*********** ITEMS ***********

The oil lamp gives you a password for the current level.

The padlocks are level checkpoints (if you die, you will resume the game at the
location of the last padlock you picked up).

The energy tokens give you your energy back, at the rate of one energy point
per token (colliding with an enemy costs you two energy points). Unless they
are dangerous to reach, you should always pick them up even if your energy is
full: every time you pick up an energy token while your energy bar is full,
this token is added as an extra bonus. At the end of the level, you will gain
one extra life for every ten extra bonus.

There are many different objects to pick up and throw on enemies (bottles,
crates, pots, sacks…). Most of them work in the same way: their only use is to
throw them, and once you have thrown them they will disappear from the game*,
whether they have hit an enemy or not.
* Most of them will however not disappear if you throw them upwards, but
killing enemies this way is difficult because it requires perfect timing, so
you should only do this when you are short of ammo.

There are some special objects which react differently:

The trampoline allows you to jump higher if you jump on top of it. It will take
a few jumps before it gives you its full potential.

The blue bouncing ball works like a regular object that you can throw at
enemies, except it doesn’t disappear afterwards and can be used again. You can
also bounce on the ball as if it was a trampoline.

The magic carpet allows you to kill enemies by throwing it at them, but also
more importantly allows you to fly if you throw it from a certain height and
then jump on top of it. This can sometimes allow you to skip big portions of a
level. Just like the blue bouncing ball, the magic carpet also doesn’t
disappear after use.

Rolling items such as skateboards, scooters, carts or rolling dustbins can be
thrown at enemies and do not disappear after use. The skateboard and the
scooter can also be ridden by simply standing on them.

There are a few other rare items that behave differently, but I will cover
these as needed in the walkthrough.

*********** WALKTHROUGH ***********

I originally wanted to make a walkthrough detailing every secret passage and
every energy token you could find. After trying this for a bit, I have come to
the conclusion that, without the aid of pictures and special text formatting to
clearly separate the different sections (both of which are impossible in a
basic .txt file), I just can’t write a complete and easy to read walkthrough
for this game. There are too many optional routes the player can take, and the
resulting text file is too cumbersome.

Therefore, the walkthrough that I am offering here instead details what I feel
is the easiest path to beat each level. I also make a point to lead you to all
the oil lamps.

Don’t hesitate to email me at maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com if you are curious
about optional routes and techniques.

****** LEVEL 1 ******

This is an easy, straightforward level that helps you get acquainted with the

Move to the right and pick up one of the two bottles. Further to the right, you
will see two enemies walking around. Throw the bottle at one of them, head back
to where the other bottle was, pick it up and this time throw it at the second
enemy. Pick up your first padlock and your first oil lamp (giving you the
useless password for level 1). Pick up the energy tokens by jumping on the fire
hydrant and then on top of the garage.

Further to the right is a house. If you crouch down in front of the door, you
will use a secret passage that makes you ignore the rest of the level.

You will now be on top of a chimney. Jump to the platforms to the right and
keep jumping on the next platforms. There are twenty of them, but they all have
the same distance between them, so you merely have to keep performing the same
jump. You will occasionally have to wait for the scrolling to keep up here, if
you don’t want to jump blindly. When you reach the end, let yourself fall down,
and direct your fall slightly to the left as there is an enemy to the right.
Grab the pot you see on your left, throw it at the enemy to be rid of him, and
touch the “Metro” signpost to end the level.

****** LEVEL 2 ******

This is already a fair step up in difficulty, but still it is not too hard.

Pick up the sack and walk to the right. Dogs will run after you, but save your
sack, because there aren’t a lot of objects to throw in this level. Jump over
them instead, using the fire hydrant as a safe location if needed, and keep
going right. Kill the human enemy here with the sack. This will allow you to
walk through this small zone without having to jump and get hit by the bees.
Pick up the crate on top of the trashcan and similarly dispose of the other
human enemy. Next, you will see two bottles, and two more human enemies: you
know what to do.

If you want, you can grab the two energy tokens on top of the lamppost by first
jumping on the trashcan to the right, but be aware of the bees! It’s only two
tokens so don’t go getting hit over them.

Use the nearby trashcan to jump on top of the next lamppost and grab the
padlock, again being aware of the bees. Jump over the two dogs that come next.

After passing the house, take the lower level. You will have to jump above two
enemy trashcans. These enemies hit you with a giant hammer when you get too
close to them, so you will have to time your jumps perfectly.

Grab the rolling dustbin here: you can throw it around, and it doesn’t
disappear after you throw it. If you want to obtain the password for this level
and grab a few energy tokens then read the next section, otherwise skip to the

~Optional: password route~
You now have to backtrack, but this time you are armed with the rolling
dustbin, so use it to dispose of the two enemy trashcans. Jump on the house’s
balcony and jump to the higher level this time. There are several other enemy
trashcans here, which you should kill with your dustbin.

When you reach the end of that ledge, you will see two bottle-throwing hobos
sitting on the balconies ahead. You will have to quickly jump and throw your
dustbin to get rid of the first one. Position yourself carefully before
jumping: if you do it too close to the hobo he will hit you with a bottle, and
if you are too far away the dustbin won’t reach him. Once that is done, forget
about the dustbin. Jump on the now empty balcony, quickly grab the bottle and
throw it at the second hobo as soon as you can see him. Grab the other bottle
here and throw it at a third hobo on the right (you may need to wait for the
screen to scroll before you see him).

You can now safely jump to the oil lamp and also get yourself a skateboard.
Optionally, you can jump to the balcony on the right (where the third hobo was)
and crouch there to enter a secret passage containing ten energy tokens, as
well as two bees that you can kill with blue balls or avoid by crouching. You
can easily kill them by standing on the small upper platforms and throw your
ball in a straight line when they come next to you. Whether you take the secret
passage or not, you can now jump down to ground level.

~After the password route~
There will be many dogs and human enemies here, so you will probably get hit if
you simply try to jump over them all. If you didn’t get the password and are
still carrying the rolling dustbin, throw it around to clear the way. If you
got the password, you can use the skateboard to obtain the same results. The
level will end when you reach the last house.

****** LEVEL 3 ******

In this level, things (already) get serious. It is much more difficult than the
two previous levels, and from this point on the difficulty will never decrease.

Go right and jump to the ledge above using the fire hydrant and the lamppost.
Don’t go too far right or you will face a hobo. Walk left across the ledge,
jumping above an enemy, and jump up to the ledge on the edge of the screen.
Pick up the pot there. Jump to the ledge above and go right. Save your pot for
later and just jump over the enemy. When you reach the end of the ledge, jump
right to the scaffolding.

Walk to the right and climb the first ladder. Now, get ready to climb the
second ladder but be careful, because there is a hobo at the top on the right.
If you make the screen scroll left so that he remains out of view, he won’t
attack you. Climb up and jump left. If you can make it to the next platform in
a single jump, great. Otherwise you will land on the lower platform, it’s no
big deal but be careful of the dog there.

Get rid of the hobo on the left by throwing your pot at him. Jump on the
chimney where he was sitting, and crouch on the right side of the chimney to
enter a secret passage that acts as a shortcut.

You will emerge further ahead in the level, on top of another chimney. Drop
down to the left and collect the four easily accessible energy tokens here.

Keep going left until you see a trampoline. Take it with you and be careful
never to throw it (that would make it disappear). Optionally, you can continue
left and drop the trampoline near a pile of garbage cans (to drop it, keep the
down arrow pressed as you press space bar), allowing you to reach six energy
tokens. If you do this, watch out for the hobo on the other side and remember
you need to pick your trampoline back up afterwards.

Now, go back to the right and take the higher level, jumping up on the house’s
balconies. Once you are on the longer ledge (with a dog running around), drop
your trampoline there and use it to jump to the higher ledge. Climb up two
ladders (being careful of the dogs) and you will find a magic carpet. We will
use it to bypass the sewer exploration sequence of this level.

You can’t throw your magic carpet on the top level because the chimney is in
your way. So, take the ladder and go down one level. You can get rid of the dog
here by throwing your magic carpet at it, the carpet will not disappear
afterwards. Go to the right edge of the ledge, throw your carpet to the right,
and jump on top of it. You will ride the carpet and fly past a pile of garbage
cans with a hobo sitting on it, which is normally impassable.

Once the carpet ride is over, you should have landed on one of the higher
stories of a house. If you want to obtain the password for this level then read
the next paragraphs, otherwise skip to the next section.

~Optional: password route~
Walk right, jumping over an enemy or killing him with the carpet, and drop down
to the ground level at the first opportunity.

You should see some scaffolding to your right. Stay on ground level and keep
going right under the scaffolding. The oil lamp is there on top of a pile of

Once you have your password, head back all the way left until you see a padlock
and a ladder. Take the padlock and climb up.

~After the password route~
Use the ledges and balconies to climb up to the roof of this house, but be
careful because some of the tiles are fragile and will make you fall down if
you step on them. To avoid this as much as possible, try to jump around rather
than to walk around, as this makes you touch less tiles. If you still have your
magic carpet with you, you can use it to kill enemies.

Once you are on the roof, go right and you will see a ladder next to a chimney.
Climb it up, but not too high or the bee will attack. Either kill the bee with
the magic carpet or wait for it to be sufficiently far away to the left to jump
up and go right. Jump right to the top level of the scaffolding.

(For your information, it looks as though you can also jump to the scaffolding
from the ledge below the chimney, but the tiles on the edge are “fragile” tiles
so it’s not actually possible.)

Avoid the cannibal and climb down the ladder. Crawl to the right (you will now
be forced to leave the carpet if you still had it with you), climb up the short
ladder and go right. Unless you are carrying something you can climb on, the
energy tokens are inaccessible from here, so don’t worry about them. Jump to
the ledge on the right and be prepared to avoid another cannibal there. Climb
down the ladder and mind the two cannibals who are running around on the ledge
below. When the coast is clear, pick up the radio and go left, being careful
not to touch the lethal spikes.

Use the hole to drop down to the first level of the scaffolding. To your right
is a hobo (you may have to wait for the screen to scroll). Throw your radio to
get rid of him, then jump right across the platforms.

Drop down to the right and take the padlock, then get ready to fight a boss.

~Boss fight~
Take the blue ball here and throw it again and again at the boss, while
avoiding the rocks he throws at you. This boss doesn’t move and he throws his
rocks in a predictable fashion, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with
him. You can either jump over his rocks or crouch to avoid them, unless you are
holding the ball, in which case crouching will not work. I recommend
positioning yourself at the foot of the rubble pile on the left: if you throw
your ball from this location, it will be just the right distance for it to hit
the boss and conveniently bounce right back to you.

Once he is gone, walk to the metro entrance to end the level.

****** LEVEL 4 ******

The difficulty rises once again, and from now on oil lamps will usually be
harder to find.

Pick up one of the objects near the entrance and go right. You will face a
hobo, throw your object at him. Go past the turnstiles (you can either jump
over them or crawl under them) and go down the stairway. In the Titus the Fox
version, you will find a blue ball here that you can use to get rid of the two
enemies. In the Moktar version, you will have to jump over them, or go back all
the way to the beginning to pick up more objects to throw. Go right and crouch
in front of the opening to enter a passage.

If you want, you can quickly crawl and pick up the two energy tokens you see
under the stairs here, but don’t go further down that passage as it is a dead
end, and you will end up getting trapped with enemy worms you won’t be able to

Worms are indefinitely dropping down the stairway. In order to avoid them, you
will simply need to jump over them and they will eventually turn around and
enter that dead end under the stairs I was telling you about (don’t throw
things at them, as they are too low on the ground). Wait until the first four
or so worms have dropped to ground level, as they come in quicker succession
than the others. When they have dropped down, take one of the objects near the
entrance and go up the stairway. You will need to jump over a few more worms
while climbing up. This can be tricky because of the poor scrolling, so be

When you reach the top, you will notice an opening in the ceiling. You can’t go
there yet, but remember the location. Go left and throw the object you are
carrying to the first enemy you see. Keep going left and past some more
turnstiles. This time, make sure you crawl under them. There is a hobo sitting
on the last turnstile here, and he will shoot if he sees you jumping. If you
don’t jump he will be completely harmless to you.

Keep going left. If you want to obtain the password for this level then read
the next paragraphs, otherwise skip to the next section.

~Optional: password route~
Pick up the old box resting by the left wall. Go right, climb the stairs back
up, and kill the hobo on the turnstile by throwing the box at him. It is
absolutely necessary to kill that hobo, you will understand why in a short

Go back down the stairs to your left and, this time, go under the stairs to
your right. There are bees here, but if you simply crawl under them they will
leave you alone. Go right until you reach a dead end and a trampoline. Take the
trampoline and head back left, but this time, to be able to crouch or crawl,
you will first need to drop your trampoline (be careful not to accidentally
throw it!).

Go back up the stairs and, now that the hobo is gone, jump over the turnstiles.
This is why you needed to kill him earlier: if you crawl under the turnstiles,
you won’t be able to take the trampoline with you.

Go back to that opening in the ceiling you saw earlier. Drop your trampoline
there, and use it to reach the higher level. Go right and you will see yet
another hobo. You probably aren’t carrying anything by now, so you will have to
be quick. Let the hobo shoot, then quickly go near him, pick up the nearby
bottle, and kill him.

Go down the ladder and crawl through the passage to the right. You will arrive
in a large room, and will see the oil lamp in the top left corner. However, it
is too high for you to reach. In order to reach it, you will need to jump on
some invisible blocks (which, thankfully, appear upon first touching them). The
first one is located against the right wall. Jump there until you find it.
There are three other blocks, located about twice higher than the first one and
to the left. Jump around until you find them all, then jump from the last one
to the oil lamp.

Climb down the ladder. Here, two energy tokens are hidden behind the objects on
the right. Drop down a long hole that will take you back to the beginning of
this section. Climb up the stairs as before, go past the turnstiles once again,
and drop down the stairs to your left.

~After the password route~
Go under the stairs to your right. If you took the password route, you’ve done
this before. There are bees there, but if you simply crawl under them they will
leave you alone. Crouch in front of the opening to enter a passage.

Here, immediately walk into the left wall. It is a fake wall, and this hidden
passage takes you to twelve energy tokens. But that’s not all: crouch in the
location where you found the tokens, and you will be taken to a room with no
less than forty-six of them! Go back through the opening.

You will somehow reappear in a different location: this passage has also acted
as a shortcut, making you skip an annoying portion of the level. Once you
reappear, your goal is to enter the leftmost opening (right beside the one you
just came from). However, there are two enemies armed with slingshots here, and
if you try to rush you will just get hit over and over again.

It is possible to distract the two enemies, and make them move sufficiently far
away from the opening to be able to enter it. However, it is risky, and I
recommend that you instead do what I am about to describe, notably because it
makes you pick up a padlock that you may need very soon.

Ignore the slingshot enemies for now. Go right and jump over one of them, then
climb down the stairway. At the bottom of the stairs, go all the way left to
find a padlock. There will be a few worms to avoid on the way. On the pile of
rubble where you found the padlock, you can pick up two stones. I know they are
hard to notice, but they are there. The first one is on ground level, while you
will need to jump on the beginning of the pile to pick up the second one. Take
one stone, climb the stairway back up, throw it at one of the sling shot
enemies. Repeat this to get rid of the second one (or, if you’re feeling
confident, you can try to avoid him). Once they are gone, you can safely enter
the leftmost opening.

You will reappear in an underground cavern. Take the blue ball and go right.
Drop the ball at the bottom of the wall, then bounce on it to grab the energy
token above. This will release two more blue balls which were resting on the
token. Pick up one of the balls and go on top of the two others. Face the wall
and drop the ball you are carrying. If you did it correctly, it should somehow
get “stuck” to the wall.

Bounce on the top ball repeatedly, and it should progressively make you go up,
while also going up itself, still being stuck to the wall. When you reach the
top, pick up the ball again and drop down to the right.

You will see a worm on top of some energy tokens, which you cannot safely take
unless the worm is dead. You have your blue ball with you, so jump and throw it
at the worm, then pick up the tokens. It is not necessary to keep the blue ball
beyond this point. Keep going right. You will see a moving platform here, jump
on it and then jump above the wall.

Here you will have to perform a few jumps above spiked carts. But before you
jump, you should deal with the anvils resting on top of energy tokens: even if
you are not aiming for them, you are likely to touch them while you jump over
the carts, which will make the anvil fall down on you and ruin your jump.
Therefore, quickly pick up the energy token then move out of the anvil’s way.
Once the anvil is gone, make a careful jump over the cart. Rinse and repeat for
the two next ones.

After this you will reach a pile of crates. If you no longer have your blue
ball with you, take one and keep going right, but it is not mandatory for you
to have one, so if you get hit and drop it, forget about it and avoid doing
anything dangerous to recover it.

There will be three spiked carts in a row that you cannot jump over. You need
to jump on the moving platform here, and when it reaches the end of its
movement to the right, jump right as far as you can. Go right and dispose of
the enemy by throwing your crate at him. If you somehow lost your crate,
jumping over him works just as well.

Now, WATCH OUT as there is a rather fast moving spiked cart coming your way,
and you will be killed if it hits you! Keep going right slowly, being careful
of the scrolling, and be ready to make a quick jump when the cart appears. In
my opinion this was a pretty harsh trap to add at the end of the level.

When you reach the pile of rock with some bones on top, jump over it to be
taken to the next level.

****** LEVEL 5 ******

This is a level where a lot of people give up. The path to take is more
straightforward than in the previous level, but unless you can find a certain
secret passage, it is considerably more difficult than anything you have faced
so far. Thankfully, I will tell you where the passage is and you will get to
skip a particularly frustrating sequence.

Let’s start by taking a secret passage for some energy tokens. See the small
blue ledges on your right? You will need to jump to the top one. Don’t drop
down to ground level now, because you will then no longer be able to access the
ledges (if that happens anyway, just skip to the next paragraph, all you will
miss is energy tokens). Drop to the solid grey ledge located just below you.
From there, you must jump to the right and land on a blue ledge that you can’t
see from your viewpoint. However you can guess its location if I tell you that
it is on the exact same vertical line as the leftmost ledge that you can see.
If you succeeded with your jump, jump up to the top ledge. Crouch here to enter
a secret passage and reach a room with 24 energy tokens. Leave the room and you
will reappear at the same place where you entered.

Drop down and go right. Skeletons will rise from the piles of bones you see
here, so be ready to jump over them. Keep going right. When you reach a pile of
rocks, one more skeleton will rise. Take one of the piles of bones in front of
the rocks, and continue right.

Climb up the small stairs and throw the bones at the bee to kill it. Next, you
will reach a trampoline and a few items: two sacks if you are playing Titus,
two crates and a bowl if you are playing Moktar. Three skeletons wait nearby.
Dispose of as many skeletons as possible by throwing the crates/sacks/bowl at
them (you can kill them all if you play Moktar, if you play Titus you’ll be
short one object and will have to jump over the third skeleton). Take the
trampoline and go right.

After you get past a pile of bones, be careful, because in the next screen a
skeleton will appear from mid-air and drop down to your level. Avoid it, then
uses the ledges you see here to climb up through an opening in the ceiling.

When you reach the last ledge, drop your trampoline on it, then use it to jump
to the higher level. There are several crates there. Take two of them and drop
them in a pile on the ledge where you left the trampoline. Drop back down to
that ledge and take the trampoline again. This time, the two crates you have
piled up allow you to jump directly to the higher level, without needing to use
the trampoline.

Take the three remaining crates and drop them to the left side this time (you
really only need two, but it’s best to have a spare one). With your trampoline
still in hand, drop down to the left. If you want, you can use the trampoline
to collect the few energy tokens here. Now, take two crates and put them in a
pile against the left wall. Drop your trampoline on top of that pile. Jump on
it and bounce until you can jump high enough to reach the higher ledge on the
left. If you waste a crate by accident, use the spare one.

Get ready for a slightly tricky passage. Take one of the barrels and continue
left. You will see five bees flying together in a triangular shape. Throw your
barrel at the bees to kill one in the middle level. Go take the other barrel,
and throw it at the bees again to kill the other bee in the middle level. You
will now need to use the spaces you have created to jump between the bees to
the other side. This is best done when the bees are coming towards you. After
this, you will find the oil lamp.

Next, drop to the left, colleting the energy tokens as you fall down. Crouch
there and you will enter a passage. This makes you skip a very long and very
difficult portion of this level.

As you can see, there are a lot of objects to take here, and on your right you
will find a lot of enemy insects. Take the objects here and throw them at the
insects to kill most of them. After this there should only be a couple still
flying around. Go right and you will see a blue ball resting against the wall.
Don’t throw it, because there is a pit of lava on the left and you don’t want
to lose your ball there. Instead, jump on top of the ball and bounce on it
until you can jump to the higher level. From there, jump to the ledges on the
left to pick up a padlock. When you are ready, jump back to the top ledge and
crouch to enter a passage leading to the level boss.

~Boss fight~
This boss is a lot more difficult than the previous one. As soon as you enter
the room, jump on the midlevel ledge and jump up to avoid getting hit by the
boss. Next, quickly take one of the two crates. Do NOT ever throw them or they
will disappear and you will not be able to kill the boss (you can afford to
throw one, but you absolutely need to keep the other one). Your goal is to jump
to a platform higher than the boss, and drop the crate on top of him when he is
walking below you. This way, the crate won’t disappear, so you can pick it back
up and repeat the process. There is a difference between the Moktar version and
the Titus version here: while Moktar has solid blocks, Titus instead has tiny
moving platforms. With the moving platforms, the boss won’t always arrive in a
convenient location for you, so you will also have to perform jumps to avoid
touching him. However, with the solid blocks, all you have to do is stand on
the rightmost one and drop your crate to the right every time the boss comes
by. Keep a good rhythm and be careful, because getting hit by the boss at a bad
moment can make it hard for you to go back up.

When the boss is gone, drop one of the crates on the midlevel ledge and use
this extra height to reach the ledge in the top left corner. This will end the

****** LEVEL 6 ******

This level is a bit less aggressive than the previous one, but it is harder to
figure out which way to go.

Go right and you will see a crate next to what looks like one of those enemy
trashcans that hit you with a hammer. However, this trashcan is really just an
ordinary trashcan that you can pick up. Pick up either of these objects, go
right, and throw it at a slingshot enemy. Now pick up the other object, go
right again, and throw it at the slingshot enemy on the other side of the pile
of garbage cans (your object will fly through the cans).

Climb up on the balconies to reach the two pots on top of the porch. Don’t go
further above because there are two bottle throwing babies there (they work
like the bottle throwing hobos) and there is no need to face them. Take one of
the pots and go down to ground level. Drop your pot next to the pile of garbage
cans and use this extra height to jump over the pile to your right.

You will walk past a large climbable building with a lot of bottle throwing
babies on it. You do not need to climb it up (there are only some energy tokens
at the top) and can walk straight past it.

You will come across a blue ball. Take it and keep going right. Place it at the
bottom of the pile of garbage cans here, and bounce on it to reach the balcony.
You will need to climb on top of this building, jumping from ledge to ledge and
avoiding the bottles all the babies are throwing at you. Rhythm is very
important here. What you want to do is stand on the small middle ledges, jump
up in a straight line to get the baby above you to fire, then quickly jump up
to the empty balcony and to the next middle ledge. Mind in particular the last
baby, who shoots in quicker succession than the others. Be careful, because if
you get hit you’ll most likely fall down and have to start all over again.

When you’re on the roof, you will see a baby carriage to your left. These are
unmoving, shooting enemies like the hobos and the babies, except that you can
walk past them. Ignore this one and avoid his bullet if needed, then go right
and pick up the padlock.

There is a very small detour to take here to find the password for this level,
as well as a useful skateboard. I think it’s worth it just so you can have the
skateboard. If you’re not interested, skip to the next section.

~Optional: password route~
Walk to the right of this building and drop all the way down. The oil lamp is
there in plain sight. While you are there, you can pick up the skateboard,
which you can use to kill enemies more easily later on. Note that there are
also crates here which you can come back to pick up if you find yourself short
of ammo later on. Then, just climb the building back up, there are no enemies.

~After the password route~
From the roof, jump right to the scaffolding. Be careful because a lone worm
will appear here, if it hasn’t already. Climb up the ladder when the enemy
above is sufficiently far away. Take the crate but don’t waste it to kill this
pretty harmless enemy, instead climb up the ladder. To your right is a baby
carriage: throw your crate at it to get rid of it. Now, take the other crate on
this level and go right until you see another baby carriage on a higher ledge.
Jump and throw your crate at it.

You can climb up the platforms on the left here to find seven easily accessible
energy tokens. When you’re done, jump right to the platform where the second
baby carriage was. Climb up the ladder and avoid the enemy here. Go right and
jump to the next platform.

If you want, you can try and grab seven energy tokens if you can climb up the
first ladder here while getting past a pesky bee.

Climb ladders down until you are above brown scaffoldings with two sets of
three energy tokens and two enemy cats. The cats are sleeping at first, but
will wake up and chase you when you get too near. To get past them, you can
either jump from the platform above, all the way to the left (this will make
you drop down two levels below); or you can climb down the ladder and then very
quickly move left and climb down the second ladder.

Go right and you will see two crates. Unless you brought a skateboard here,
pick up one of the crates. Keep going right and go down the ladder.

Now, Go left and climb down the first ladder you see.

On this story, you will have to face three cats. If you are carrying the
skateboard, you can easily send it back and forth to kill them all. This is the
best option. If you aren’t carrying the skateboard, then you can dispose of two
of the cats using the crates you saw earlier, and you will have to either jump
over the third one or backtrack to find another crate to kill it. Note that you
can only throw crates on the cats when they are moving: if they are sleeping,
the crate will fly over their heads.

Ready? Go left, taking care of the three cats as you go along, and don’t touch
the energy tokens on the floor here: there are lethal spikes underneath. Jump
over them instead.

When you reach the end of this story, you will see spikes on your left as well
as a ladder going down. Don’t take the ladder, because while you are here you
can take a secret passage that will save you a lot of trouble. Go to the
leftmost window, the one that is partially covered by the spikes, and crouch
right next to the spikes to enter a secret passage. If you haven’t killed all
the cats, watch out that you don’t accidentally get hit by one while trying to
enter the secret passage.

You will reappear on ground level on top of a lamppost. Go right, mind the cat
sleeping on the balcony above (it will drop down when you go near it), then
keep going right to end the level.

****** LEVEL 7 ******

This level is made very difficult by all the pesky enemies and the scarcity of
objects to throw. If you have taken all the shortcuts in the previous levels
like I have instructed you to, then this is going to be your hardest challenge
so far.

In this level you will have to climb to the top of a huge building while a fat
woman on the roof throws melons at you, in a fashion reminiscent of Donkey
Kong. The melons drop down the building’s stories one by one, so you won’t see
any at the beginning of the level. However, at some point you will catch up
with them and from then on you will have to continuously jump over them as they
appear all over the place.

When you start playing, the oil lamp will be right in front of you; that’s a
nice change. Go right and be wary of the cats that are sleeping on the higher
levels, as they will wake up and drop down when you approach them. They are
quite fast and will keep running around the area, so don’t forget about them.

Keep going right and you will see an empty garbage can, followed by two baby
carriages. I suggest you take the can and use it to dispose of the first baby
carriage. Walk past the second one, crawling to avoid his bullets.

Go right and climb up the ladder, but pause before you reach the upper level.
The old man with a gun here is the same type of enemy as the hobos, but they
aim lower and you can’t avoid their bullets by crouching. Move up just a little
bit to get him to fire, then quickly climb up, jump to the porch on your left,
grab the pot and kill the old man with it.

Once that is done, jump back to the balcony on the right, but be careful of the
cats there. Many of the cats in this level respawn, so if you go through the
same areas more than once, remember the cats will probably be there again.
Climb up the ladder.

Here, if you want, you can go right and drop to the lower level to grab three
energy tokens. Just let yourself fall down and direct your fall to the left.
After picking them up, fall back to ground level and go back to where you
previously were.

See the window to the left of the ladder you have just climbed? There is a
secret passage here in the darker left side of the window. Crouch on this
location to enter it. This passage is optional, but it is recommended. In this
new room, take one of the blue balls and climb up to the top level, avoiding
the hobo’s bottles with the same technique as usual. Walk all the way left and
climb down the ladder there. Drop your blue ball at the bottom of the right
wall, then bounce on it to reach the intermediate level. Normally, your first
bounce should make the hobo react, and your second one should allow you to
reach the ledge. Quickly reach the ladder and climb down. Take the fourteen
energy tokens here and go through the newly revealed passage. You are taken
back to where you previously were.

Go left and avoid two more cats here. Start climbing the ladder but DON’T go to
the upper level just yet, because you are not prepared. The balcony wall just
to the top left of the ladder is not solid, you can go through it. Do so, and
you will land on the other side of the pipes. Go left, jumping across the
balconies, and you will find a pot. Pick it up and go back right until you are
against the pipes. There, throw your pot upwards (by keeping the up arrow
pressed and pressing space bar) and it will land on the story above, where you
will need to use it.

You can’t come back from the same way you came, so drop down to ground level
and take the same path over again, until you are back on the right side of the
ladder. Remember the cats will have respawned, and by this time the melons are
probably starting to roll around you.

Now that you are back, climb the ladder completely this time, but be careful as
this is a dangerous section. You are going to need to quickly dispatch two
enemies, and there is only one pot here, which is why I made you bring a second
one. The two enemies are an old man located on your left, and an enemy with a
helipad that is going to chase you as soon as you reach this story. These
helipad enemies are slow, but once they see you they will never stop following
you, and, due to the combination of their size and the cramped space you are
in, it is impossible to go past them when they are in your way. Because of the
scarcity of objects to throw around here, this makes them extremely dangerous,
and don’t ever think you can just ignore them: you MUST kill them to be able to

So, with the two pots you have here, dispatch these two enemies as quickly as
possible. I recommend that you use the game’s scrolling to your advantage here:
if you can climb the ladder without making the screen scroll left, the old man
will not appear, and you can just wait for the helipad to show up to kill him.
Then, you can go left and dispose of the old man. I recommend you don’t try to
fight them both at the same time as this is difficult to do.

After killing them both, go left and ignore the ladder you see for now. Keep
going left until you reach a pot. Take it, and ignore the TV throwing old man,
avoiding his projectiles if needed. Go back right and climb up the ladder this

When you reach this story, a helipad enemy will appear, although he appears
more slowly than the first one. Just wait for him to show up, then throw your
pot to get rid of him.

Go left and take the radio. Now, go all the way right. As usual, be careful of
the cats and melons. When you reach the end, a TV throwing old man will block
your way. Throw your radio at him.

Climb up the ladder and go left. Keep going left until you see another ladder
going up. Climb it as well. Again, go left until you see a ladder, and climb it.

You will now be at the leftmost side of the building, and there will be a pot
there. Take it, and wait for a third helipad enemy to show up. Kill him with
the pot.

Now that the helipad is gone, go back down one level by using the ladder. Go
all the way right this time. When you reach the end, you will see a TV throwing
old man above you. Don’t climb up yet, and instead go to the left side of the
rightmost window. Crouch there to enter a secret passage. In this new room, you
can either crawl all the way down, or take a shortcut by crouching on the space
just left of the door you used to enter. This will transport you to the lower
level. Take the six easily grabbed energy tokens, then exit through the door in
the bottom right corner. You will be taken back to where you previously were.

Now, you must climb this ladder. You can influence the scrolling to make the
old man on the right disappear, so that he won’t be a threat at all. Go left.
Climb up the first ladder you see and keep going left. Again, climb up the
first ladder you see.

You are now on the story just below the roof. Go right. If the cat on the
balcony is still there, you won’t wake him up as long as you don’t touch him.
Go right and climb the ladder.

Take the blue ball to your left, then go right to fight the boss.

~Boss fight~
This boss is a bit like the first one, except the melons she throws are faster
and thus a bit harder to avoid. I suggest you move right just enough to make
her appear on screen, then stay on the left side of the screen and throw your
blue ball at her from there. Try to catch the blue ball back as it rolls near
you, or you will have to run after it while still having to jump over the
melons. If you position yourself at the correct distance, this shouldn’t be too

Once she is gone, walk right to end the level.

****** LEVEL 8 ******

This is normally one of the longest and hardest levels in the game, but you can
skip most of it by taking a well hidden secret passage. If you take this
passage, the level will mostly be a breeze. If you don’t, good luck!

Walk to the right. On the lower floor here, avoid the enemy and take the crate.
Climb up to the level where you will have a hobo on your left. Jump and throw
your crate at him, making sure not to jump too close to him or he will probably
hit you. Now climb up the ladder, avoiding the bee. There is a lone energy
token you can grab on the left.

Go right until you reach the edge of the platform. Drop down below, either by
hugging the left wall or by jumping on top of the brick. Don’t fall into the
water or you will die! Jump right across all the platforms, timing your jumps
so that you don’t hit the jumping fish.

Once you jumped past the last gap, the oil lamp will be there above you, but at
the moment it is too high for you to reach. Keep going right and drop onto a
platform below. There is a hobo on your right here, and a walking enemy at the
bottom of this small pit. Your objective is to reach the bottom right corner of
the pit, where you will find a blue ball. Watch the enemies and, when you get
the opportunity, rush to the ball. Use the ball to kill them both.

~Optional: password route~
Go back left now, carrying the blue ball. Drop it on the left edge of the
platform and bounce on top of it to reach the oil lamp. Now go back right,
still carrying the blue ball.

~After the password route~
Climb out of the pit and go right. Below you is a narrow area with two enemies.
When they aren’t right below you, drop down and quickly throw your blue ball to
kill them both. Next, put the blue ball at the bottom of the right wall, and
bounce on it to reach the higher area.

Keep going right. At some point there will be a lone energy token here that you
can take, then you will face a small lake. Wait for a tiny platform to appear,
and jump on it. Let it take you to the upper level.

On the right of this new area, you will find a padlock. On the left, you will
find five energy tokens and a crate. Take the crate and go back down onto the
moving platform.

Once the platform is low enough, jump to the right and start climbing down the
ladder, but don’t drop down. This is where you are going to take the huge
shortcut I was telling you about, but it’s quite hard to do, so be careful (I
can however assure you that completing the rest of the level normally is much
harder). If you fail and fall down, you have no way to go back up, so you will
need to kill yourself and try again.

On your immediate left is a little niche with two crates. On the right is
another niche with a hobo. You need to drop down the ladder and immediately
direct your fall to the left so that you land in the left niche, your crate
still in hand. You will thus be on the left niche with three crates at your
disposal; don’t waste any of them or you won’t be able to enter the passage.

First, throw a crate at the hobo to get rid of him. Next, you need to position
the two other crates in the right niche in a very particular way. Take a crate,
jump to the right niche, and position it near the wall (but not completely
against it). Jump left, take the last crate, jump right, and position this one
carefully. It must be to the left of the other crate (not on top of it), and
must be slightly past the left edge of the niche so that you can land on top of
it (just a few pixels will do). This must be done slowly and carefully, don’t
drop it too far or it will fall down! When you’re satisfied with the way you’ve
positioned your crate, jump up. If you’ve placed your crate properly, you will
land on top of it and be in a crawling position. Keep crawling to the right and
you can now go through the wall!

You will reach a large area with the letters “super” written in bricks. Go
right until you reach a big wall. There are invisible blocks you can climb on
here, and they appear as soon as you touch them. Jump around this area and you
will quickly find them. Use them to reach the higher ledge, and there you will
find a secret oil lamp giving you the code to level 14! If all you want is to
see the ending you could restart right now and use the password to jump
straight to level 14, but you will skip about a third of the whole game and I
find it much more rewarding to go through the other levels.

Drop down to the right. After the fall, you will find a padlock. Drop down to
the left for another big fall.

Go left while avoiding the moving spiked carts. Drop down into the first hole
you see, then jump to the room on the right.

Be careful not to fall into the water here. On your right, on the upper floor,
are three enemy flies. You need to get rid of at least some of them to be able
to safely go there. Go down to the platforms below, being careful of the water
(if you can’t see the bottom of the screen, hug the left side of the higher
platform and you will land safely on the platform below).

Jump right and you will find a trampoline as well as two objects to throw. The
ladder here leads you right in the middle of the flies, so don’t use it, it is
too risky. Instead, take the trampoline, go back left, and place it on the edge
of the platform there so you can access the higher level by using the
trampoline. Go take one of the two objects, then use the trampoline to go up.
Throw your object at a fly here, it should be easy. Go back down and repeat the
procedure with the other object. This time it might be more difficult to make a
hit, so be patient and wait for the right moment.

Now, there hopefully is only one fly left in that area: that much you should be
able to handle. Go back down, take the trampoline, and this time use the ladder
to go up. Drop the trampoline here, and use it to access the highest level,
being careful to avoid the fly at the same time.

When you are on top, walk right to end the level. When you know how long and
difficult the level normally is, you almost feel cheap for taking the big
shortcut, but hey – this isn’t a glitch, this is something the programmers
allowed to happen. You’ll probably also like to know that there is no oil lamp
in level 9, so be thankful you can go through level 8 this way in case you need
to restart.

****** LEVEL 9 ******

This is also one of the hardest and longest levels in the game (in fact it is
probably THE hardest). And this time, you will actually have to go through it
properly. There are different possible routes and I will walk you through the
slightly less intimidating one, but it’s still extremely hard. Also be aware
there is no oil lamp in this level. If you have followed my walkthrough in one
continuous playthrough and didn’t die too often, you should have several extra
lives by now, and you will probably need them. Attempting this level with only
the three lives you start with will probably make you want to pull the hair out
of your head.

You will be falling down as the level begins. Jump on the ledges and make your
way to the right. Jump on the rocks there and crawl right.

Here you can choose between two routes through the level, by going up or down.
The upper route is a bit easier so we will go there, but first there is an
object you need to grab. There is a ghost following you around here, jump to
avoid him and keep walking right until you can fall down a gap in the floor.
Move left and, on one of the ledges above the spikes, rests a small grey
coloured ball. It works like a blue ball, except it doesn’t bounce back when it
hits enemies. Jump there while avoiding the ghost and the spikes (for a good
jump, jump from the bottom stair) and take the ball. You will use it to kill
the ghost, but don’t do it just yet or you will probably lose it. Go back right
and up to the floor from which you came. Here, you can safely throw your ball
at the ghost and the ball’s course will be stopped by the walls.

Pick up the ball again, climb the ladder and go right. There are many enemy
crabs here, but you can kill them all by throwing your ball at them. Wait for
the scrolling to display them all, then throw the ball.

Once the crabs are gone, don’t bother picking the ball back up because you
can’t take it any further. To cross the spikes, wait until the moving platform
is on your side and jump on it. You will automatically crouch when you go
through the narrow passage, making you drop your ball if you were still
carrying it.

Jump to the ledge on the other side and keep going right, choosing the lower
level. When you reach the bottom, crawl, don’t walk, because there is a knife
throwing fakir to the right. Keep crawling right and you will see some sacks,
and possibly the fakir. Don’t waste either of the sacks on this fakir, because
they will be more useful elsewhere. Instead, stealthily take a sack and go back
left. Crouch as needed to avoid the fakir’s knives. Now jump on the ledges on
the right, and get rid of one of the crabs by throwing your sack at it. If you
can manage it, you can use the upwards throw technique to get rid of the first
crab without losing your sack. Go back down to get the other sack, then go back
to the ledges.

Observe the remaining crab’s movements here and jump on its platform when it
gives you enough space (if you used the upwards throw technique to kill the
first crab, you have an extra sack, so in this case just throw it at the second
crab). When you reach the top level, throw the last sack you are carrying to
get rid of the flying fakir there, and continue right.

You will find a padlock and another sack here. Take the padlock, grab the sack,
and get ready for a tricky sequence. You will need to drop down the pit on your
right, but be careful because there are deadly spikes underneath. Drop to the
first ledge on the left, then jump to the right one. Now, you probably can’t
see it from where you are standing, but there is a big row of spikes under you,
and the only safe position is on a ledge on the left, located just below the
other left ledge. Let yourself drop there.

Jump and throw your sack at the enemy on the right to get rid of him. Once that
is done, carefully jump on the moving platform (which will be large in Titus,
but tiny in Moktar) and let it take you to the other side. Be careful because
you can die easily here. Jump on the tiny vertical moving platform when it’s
near you. This is not an easy jump, especially in Moktar, so take your time and
wait for the platforms’ movements to coincide perfectly before attempting it.
When you’re at the top, jump right to the platform with three crates.

Here is another tricky sequence, although if you know what to do it is not as
hard as it first seems. If you drop to the right, you will land on a row of
spikes similar to the one you have just passed, but this time there is no safe
location at all: just spikes everywhere. What you need to do is to use the
three crates here to create a bridge of sorts over the spikes.

Take a crate, jump on the right ledge, then drop the crate down the pit. Repeat
the exact same operation for the two other crates. You can ignore the tiny
vertical moving platform here, you don’t need it, it will probably even annoy

Drop down to the location where you dropped the crates, and you will land on
the pile you have just created. Now take the first crate (remember you can drop
down a level here by crouching) and drop it to the right. Repeat the process
with the second crate, and drop it to the right of the one you have just
dropped. If all went well, you now have a bridge of sorts over the spikes, and
you will be close enough to the right wall that you can jump there and land on
the tiny moving platform that will take you up.

Go right and immediately go to the top ledge. Take one of the pots there, and
then I recommend dropping it down to the lower level, and doing the same with
the second pot. You will need both pots and, while it is possible to climb back
up here, doing so requires you to perform a tricky jump, so it’s easier to do
it the way I said. Drop down to the intermediate level of this room, and to
your right you will see a narrow passage with a crab and a fly. Jump and throw
your two pots to get rid of both enemies.

Go right to enter the passage and go all the way to the right until you reach a
ladder leading to six blue balls (ignore the moving platform you will pass on
the way). Climb up the ladder. There is a secret passage here that will save
you some headaches: jump to the wall on the right and you will see that you can
go through the wall here, leading you to the other ladder. Throw at least one
of the blue balls through this secret opening. If you want to collect energy
tokens in a few, then throw at least four balls. When you are done, go through
the opening yourself and drop all the way down.

Your blue balls will have landed here. Take one and go left. On your right you
will see some energy tokens, but there are spikes underneath, so the only way
to take them is to drop three blue balls down the pit first, so that you can
safely drop there AND be able to bounce and jump back up afterwards.

Now, whether you picked up the tokens or not, you must have one blue ball left.
Drop down to the left and use your ball to kill the mummies here. It is
possible to kill them with the ball even if they have not risen yet.

There is a padlock at the top of this structure. From the ground, use the
ledges to jump up two levels, killing crabs with your ball in the process. You
will see that the third level is too high for you to reach. Just drop your blue
ball there and use it to reach the top level and the padlock.

When you are ready, go to the dark opening in this structure (on ground level,
below the pharaoh) and crouch to go through a passage.

In this next sequence you will have to be careful. Climb up the ladder and the
fakir will start rapidly throwing knives. Wait for an opening and quickly climb
up. On the upper level, jump once to get the other fakir to throw a knife, then
jump right above the dried mummy. As long as you don’t touch it, it will not
wake up. Repeat the same process to jump over the second dried mummy, and start
climbing down the ladder. Wait until the other fakir here starts throwing
knives, and when you’re ready let yourself fall down by hugging the left wall.
If you do it well, you won’t get hit.

Go right, take the crate and jump to the ledge on the right. Continue right and
throw your crate at one of the crabs there. You will need to avoid the
remaining crab and take the trampoline, but this is easier said than done
because you have no room to jump properly here. Either wait until the crab is
to the right of the trampoline then hurry to pick it up, or jump above both
and, when you are on the right side, throw the trampoline upwards to make it
fall on the crab and kill it (but be careful not to throw it and waste it). Go
back left and place the trampoline on the edge of the platform. There are
fifteen energy tokens above, which you can easily grab now by using the

Once you are done, go back to the structure on the right and crouch in the
middle of it to enter a passage and access the final room.

Start by taking the padlock on the left. This is one of the most difficult
sequences in the level, and sadly there is no real way to explain how to beat
it, you will have to time several jumps very precisely through trial and error.
And every time you will fail, you will lose a life. That’s harsh.

You need to jump from platform to platform and calculate your jumps so that
they are neither too big (you will touch the spikes on the ceiling) or too
small (you will fall down in the pit of snakes). The jump from the second to
the third platform is the most difficult, you need to only very barely jump or
you will hit the spikes above; but you really do need to make a jump as falling
down will not work.

Once you reach the part with the moving platforms, the hardest part is over.
There are some energy tokens against the ceiling here, but they are not worth
the risk, so leave them alone. Just keep jumping right and, when you reach the
end of the pit, wait for the crab to be sufficiently far away and make a good
jump to the right.

Avoid the crab, go right, and drop down against the wall to pick up the last
padlock. The level is thankfully almost over, but first there is a difficult
boss fight.

~Boss fight~
First of all, mind the spikes on the floor! It’s easy to get distracted by the
fight, forget about them, and accidentally step on them. This boss will just
walk left and right over and over again, but it is too tall for you to jump
over it. You will need to use the barrels you see here to gain the extra height
you need to make the jump. The boss is in sleep mode at first, but it will wake
up and start moving when you get close, so keep that in mind. You can either
pick up the barrels and place them at a sufficient distance from one another:
this way you will have two different jumping points; or you can pile them up,
which means you only have one jumping point, but jumping over the boss will be
much easier since you will have extra height. I personally prefer the second
option. You can also bounce on the blue ball to jump over the boss but that is
difficult to do and not recommended unless you have no other choice. Keep
throwing the blue ball at the boss, and as soon as he comes near take refuge on
your barrels and jump over him to the other side. Repeat the process until the
boss dies. Be patient here, you will need to be careful if you want to succeed.

Once the boss is gone, go to the sarcophagus to end the level.

****** LEVEL 10 ******

Here comes another difficult level (what did you expect?) but it is thankfully
not as difficult as the previous one, and it is also shorter.

Start by collecting the oil lamp, because surely you don’t want to have to beat
level 9 again. You will have to be very fast to complete the first part of this
level. Take the skull, which will be your only ammo until you find the first
padlock; if you want, you can use the upwards throw technique to get rid of
some enemies along the way without losing your skull, but in general I would
recommend to just rush to the padlock.

Go right, jumping past the crabs. Continue right and you will see a snake
charmer (a fakir sitting next to a pot). The trick here is that you can touch
the fakir, but you can’t go near the pot or the snake will jump out and hit
you. Jump over the pot, not caring whether you touch the fakir or not, and
continue right.

Several flies start chasing you here, and they can do big damage because they
tend to stick to you and hit you several times in a row. Just keep walking
without stopping to avoid them. You will arrive at a scaffolding, with a knife
throwing fakir on the left and another on the right. You can try to ignore one
of them by influencing the scrolling so that he doesn’t appear on the screen.
Get rid of the other one (I suggest you kill the more annoying left one) by
throwing the skull at him.

Quickly go up a couple of ladders. There is another fly up there, but if you
climb up without stopping you will be able to avoid it. However if you pause
for the slightest moment it will probably hit you and make you fall to the
ground, with potentially disastrous consequences because of the enemies there.
When you reach the platform with a crab, jump over it and hurry to the next
ladder to pick up a welcome padlock and nine energy tokens.

Jump to the right, avoid the crab, and pick up one of the sacks. Start climbing
up the ladder and use your sack to dispose of the fire-breathing enemy. Be very
careful doing this because he shoots quickly.

Now, jump on the small platform to your left, just above the platform with the
crab. Crouch there to find a secret passage. You will reappear very slightly
further in the level, but most importantly there will be nine energy tokens

Get off the scaffolding by going right and down whenever possible. Soon you
will reach ground level, and you will see a padlock there. Take it.

From the platform where the padlock was, jump right so that you land to the
right of the sword wielding enemy. He will chase you, but just keep going right
and he won’t catch you. When you arrive at the well, jump on top of it and
crouch to enter it.

There is another padlock in there. Go left and let yourself drop down a hole.
From there, go left and watch the movements of the enemy fly. You need to go to
the other side but the fly is blocking your way. However, there are gaps on the
floor which you can use to crouch and take cover when it comes near.

Once you got past the fly, go left and let yourself drop down again. There is
yet another padlock here. This is where the level becomes pretty difficult,
don’t be surprised if you die a lot here.

You will have to go right and make several tricky jumps. Wait for the first
stalactite to fall, then jump on the small ledge, and go down to the one below
that, being careful not to slip. The second stalactite only falls when you get
near, so what you have to do is quickly jump to the ledge under it, then just
as quickly jump to the next platform. If you are not fast enough, you will get
hit and possibly fall to your death.

Continue right and make several jumps across the small ledges. Wait for the
moving platform and use it to jump to the next ledge with a padlock. Be aware
this padlock is horribly placed: if you die in the following sequence (i.e. the
rest of the level, because this was the last padlock) you will reappear by
falling down here to a slippery spot, and you will sometimes die as soon as you
reappear if you slip and don’t correct your fall. Because of this, I would tell
you to avoid taking this padlock, but with the way it’s placed in your way this
might be difficult.

You now have to ride the large moving platform to the right while avoiding all
the stalactites. You will die if they touch you (I think because when they hit
you they also push you down to the dirty water below), so be careful! Watch the
rhythm at which they fall, and position yourself accordingly to the left or to
the right of the moving platform. Jump to the other side whenever possible.
This sequence is difficult and most of all is unforgiving.

The rest of the level is thankfully easy. For your information there is a
secret passage for some energy tokens around here, but it involves making
several more jumps, and since you really don’t want to risk dying now I
consider it’s not worth the risk.

Continue right and take the pile of bones. You will soon come across a mummy,
move close to it to wake it up then dispose of it with your bones. Take the
other bones you see here, and continue right.

Jump up the ledges and kill the fakir with your bones when you see him. Keep
going up, there is nothing difficult here. You also, for some odd reason, find
another oil lamp which gives the same password as the first one.

When you reach the top, there will be twelve easily accessible energy tokens
for you. Go left and you will see a fakir moving around, blocking your way like
the fly did previously. Use the same technique and take advantage of the gap in
the floor to crouch when he comes near.

At the leftmost side of the passage you will find a trampoline. Take it and
jump up four ledges. Place the trampoline on the top ledge, preferably not too
close to the wall. Bounce on it and direct your jump slightly to the left so
that you can come out of the well. If you accidentally drop your trampoline
here and must go back down, watch out for the fakir before dropping down.

When you are back to the surface, walk all the way right to end the level.

****** LEVEL 11 ******

This level is of moderate-high difficulty and is really long. I will however
show you a shortcut to skip about two thirds of it. This also makes you miss
several energy tokens, but you can’t have everything.

Start by collecting the oil lamp. The shortcut I was telling you about is right
here at the beginning of the level, but first you need to collect six crates.
Go right, jump above the enemy, and you will find the first crate here. I
recommend getting rid of the enemy because he will annoy you, but don’t throw
your crate at him, you need it! Instead, use the upwards throw technique (keep
the up arrow pressed as you press space bar) and time it so that it lands on
the enemy: that will kill him and you will still have your crate.

Place that crate just to the left of the blue tent. Continue right and you will
find four readily accessible other crates as well as a trampoline. Bring all of
this to your starting location. Make a pile of crates on top of where you
placed the first one, then place the trampoline at the top.

You still need a crate, or you will get stuck later on. Go right again and,
avoiding some crabs, you find your sixth crate. Pick it up and go back to the
starting location.

With your crate in hand, jump on the trampoline on top of your crate pile and
bounce on it repeatedly until it takes you to a hidden set of platforms in the

These icy platforms are slippery, and you may fall down a few times (thankfully
there is nothing lethal underneath, you’ll just have to start over). I can’t
really explain to you how to avoid slipping, it is something you have to learn
by trial and error. Jump all the way up.

When you reach the upper platform, make sure not to touch the frozen spikes or
you will die. Drop your crate on the small platform where you emerged, climb on
top of it, and jump up to the higher level. This is why you needed to bring
that crate: if you don’t have the extra height, you will not be able to jump
high enough and will be unable to go further.

The next sequence is a short tower climbing session that may bring back bad
memories of level 7. However I will explain an easy way to do it.

Take the new crate here and go right. Climb up the ladder, ignoring the
platforms on the right (this is where you would have arrived if you had not
taken the shortcut). When you reach the upper floor, don’t go left because a
fakir will block your way and you need to save your crate for later. Instead,
jump on the balcony and position yourself right under the ladder you see on the
upper floor. Jump up a few times and you should be able to grab the ladder.

Use the ladder to immediately climb up to the next floor. There is a
fire-breathing enemy here, but you can bypass it the exact same way as before.
While on the balcony, position yourself right under the ladder you see on the
upper floor, and jump up until you manage to grab it.

From then on climbing up the tower will be a very simple affair, just climb the
ladders one after another. Around this time, a third fakir will appear and will
start chasing you in a fashion reminiscent of these helipads in level 7. This
is why I made you save that crate: throw it on that fakir as soon as you see
him and you will be rid of him.

When you reach the top, you will find a padlock, twelve energy tokens, as well
as a cage with your fiancйe. (What is she doing there? Hadn’t we found her
already? This part is shrouded in mystery for me.)

Take the padlock and the tokens and grab the cage with your fiancйe. You need
to hold on to it at all times because you must have it with you in order to end
the level (if you reach the end without carrying the cage, nothing will
happen). You can throw it around and it will not disappear, however it cannot
be used to attack enemies, so there is no point to throw it around.

If you are playing Moktar, don’t ever touch a padlock again, because you will
restart without the cage, which will have respawned to its original location
and will be inaccessible by then (thus ruining all your chances of beating the
level and resulting in a forced game over). If you are playing Titus, this
issue has been fixed, but you MUST be carrying the cage as you touch the
padlock or you will similarly reappear empty-handed.

Jump to the right on the icy platforms, and don’t fall. After the three small
platforms there will be three big ones, then again two small ones. When you are
on the last platform you can drop down to your right.

You will be in front of a tower, ignore it and go right. When you reach a
larger building, you may want to use the upwards throw technique to throw your
fiancйe on the balcony up here. This is not mandatory, but will make things

Continue right and, when you reach the quicksand, start crawling instead of
walking because a knife throwing enemy will be on your right. Wait for the
moving platform here to be at your level, and jump on it while avoiding the
knives. When you’re on top, continue left and ignore the right side as an
annoying fakir blocks your way there.

Jump left across the balconies until you find your fiancйe again (if you had
dropped her there). Pick up the cage and ride the moving platform to go up.

Jump to the upper balcony on your right, go right and watch out for the camel’s
projectiles, then jump up to the two small ledges. From here, jump up to reach
the roof and start jumping across the roof ledges as quickly as possible. You
must be quick because a fakir that follows you around will soon appear, and
your only chance to get past him is if you do not waste any time. Otherwise he
will be in your way and you will have to backtrack.

When you’re on the rightmost ledge on the roof, make the largest possible jump
to the right. If you did it correctly, you will have avoided a fakir who will
now be on your left and leave you alone.

If you are playing Moktar, do NOT touch the padlock here! As I explained above,
if you die and restart here, your fiancйe will have respawned to her original
location, which is inaccessible now, thus completely ruining your chances of
beating the level. If you are playing Titus, you can touch the padlock but ONLY
when you are carrying the cage, or if you die the game will similarly make it
respawn to its original location.

Continue right and, when you reach a tower with a fakir, drop the cage here
because you are going to be doing some acrobatics. Be prepared for a difficult

Your goal is to reach the top of this short tower while avoiding the fakir who
actively pursues you. In order to do this, bait him and make him go to the
lower left of the tower, then quickly go right. Ideally, by now, the fakir
should be around the horizontal middle of the tower and completely on ground
level. Practice this movement several times if needed so that you can position
the fakir more or less according to your wishes. Once he is in that spot,
quickly climb up the rightmost ledges to reach the upper level. Hurry and grab
the blue ball here. This is easier said than done, but you need that blue ball
for later, so be patient and try until you succeed. Once you have the blue
ball, you can easily kill the fakir. Don’t lose sight of the ball because
you’ll need it again shortly.

Now, grab the cage and climb once again to the top of the tower. Jump on the
rightmost edge and wait for the moving platform to come near you. Jump on it.
When the platform reaches the end of its path to the right, throw your cage to
the right. Don’t worry, you won’t lose it.

Go back to the place where you left the blue ball, take it, and board the
moving platform again. This time, jump to the right and you will land in the
area of the level boss.

~Boss fight~
The boss just keeps jumping around in a predictable fashion, and you simply
have to throw your ball at him repeatedly. What slightly complicates matters is
that the floor is entirely made of quicksand and you will have a harder time
controlling your character, but still it’s not really difficult. Avoid the boss
and throw the ball at him whenever possible, walking under him when he does his

Once he is gone, take the cage back and walk to the right edge of the area to
end the level.

****** LEVEL 12 ******

This level is short and may seem deceptively simple at first, but it contains
some tricky passages and, in Moktar only, something that is either a bug or a
very cheap game over trap.

Start by grabbing the oil lamp. Isn’t it a nice change that lately they all
appear right at the beginning?

The first thing you need to do is to grab the blue ball you see on top of a
ledge here. You can either take all the pots lying around and place them in a
pile that you can climb up to access the ledge, or you can do it the easy way:
place yourself under the ledge with the blue ball and crouch there. You will
enter a secret passage that teleports you on top of the ledge, saving you a lot
of time.

You will now need to climb the mountain on your right, and you will have to be
careful because rocks are rolling down from the top. You will continuously have
to jump over them during your ascension.

When you are ready to climb, you will very quickly find yourself facing a wall
too high for you. In order to climb it, you need to place items against the
wall so that they get “stuck” on it.

You can either stick the blue ball there and bounce on it repeatedly, making it
go up along with you. In that case, don’t forget to make it go all the way up
and pick it back up afterwards. This is not difficult to do in itself, but you
have to be careful of the rocks while you do it. The second option is to stick
two pots against the wall at different levels, creating steps for you. Now you
can jump on top, blue ball in hand. The first three rocks always appear close
to each other, so if they have not appeared yet by the time you are up on this
wall, I suggest you wait for them to pass by before you continue.

Keep jumping and climbing and make your way to the top, jumping over the
rolling rocks as needed. The scrolling can be annoying here, make sure to wait
for the screen to scroll properly before you continue. Whenever possible, try
to jump over the rocks when you are standing on a flat ledge, it is much easier
than when you are standing on a slope. This sequence can be quite difficult if
you start getting hit and having to fetch your blue ball back, so advance

Once you made it to the top, the rocks will stop falling. Keep going right
until you reach the edge of the mountain. Make the biggest possible jump to the
right, directing your fall to the right as much as possible. If you did it
correctly you will land at the bottom of a lighthouse.

In Moktar there is padlock here, but do NOT touch it! It is either a very cheap
trap or an oversight on the programmers’ part: if you ever need to restart,
this padlock will systematically make you reappear against an enemy, and you
will get thrown in the water and die. This will mercilessly continue until you
run out of lives. Therefore, leave the padlock alone! In order to avoid
touching it, place your blue ball here and use it to bounce over the padlock (a
normal jump will not be high enough). If you are playing Titus, the padlock
won’t be here, and you can use your blue ball to dispose of the two pirates
here instead, or if you prefer you can keep it as extra ammo for the ascension
of the lighthouse. In the rest of the walkthrough, I will write as if you no
longer have the ball with you.

Go right, jumping over the two pirates, and you will find a crate on the other
side of the lighthouse. Take it.

Start climbing up the lighthouse by jumping on the ledges to your right. You
will soon see a pirate on one of the ledges, throw your crate at him to kill
him. As you have probably seen, there are two more crates below you (which you
can reach by jumping on the left ledges instead of the right ones), and a third
crate past the pirate you have just killed. You will need all of these.

On the rightmost ledge here, you will see that above you there is another ledge
that you can’t quite reach. Take one of the crates and drop it here, giving you
the extra height you need to reach the upper ledge.

Take yet another crate and jump up. There will be another pirate on your left,
kill him with your crate. Go back down and take the last remaining crate, then
climb back up until you see yet another pirate. The way there is very
straightforward. If you are playing Titus, the padlock will be here, and this
one is safe to take.

Kill the pirate with your crate, then go back down and pick up the last lone
crate that you have passed while climbing up.

Climb back up to the top and position yourself on the second ledge from the
left. You need to access the upper level, and the middle of the platform above
(the area in the lighter shade of grey) can be jumped through. Wait for the
pirate above to be sufficiently far away to the left and jump up. Do not use
your crate to kill this pirate: you need it as extra height to reach the upper

Position the crate on the right edge of the platform so that you can jump up to
the slightly smaller platform above. Mind the pirate there, as usual.

On this new floor, avoid the pirate and take the magic carpet on the right.
Quickly jump up to the right side of the roof, against the cone shaped top. You
are now at the very top of the lighthouse.

Throw your magic carpet to the right and ride it. The ride will last quite a
while, then your carpet will suddenly fold and you will start falling down. As
soon as it happens, direct your fall to the right as much as possible. If you
did it correctly, you will land on a large piece of ground with some big fish
in the water underneath.

Go right but be aware of the fish: when you get near them, they quickly jump
out of the water to hit you. The best strategy is to jump over them in advance,
so you will never get too close to them and they will not get a chance to
attack you.

Keep going right past some pots (there is a padlock hidden behind the pots
here, but the level is over; it is probably meant for people who want to stick
around and collect some hard to grab energy tokens on the left, but for the
purpose of this walkthrough I’ll go the safe way and say it’s not worth the
risk). Walk to the right edge of the screen to end the level.

****** LEVEL 13 ******

This level is a huge and confusing maze where you explore a gigantic
underground pipe. However, it will be a breeze for you thanks to a well hidden
secret passage that allows you to skip ALL of the level, and collect forty
seven energy tokens on the way too. Note that there is no oil lamp in this

As soon as the level introduction screen appears (thus before you actually
enter the level), keep the up and right arrows pressed at the same time. When
the level loads, if you have done it properly, this will make you jump through
an invisible passage and you will be on top of the screen, walking on an
invisible floor. It is necessary that you start pressing the keys before you
even start the level, because if you are not ultra quick you will fall down and
the level will start normally.

Walk right and collect all the energy tokens on the way. After that the
invisible floor will turn into a stairway going down, keep going and walk to
the right edge of the screen to end the level.

****** LEVEL 14 ******

If you are playing Titus this is the last level, but Moktar still has one after
that. It is, no surprise, pretty difficult. However a lot of the difficulty
stems from figuring out what to do. If you know how to solve the level it will
be easier.

Jump on the platform to your right and grab the oil lamp. Be careful here
because the ledges are harder to see than usual and your jumps must be precise.

We are going to take a secret route that will make you avoid two frustrating
areas, namely a sequence with some surprise invisible pits (I really hate
those), and a particularly dangerous sequence where you have to jump across
several narrow ledges which all have enemies on them.

Use the ledges to jump up to the roof of the building you are on, taking the
crate you will see along the way.

Go to the top leftmost ledge and place your crate there. Go on top of it and
jump: you will reveal an invisible platform. Keep jumping up until you see a
magic carpet. Walk up to it (but not further because the platform stops there)
and pick it up.

Now you need to reach the roof of a second building, located to your right and
completely identical to the first one. You can either climb down and go there
the regular way by jumping across ledges to your right, or you can throw your
carpet and ride it from the place where you found it. If you use the carpet,
note that you will have to control it and make it land by yourself, because if
you just sit back and let it go all the way right you will go past the
building. This is not too hard to do but it is easier if you know exactly where
the building is located, so if it is your first time playing the level you
might be better off jumping there the regular way. It’s your call.

Now that you are on the roof of the second building, stand on the rightmost
ledge, throw your carpet and ride it. You will get past a chimney with three
pipes, ignore it. Quickly afterwards you will see another chimney, with only
one pipe this time. You need to land on top of that chimney. Don’t bother
trying to keep the carpet from this point on because you can’t take it with you.

Once you are on top of the correct chimney, crouch to enter a secret passage
that acts as a convenient shortcut through the level.

You will reappear in an enclosed area with two trampolines and a very tall
chimney to your right. You need to go right past that chimney, while taking
BOTH trampolines with you.

How can you do that? Take one of the trampolines and position it near the
chimney on the right, but not completely against it. See these intermediate
white ledges on the chimney? The trampoline needs to be positioned in such a
way that when you jump on it, the trampoline goes up with you thanks to the
momentum, and lands on the upper ledges. If the trampoline is properly
positioned, all you will have to do is jump up and it will do all the work by
itself. Don’t forget to take the second trampoline with you before you do any
jumping attempts, because as I said you need to have both of them.

When you are on top of the chimney, take one of the trampolines and drop it to
the right on the ground below. Take the remaining trampoline in hand and drop
down to the right yourself.

Continue right. Climb on top of the two crates here to be able to jump on the
chimney. Jump on the platform to the right, and keep going right.

Here is another tall chimney you need to pass. Make a pile of the five crates
that you see here, then put the trampoline you are carrying on top of it.
Before you jump up, go back to where you left the other trampoline and take it
with you. Once you have it, use the trampoline on top of the crates to reach
the top of the chimney.

Drop down to the right while hugging the wall. As you can see there is a large
pit to your right that seems impassable, as well as two energy tokens that you
must NOT attempt to take as it would ruin your chances of completing the level
(anyway, you cannot take them here without killing yourself at the same time,
so it would be a bad move in any case).

This sequence is pretty hard to figure out if you don’t know what to do in
advance. Start by dropping your trampoline on the ledge you are standing on;
you will need it later. Now, crouch on that ledge to enter a secret passage.
You will reappear in a new room located just above that impassable pit. Take
both energy tokens here so that the crates fall down their respective holes.
The crates will land on the energy tokens below, creating jumping platforms for
you. Go to the bottom right corner of this new room and crouch to exit.

You will reappear at the same location, on that small ledge in front of the
pit. Take the trampoline that you left here and jump right, jumping across the
two crates. Once you are on the second crate, you need to reach the chimney you
see on your right, but a normal jump will not work. Drop your trampoline on the
crate here, being careful not to drop it into the pit, and use it to jump on
top of that chimney.

From here, take some momentum and jump right as far as possible to reach
another platform. Keep walking to the right to end the level. If you are
playing Titus, you will now see the game’s ending. If you are playing Moktar
you have one more level to beat.

****** LEVEL 15 ******

This level is only featured in the Moktar version. As I explained in the
introduction to this document, it is a surprisingly uninteresting level
compared to the rest of the game. It is thankfully short and not too hard by
this game’s standards.

Start by grabbing the oil lamp.

This level is a straight line where you will have to avoid several enemies
before facing a boss. The idea is to reach the boss as quickly as possible to
be safe from the other enemies, who will not follow you past that point. As
long as you don’t get yourself killed, it doesn’t matter if you get hit a few
times as there will be many energy tokens for you near the boss.

Take the anvil here, and be aware that, until you reach the boss, it will be
the only ammo you will have. Furthermore, the anvil disappears after use even
if you use the upwards throw technique, so you really can only use it once.

Go right and jump over the first car. Keep going and you will have to jump over
two more cars. You can use the signposts here to gain some extra height and
make your jumps easier.

At some point there will be an unmoving car, and to the right of it are a very
slow moving car and a helipad enemy. The unmoving car cannot hurt you, so you
can walk right through it. I recommend you use your anvil here to dispatch
either the helipad or the slow moving car, as avoiding them both at once is
tricky. Thankfully, the helipad will not pursue you all throughout the level,
it will stop chasing you once you get out of his area.

Shortly afterwards you will have to jump over a very fast car, be careful
because this one can easily take you by surprise.

Keep moving right to face another very fast car and another helipad enemy. Like
the other one, this helipad will not pursue you out of his area.

Continue right and you will find a scooter. You can ride it by standing on it,
but your ride will be continuously interrupted by the signposts, so I wouldn’t
bother. Just take it with you: you will use it to fight the boss that you are
about to encounter.

~Boss fight~
The boss just walks around the area, waiting for you to repeatedly throw your
scooter at him. He is too tall for you to jump over him, but you can do so if
you either stand on top of your scooter or on top of a signpost. The main trick
is that you will want to stay on the right part of the level now, because the
boss by himself is easy, but things will get much more complicated if you have
to fight him among the other enemies. Therefore, I suggest you start by jumping
over the boss (using your scooter or a signpost as extra height) and going
sufficiently to the right to be far away from the other enemies. If you keep
going right you will find a huge load of energy tokens forming the word
“Zoubida” and a heart. Take them to restore any energy lost so far, but don’t
take them all at once: save them in case you get hurt again during the fight. A
good thing to know is that if the boss gets too far away from you, he will
eventually reappear near you even if it doesn’t make sense (for example, he can
be seen going left and eventually reappear on your right). Use this to your
advantage and don’t ever chase the boss to the left of the level where the
other enemies will be waiting for you. Instead, let him go left and keep going
right until you see him again.

Once the boss is gone, walk to the right edge of the screen to end the level
and see the game’s ending. If you have successfully played all levels from 1 to
15, some major congratulations are in order!

Written by ManiacMansionFan
Contact: maniacmansionfan@hotmail.com

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