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Added by Max on Wed Dec 15 11:11:22 2004 - [Reply][Permalink]

So I found the file for this game on my mum's old computer last week. I've been playing it ever since. Honestly, i think this is the greatest game evr made. Cheers.


Added by Frenkel on Fri Dec 17 11:33:40 2004 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nice site!

I've made an code generator for Lagaf' Les Aventures de Moktar Vol1: La Zoubida that's much better than your Titus the Fox code generator :P. Get it at

Added by Mary on Wed Jan 5 01:57:30 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is my all time favorite. I played it since I was 6 (now I'm 17). This is a great site, keep it up!!

Added by Cluppy on Thu Jan 6 13:26:15 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

I always wanted to know if I discovered every secret in this game. Now when I see screenshots I know I missed something. BTW I wanted to make such a site by myself but I never had a time. I played Titus the Fox for the first time in 1994. Now I'm 27 years old and the game didn't become old for me. A very good site. Good luck!

Added by Max on Mon Jan 10 09:43:25 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

in the trainer you made, your instructions say you have to replace the file in your titus directory. i don't have this file, and the trainer doesn't work. could you maybe email me a version of the game that does include it? my email is hepcatone[at] i would be happy to send you a gmail invite if you don't already have one :)

Added by Juanjo on Thu Apr 21 09:12:55 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Woow, Erix ZMIRO has written here! :D About a level editor, I would be VERY interested in making new levels for it. Titus the Fox has been "the game of my life", I started playing it at 12 and now I'm 24 and I still play sometimes. I'm proud of saying that I discovered ALL the secret passages by myself :P
Please, Jesses, continue with the level editor, it will be great! (And if Eric Zmiro could give a hand... :P)
Juanjo (from Barcelona)

Added by BrainWave on Fri May 13 11:45:57 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello Jesse!

When will the new version be out? (the v2)

because i'm very impatient to have the level editor ;)

please mail me =)


Added by Juanjo on Sat May 14 01:57:08 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeah, yeah ! we need to make Titus levels! :D

Added by Ezequiel on Tue Jun 7 03:21:53 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

El juego es muy bueno, lo único que no entiendo es: si lo hicieron en Argentina, ¿Por qué lo sacan en ingles? en mi juego dice que fue echo en la provincia de Santa Fe, en la que vivo hoy en día.
Disculpen mis falta ortográficas, estoy usando traductor.


The game is very good, the only thing that I do not understand is: if they did it in Argentina, why do they extract it in English? In my game he(she) says that it(he,she) was I begin in the province of Santa Fe, in which I live today in day.
Forgive my lack(mistake) orthographic, I am using translator.

Added by Majko on Tue Jun 14 09:47:28 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

When I was 8 y.o. I used to play this game a lot. I only got to like 5th level, now that I am 20 y.o. I am in 11th level. See I developed my skills through the years of training :)

Added by Juanjo on Thu Jun 23 02:27:28 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ezequiel, el juego es francés.
Majko: try to pass it all :)

Added by Sergey on Wed Jul 20 21:00:36 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greetings fom Ukraine! Titus the Fox was the very first game I've been playing on PC platform in 1994. Glad to see all of the fans of this game.

Added by Eric M. on Thu Jul 28 17:17:21 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeesss ! You're the best, i was looking for pictures of the levels and i've got it ! My son will be happy !
What ? A level editor ? i'm very interested !!! I'm lookin for a long time informations about .SQZ files to make my own... but without success. Let me know if you have some informations. I'm a Delphi programmer and would help.
Best regards and thanks again,

Added by Csillalex on Mon Aug 22 16:20:50 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hy i am from Hungary
Cool site, good screenshots.
And anybody dont know that where can download this game for windows XP?
Who know, send me e-mail, PLEASE!!

Added by Csillalex on Mon Aug 22 16:21:45 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

..and my e-mail adress
or my msn adress:

Added by on Thu Aug 25 13:11:45 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

How to get the game....

Go to google, type....
"" or...
"titus the fox" "zip"

you should be able to find it quite easilly.

Added by Eric ZMIRO on Thu Aug 25 22:16:20 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

.SQZ are for squeeze, just an Huffman coding. Music, gfx, sprite... all was packed with it.

Added by Juanjo on Sat Aug 27 15:11:04 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Csillalex, you can use a DOS emulator like dosbox, and It will work correctly under WinXP :)

Added by TitusFan on Tue Aug 30 00:26:22 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi i am a norwegian titus fan
great site and great downloads!
titus the fox is one of the best games ever made!!
i look forward to the level editor is finished, is there also a sprite editor in the next version?

Added by Nassim on Wed Oct 12 18:53:06 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi ,thanks a lot for this great Web site ..cos i'm a big big big ... fan
of Titus since 1992 ......nassim

Added by Der Freedo on Fri Oct 14 19:28:29 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Overdoc on Tue Oct 18 18:50:26 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi !
GREAT site !!! I have been searching for the code on level 9 for almost 10 years by now...thanks to you now I know ther is no code on this level.
I am looking forward to complete this game one day!
Btw, I am playing it on the good old Amiga-500 :)

a real Commodore fan

Added by Thanx on Sun Oct 30 10:28:45 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

It's gr8 2 c others still playing the classics. Perhaps u could load a walkthrough 4 all the secret passages (just a thought)


Added by joe on Fri Nov 4 10:33:21 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greetings from Germany, where a 26year-old programmer rediscovers titus!
unfortunately I forgot the hint necessary to complete level 3... its a shame ;-)


Added by danny on Thu Nov 24 22:06:21 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

the code for level 9??????thanks

Added by Your name on Sat Nov 26 10:56:08 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello I have a problem to 9level!!!where I go???? I Have explorated all!!!but....I don't know to help help!!!!!!

Added by danny on Sat Nov 26 10:57:26 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Problem With Level9 I have explored all level but .....

Added by danny on Sat Nov 26 19:12:46 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks smacdrek I have resolved the problem!!!It was an inattention!!!but now like I jump on the high column?????booooo!!!!I try and try but.....I DIE!!!!HELP!!!!

Added by danny on Sun Nov 27 09:38:59 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

level 9 done!!!!!after about two hours of try!I haven't much sensibility in the hands!!!!!the jump was difficult!!!

Added by Svoloch on Wed Nov 30 21:30:12 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, where to get THG unSqueeser?

Added by Lexa on Fri Dec 2 19:14:22 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Alex on Fri Dec 2 19:26:45 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

what wrong with guestbook?

Added by Alex on Fri Dec 2 19:37:07 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Svoloch on Wed Dec 7 16:12:39 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Juanjo on Mon Dec 12 23:20:29 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

We need the editor! :(
Jesses, please, you would give us a really good present for Christmas :P

Added by Raoul on Sun Dec 18 16:01:41 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

I remember it took me time to jump on the high column without dying... Moktar jumps too fast, too high.
The only way to succeed is to slow down your computer, using moslo for example. Now you'll be able to go to the next column~

Added by karin on Wed Jan 11 11:52:20 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I`m so glad to find other titus-fans!!!
Please, can you help me with level 9?
How can I solve the problem with the snakes on the ground (nearly at the end of the level)? When I jump - I die.
How can I slow down my computer, like Raoul wrote?
I would be so thankfull!
Greetings, Karin

Added by oguz on Mon Jan 16 09:46:46 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

how can I kill the man in level 5?

Added by Traven on Tue Jan 24 11:11:03 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hiiiiii Titus Fox is the best!!!!

Added by Juanjo on Fri Jan 27 11:54:24 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Has anyone played my 3 levels? I'm making a new one :)
Jesses, I think it would be cool if the program includes an option to start with more than 2 lives, for those new levels which are more difficult than the originals. ^_^

Added by Lexa on Fri Feb 3 20:52:13 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Guys, please help me to get THG file unsqueezer!!!

Added by Gianfranco on Wed Feb 8 16:59:36 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Have you any trainer for Preistorik2 from the same Eric Zmiro/Titus ?

Added by grizu on Fri Feb 10 15:49:12 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]


help please!
does anyone know where the exit is in level 11? after killing the big baby theres no way out...
thanks a lot

Added by Juanjo on Fri Feb 10 21:16:00 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Grizu, you have to bring the jail with the prisoner fox to the big baby and then pass the level bringing it!

Added by grizu on Sat Feb 11 13:45:47 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]


thank you!!!

Added by romina on Sun Feb 19 10:28:36 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanks a lot !! we've been trying on level 9 for such a long time... took us more than 10 years to find this site!! it's really helpful!

Added by fedd on Thu Feb 23 16:19:29 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi to site owner! thank you for the music and for the levels screenshots. they got me back in 1990s :)

hi to Eric Zmiro, you were my idol! the game was a breakthrough: much more colourful than the contemporary american analogues, and the music was magnifique!

die for a pda version!!!! :)))

Added by fedd on Thu Feb 23 17:34:33 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

btw, where can i find the level maps for Prehistorik 2? :)

Added by Juanjo on Wed Mar 1 12:56:15 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi! Has someone created new levels? I want to play new levels which are not created by myself... :)

Added by Niyaz on Sat Mar 11 18:29:55 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I live in Russia.??? ?????? ??????? ?????
??? ???? ? ???? ???? ?? ???? 286 ????? ? ??? ??? ????? ?????????.

Added by congratz on Mon Mar 27 23:15:09 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

i have to congrat that there are stil people that like old games. i love old games made by titus company. no to ly because it is my name but also cause they are cute.

Added by hujer on Sat Apr 1 14:08:12 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have made a video for the secret area access in level 8

have a look here :

used to love this game :(

Added by Your name on Wed Apr 5 22:01:09 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi IT's nassim ;
please, can someone compress to me
the Demo level (in the desert...)in SQZ file
cos the level editor don't work in
with my version THak's a lot...
*****Titus The Fox Never Die*****

Added by Juanjo on Sat Apr 22 16:00:45 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Good new level!!!!! :D I'm happy there's new creators out there :)

Added by Carlo on Tue Apr 25 15:29:42 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Junjo thanks for your compliments about the new level. Now I'm working to a new egyptian level but I have few time for spending for it. Titus the Fox is still the best video-game I have seen!

Added by karin on Wed Apr 26 10:44:12 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

many thanks to hujer for the video of the secret area in level 8!

Added by Juanjo on Thu Apr 27 11:13:56 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Carlo, I'm waiting for your new level :) Did you play my for ones?

Added by Carlo on Thu Apr 27 20:00:30 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

yes I played it: it's very nice.
Your levels have encouraged me for making them.

Added by Nassim on Fri Apr 28 13:36:38 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Very nice level,Juanjo
i thing that we can call it :"an
intelligent Level" .

Added by Juanjo on Sat Apr 29 00:41:17 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, thank you :) I'd like to see levels from other authors. If you don't have time, just with a little level I would be happy :)

Added by Nassim on Tue May 2 18:03:11 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I'm planning to create a lot of levels
after i finish my current Work :^)

Added by Sanitars on Thu May 4 20:46:09 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello. I'm interested in more stuff for Prehistorik 2, especially maps with sprites. Mail me please.

Added by Gaute on Sun May 21 08:28:36 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

when I download titus the fox
it doesnt work.
please mail me how do it

Added by Your name on Thu May 25 18:40:16 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

what Operating system do you have ?
and what is your PC ?

Added by Paulo on Sat May 27 01:02:08 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

How can i play the titus extra level? Tnks!

Added by Paulo on Sat May 27 01:10:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Im Paulo From Portugal im 28 years old and i play titus the fox for the first time in a computer of a big friend of mine, because i had no computer at that time. It was a 386 12mhz
... im sending you this message on a intel Dual core 940 water cooled etc... just to know that FOX IS FOREVER. I would like to know if the persons who made this game are still alive... This was and is my favourite game ever!!!

Added by Nassim on Tue Jun 6 19:21:03 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi paulo ,
yes the game creator is still alive
his name is eric zmiro .

Added by Alexis on Wed Jun 7 19:28:28 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, nice to see people still working and playing this great game. I allways wanted a level editor and more levels to play.
But I have a problem I can run Titus the fox, and I also can run yet when I want to run the game from the editor it crashes. I'm not that good with English so I'll try to explain this by giving you the details:

-I use to run Titus the fox
-In the folder there's a, if I run this, the same error message that is displayed when I try to run the game from the is also displayed
-If I rename ffc with the game doesn't work (neither the game alone, or running it from the editor).

I'd like to know if you can help me here, I'll give more detailed info if it's needed.

BTW, I see some "new" enemies in the sprite viewer are these used somewere?

Added by Juanjo on Wed Jun 14 08:01:33 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Alexis! Have you tried to run Titus the fox and the editor under DosBox? It's the best way to use it in new computers.

Added by Your name on Mon Jun 19 20:22:54 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

De la merde
injouable, une crotte!

Added by Veke on Tue Jul 11 12:25:01 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Im sorry but does anyone how to beat the boss in level 5?
There are just two boxes there

Added by The Titus the Fox expert on Fri Jul 14 10:43:41 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

To beat the boss in level 5, you'll need to drop those boxes on his head.

You may thank me now.

Added by Lucas(Shadow) on Mon Jul 31 21:21:45 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Me encanta el Titus The Fox.A los que no les gusta el Titus The Fox estan re pero re locos.

Un saludo a todos los fanaticos del Titus The Fox.

Me llamo Lucas.

Added by Ariel on Tue Aug 1 04:58:04 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Muy buena pagina, el Titus es uno de los mejores juegos de los 90's para mi.

Added by Leandro V. Musso on Wed Aug 2 18:37:17 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Man, this site really ROCKS!!! This is one of the best games I ever played and the site is really COOL!!!

Thank you!!!

Added by Juanjo on Thu Aug 3 09:28:12 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Try to make new levels with the editor! :D
Intentad crear nuevos niveles con el editor! :D

Added by marysol on Wed Aug 9 17:24:24 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

hola acabo de encontrar mi juego preferido de la infancia y he llegado al nivel 5 pero hay una zona donde hay fuego en el suelo y no se puede santar hay un muelle para utilizar pero no se como, ojala podais ayudarme gracias.

Added by German on Thu Aug 10 15:13:21 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

solo muy buenos recuerdos y el sueño que alguna vez saliese el titus 2...

Added by Your name on Sun Aug 13 16:24:18 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Jugaba con 12 años de niña(ahora tengo 25), mientras mi padre descansaba de trabajr con el ordenador. Tengo muy buenos recuerdos, seguí jugando unos 4 años más, nunca me cansé! Lorena (Barcelona)

Added by Vrednuga on Tue Aug 22 05:51:51 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ништяк, камерадн, авай-продолжай!

Added by Julian on Mon Aug 28 22:42:56 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

YEARS wandering where are the codes for Level 9 and 13, and now I see they don't exist in the levels!! Thanks!!! Years of theraphy wasted!!
By the way, GREAT work!!! Chees from Santa Fe, Argentina.

Added by Ninked on Mon Sep 18 01:06:04 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for your great work!!! The Fox and Preh.2 is my favourite retro patformers. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Здорово поработали, ребята! Давайте продолжайте, черти. Не ожидал, что у таких игр могут быть активные фэн-сайты. Спасибо за новые уровни.

Added by Erik on Fri Oct 20 13:17:31 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for this great site. Fox / Moktar really rocks, unbelievable this game can run on a 286 so smooth.
Maybe a tip: you should put a spoiler warning in the levels section :P I haven't played them all yet.

greetings from the Netherlands.

Added by Marius on Fri Nov 3 12:46:17 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Please tell me the level codes for titus the fox begin with level 1 the code level is 36da

Added by Murias on Fri Nov 3 18:06:54 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Marius, look in the downloads section for a code generator.

Added by Juanjo on Thu Nov 9 22:05:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey! I createda new level! Play it and tell me what do you think :)


Added by Juanjo on Fri Nov 10 21:15:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

And a second new level too!! It's made with the level 5 layout. Play them and tell me!! :)

Added by Gambito on Sat Nov 11 19:43:46 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow! Nunca me imaginé que podría existir un sitio como este en Internet. Realmente fantástico el encontrarse con personas que al igual que yo, estuvieron bastante tiempo jugando y tratando de ganar este dificilísimo juego.

Este juego es sin duda alguna, una verdadera obra de arte. Fue diseñado hace mucho tiempo pero en aquel tiempo, se veía fenomentalmente bien y tenía una música en realidad muy buena. El nivel de dificultad y como muchos aquí lo confirman, era verdaderamente difícil sobre todo llegando a los niveles 8 y 9. El nivel 9 fue un dolor de cabeza para muchas personas, incluidos también para algunos amigos míos. Al no haber código de la 9, era verdaderamente cansado y hasta aburrido tener que hacer todo el nivel 8, para luego llegar hasta la 9 y joderse de nuevo cuando había que saltar en los picos casí al final ;-) !Vaya sufrimiento! y que recuerdos

Quiero también agradecer a toda la gente que ha hecho posible esta página. Es bonito encontrarse y saber que todavía y después de tantos años hay gente que recuerda este juego y a que al igual que yo, lo jugaron con todo gusto.

Un enorme saludo al programador Eric Zmiro y también a todos los demás integrantes del equipo francés, que hicieron posible este juego.

Fue todo un placer Sr Zmiro, haber jugado el Moktar hace tanto tiempo. Esc cierto que se lo digo ya un poco tarde, pues son ya casi 15 años después de haber realizado, pero se lo digo con todo gusto y reconocimiento que fue un gran juego. !!Gracias!!

Saludos cordiales a todos!


PD: Nunque super si una segunda version de este juego había llegado a salir. Que me pueden decir los fanáticos acerca de esto?

Mi dirección es :

Added by Juanjo on Sun Nov 12 00:25:11 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Como ya hemos hablado, estaré esperando niveles tuyos Gambito!! :D

Waiting for you levels Gambito :)

Added by yy on Sun Nov 19 05:53:07 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

i can't download the game, please teach me how to download this game.

Added by Adrian on Mon Nov 20 07:20:45 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Un aplauso al Sr Zmiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todos reconocemos que fue un juego fantástico! Pero.... Porque no se hizo el Titus 2 ????

Estuve años esperando la continuación que nunca llegó...... Ahora que lo recuerdo me sigue pareciendo muy triste.

Added by Lavender on Mon Nov 20 14:30:17 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

That's a great game. Wonderfull!

Added by Juanjo on Mon Nov 20 22:54:11 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Bueno, ahora tenéis la posibilidad de crear nuevos niveles de Titus, puedes tomártelo como una segunda parte :)

Weel, now you have the chance to make new levels for Titus, you can take it as the sequel (second part) :)

Added by Ola on Sat Nov 25 12:27:12 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is great! And it works on every computer I had since 1994!:)

Added by Ariel Castelluccio on Sat Dec 9 18:53:37 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Este juego es sensillamente un clásico.. Lo recuerdo con mucho cariño y aún de vez en cuando lo sigo jugando. Lo pude terminar completo recién hace 5 años (tengo 27 y lo juego desde los 13 años)
Recuerdo como si fuera hoy la emosión de pasar el bendito nivel n°9... hay que tener mucha práctica para saltar y no darse contra los picos del techo... pero después de tanto jugarlo, te das cuenta que es solo cuestión de MEDIR EL SALTO...
Cualquier cosa que necesiten referente al juego estoy dispuesto a ayudarlos :)
Saludos colegas!

Added by Hemo Vintage on Wed Dec 13 16:26:47 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Alguien puede pasar un Link o ELink de un Boot Disk BUENO para D.O.S. para poder jugar EN PAZ al Fox y a la camada de Juegos de esa epoca?
Porque por WinXp es medio complicado



H. Vintage

Added by Ismael Perez-Smith on Fri Dec 15 18:03:25 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is the greatest! Ive played it since i was 5 and im still on level 9!! Thanks for making this cool webpage :D

Added by Reactor on Sun Dec 17 00:07:56 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

This site is fantastic! Thank you for all valuable informations I got here!

I have 1 question though: Do you have or plan to make a Titus Fox game editor, where I could change the original game levels, the sprites, the wallstyles and such? I'd like to make a "Titus the Fox 2", it would be perfect if an editor would be made to make these things possible.

Added by Reactor on Sun Dec 17 01:02:16 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

By the way, where is the super secret passage in level 8 which gives you the code of level 14 (perhaps)? I simply cannot find it.
That website with the video will not work :((

Added by Juanjo on Sun Dec 17 22:01:58 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Reactor!!!! A level editor exists!!!
Look trough the pages of the site! :)

I made almost all the levels in the "levels" page :)


Added by Reactor on Sun Dec 17 23:29:29 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I know, but MTF will not work. I've tried to run it under DosBox, and it refused to run. I tried it from Windows XP, and the same thing happened.

Added by Reactor on Mon Dec 18 00:39:52 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Okay, fixed it, it was an undefined variable in DOSBOX.CONF.
Problem solved.

Tell me: Can I change the level names somehwere?

Reply by Jesses on Mon Dec 18 07:32:51 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Not at the moment, but when you upload your levels on the LEVELS page you can enter a name; when I make a newer version of MTF I'll convert all levels there to the new format, level names included.

Added by Reactor on Mon Dec 18 16:44:23 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you for the quick response. Now I managed to write the complete list of all Titus The Fox secrets!

Making an editor which allows total conversion is an excellent idea! Until that,I'll try to create some levels with MTF. The capital of Hungary is such a crime-infested place, it'll serve excellent as a level :) There are tons of muggers, gipsies and homeless men around just like in the game, they'll even throw you with bottles if you get too close! :))
Okay, enough goofing around. I'd have a question. If you make the total conversion-editor, can it be possible to use MIDIs instead of MODs? I can easily convert MP3 and WAV to MIDIs, which I can't do with MOD files, that's why (I don't know if there a MOD converter exists).

Reply by Jesses on Mon Dec 18 18:50:04 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Well, the game doesn't use mod files; instead, it has two separate custom formats, one for pc speaker music, the other for adlib. However, I happen to have built in a mod player in the latest (not yet released) version, so mod is probably the easiest way to go if it comes to making new music (I also might put in a pc speaker/adlib tracker or something).

Making a midi player is not that hard, so I could do that. However, the thing with midi is that it depends on your sound card whether the music sounds good or crap (aside from the mess of introducing a fourth music format).

As for conversion; you can really convert WAV/MP3 to midi easily? Tell me more! A MOD -> WAV converter is really trivial (winamp's diskwriter does just that), so if you can convert WAVs to midi, MODs can also be converted.

In fact, direct conversion between mod and midi is possible and there are some programs that do it; midi to mod is the easier of the two (since the other way around requires you to pick and tune the right instruments for each mod sample). Although, with midi -> mod you hit the problem of only having 4 channels.. oh well.

Reply by Jesses on Mon Dec 18 20:41:06 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

By the way, if your secrets list is any good, can I put it on the site? Saves me some work :-p

Added by Reactor on Mon Dec 18 22:41:45 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Well, for converting WAV/MP3 to MIDI, I use the program named Mobile Music Polyphonic. It must be purchased, but - and ssssh! about this! - I cracked up the 1.5 version, so I could use it to convert MP3/WAV into MIDI. To tell the honest,the first results are 100% crap, you will have tons of work making a proper MIDI out of the former MP3/WAV, but it saves you from hours of work. You can also edit/change instruments of MIDI files, slowing/speeding it up, or write a brand new song :) So it's a really cool program.

Can you recommend me a good MIDI to MOD converter then? If there will be new possibilities for music in the "total editor",I'd probably choose MOD instead of MIDI, since it will not change on other sound cards (I suggested MIDI since Wolfenstein 3D also used MIDI files as music). I converted hunderds of famous music from MP3 to MID, such as Final Countdown, Seven Seconds, All The Things She Said, and many more!

It really works in the other direction. I can convert EVERYTHING into WAV and MP3 which my Winamp can play.

Of course, you're freely welcomed to put the secrets list up :) I'll send it right away!

Reply by Juanjo on Mon Dec 18 22:59:22 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I encourage you to experiment with MTF, you will see that when you catch the idea is very easy to use :)
I can't wait to play your levels! :)
(sorry for my bad english)

Reply by Reactor on Tue Dec 19 00:11:21 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Well, since our capital Budapest is such a crime-infested place, I'd make the Eastern Rail Station (Nyugati pályaudvar in Hungarian), if there were some new sprites, like trains and such. Evil homeless men, tramps and policemen would fit in the scene very well! Especially policemen...they shoot first,and ask questions never! :))

Reply by Jesses on Tue Dec 19 15:30:24 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ha, thanks for the secrets list, as you can see I've put it online :-)

Hmm, I could swear I had a MIDI -> MOD converter lying around, but apparently not. If you really need one, I could try my luck on making one myself; at least simply putting the notes in some MOD patterns should not be that hard, and you could put standard MIDI samples in yourself and finetune everything. Hmm...

Reply by Jesses on Tue Dec 26 12:55:44 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

For those interested, I've found a midi -> XM convertor that seems to work great: MID2XM. XM to MOD conversion still needs to be done of course.

You'll need a patch set for it to work. I used eawpats; its official site seems to be dead however, but I found the patches here too.

Added by Mystery on Thu Dec 28 16:18:51 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can you explain .SQZ file format and your new .LVL file format?

Reply by Jesses on Thu Dec 28 16:30:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

The .LVL files are nothing else than uncompressed SQZ ones. The format of the LVL files however is a bit too lengthy to put here, so drop me a mail if you want the details :-)

Reply by Mystery on Thu Dec 28 18:15:59 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

OK, you can send it at .Thanks

Added by yeah!!!!!! on Sat Dec 30 22:26:12 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

super bueno el juego, yo lo jugaba cuando eera chico con mis hermanos.

Added by on Wed Dec 27 14:06:47 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I can't download the new levels except the first one.
Somebody can help me?

Reply by on Wed Dec 27 14:15:00 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Sorry, I can't download only nvl1201.lvl, lolly.lvl, nvl0801.lvl, nvl0701.lvl, but the rest of the levels I can.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Dec 28 13:21:23 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hmm, in case you're using IE7: for some reason it seems to ignore the MIME type of the file. Just right-click and do a Save Target As, that should do the trick...

Reply by netz123 on Thu Dec 28 18:20:44 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I really use IE7 but it didn't work in a lower version (I think 5.5) too, but in IE5.5 I did your trick (because you can't do the trick in IE7) and it worked. thanks!!

Reply by Juanjo on Wed Dec 27 15:42:25 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I don't know, maybe Jesses (webmaster)knows the answer.
If you play the "nvl" ones, tell me your opinion, I made them :)

Reply by netz on Wed Dec 27 22:08:36 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

I think your levels are very difficult, especially lvl nvl1001.lvl and the others too. I only succeeded to complete nvl0101.lvl after several times. Did YOU succeed to complete them from the BEGINNING to the end with only 3 lives??
In addition, How can I pass the almost last part in nvl1001.lvl with the bullies on narrow floors with nowhere to jump afterwards???

Reply by Juanjo on Thu Dec 28 23:31:34 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

And no, I'm not able to pass the levels with only 3 lives. I use mtf loading it with MTF TRN EDIT (and choose f6 to unlimited lives).
But they may be possible with 3 lives once you know the level well :)

Reply by netz on Sat Dec 30 19:38:34 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

How can you use f6 in your own levels?
I can use it only with the original game and not with my levels (I also made or changed some levels, but they are not so difficult as your levels).

Reply by Juanjo on Sun Dec 31 20:30:34 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

You may run the editor under DosBox, and run it typing MTF TRN EDIT.
Then, once you are playing your level, press F6 :)
If you made some, put them on the site, I want to play them :D

Reply by netz on Mon Jan 1 18:09:51 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for helping!!

Reply by Juanjo on Thu Dec 28 23:29:50 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, yes, they are VERY difficult, for people who has passed the whole game and are searching for new and more difficult levels.
You can pass the last part of 1001 picking up the bullies, and using the elevators.
Try the nvl0501, it's my favourite of my levels and not very long :)


Reply by netz on Sat Dec 30 19:45:35 2006 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for helping in 1001 (can I pick them up from the front? can I pick up other creaturs?).
The end of 0501 is also difficult, you need to make more funny levels and not difficult ones.

Reply by Juanjo on Fri Jan 5 21:12:55 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yes, you can pick up other creatures, but always from de back.
I will try to make easier levels :) Thanks for the advice!
But, are there other authors outhere?

Reply by netz on Wed Jan 10 23:05:08 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Try my second new lvl. I changed some levels - to upload them as well?

Reply by Juanjo on Mon Jan 15 19:38:13 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow, it's a good level. Really difficult but I passed it :P
Upload your level conversions of the original game please :)

Added by Joanvr on Mon Feb 5 18:50:37 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, I'm developping a remake of Titus the Fox for de GP2X handheld. Can you explain me how to open sqz or lvl files? My email and messenger is:

Added by Dimitar on Thu Feb 8 04:01:09 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great game, great site.

Added by Keivan on Fri Feb 23 01:11:03 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi dude
I really dunno what to say...I cannot even beleive that there could be a site like this...This is awesome!...You saved the world man!...after all these years i found this game again,yes man , i got stuck at level 9 , while hardly passing 8,and now!... I thought level 9 had no way out!...I'm feeling like 14 or more years ago when i played it...Thanks man, you did a great job!...have fun,I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by Sergix on Thu Mar 8 01:08:48 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Memories, memories, I used to play his game with my sister...

We were stuck in level 9 since 1996 I think, and never got to finish it :(

thank you for existing!!!

Added by Keivan on Fri Mar 9 21:18:30 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Eric ;
I'm from Iran...
I just wanted to say that your game has been the best game I've ever seen in my life, as one said in this guest book, "Game of my life", I think that the team has been the most intelligent and talented one,As the other guy mentioned in the guest book I started this game when I was about 12-14 years old , and now I'm 25 years old...finishing my M.Sc and applying for Ph.D but yet playing this game(Still can't pass the 9th level!!! :) )...
Lots of things makes me wonder through this game: things that were designed to be used once(like the skull bone at the end of the 8th level), the very beautiful graphics with the lowest volume of files for that time (and even now!),and also how very mysterious is the game, the secret places, and the multi-choices you've got to end a level , ways that one could never see ,well, thanks to Jesse and Reactor I saw some that I hadn't seen,the way that each level has its own characteristics,each level is in a different media,I even like the way the enemies !!!...especially the old men who throw the T.V s(when thy die!!!)...Last thing to blow my mind is the beautiful music with eastern (or Egyptian) theme...

Don't you have any site, I'd like to know if you've made any other games,and also know abut yourself(How a human could be such creative!)...

My email is


Added by stefano on Sat Mar 10 00:30:08 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi guys!
i don't know how to beat the boss in the 5th level. I jump to the door on the top left but nothin u know why?


Reply by Jesses on Sat Mar 10 01:48:05 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

You can pass the door after the boss is killed. To do that, drop those boxes on his head 4 times (don't throw them).

Reply by stefano on Sat Mar 10 10:02:51 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

thank u jess!

Added by Kalahan on Mon Mar 12 15:45:26 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I love moktar, and i play with it since a week, i lost my PC in the 90's.

and i just get the feeling to play again.

Added by Sergix on Thu Mar 8 22:16:08 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, here I 'am again, btw I forgot to say... I'm also from Portugal :)

Have somebody already converted the music from Titus in midi, Mp3, wav whatever format, I would like to make a ringtone out of the presentation music, can someoene help me please!!!

thank's in advance.

Reply by Jesses on Sat Mar 10 01:45:24 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

If you want a mp3 ringtone, just use winamp's diskwriter to create a wav out of the mod files and make an mp3 out of it. Midi is a bit more work i think. At least, a decent one ;-)

Reply by sergix on Sun Mar 11 00:06:00 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks a Million, A friend of mine pointed me to these sites: hope it helps others:

Reply by sergio on Tue Mar 13 09:27:39 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks a million TTF Bonus point = 1000 extra live's :)

Added by DidiGonzales on Sun Mar 11 14:32:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi everyone,

I stopped playing Titus 10 years ago and now forgot how to beat the level 3 boss... can you help me or give me a hint by any chance?

That'd be great.


Reply by Jesses on Thu Mar 15 00:20:56 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Just take that ball that is lying around the boss and repeatedly throw it against him :-). He should be gone eventually.

Added by Jesper on Wed Mar 14 14:35:27 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]


Thank you for a very cool site!

I have made it to level 11 so far, but i simply can't pass this level. What is the secret? Please write me an email og just the answer here - I will be gratefull :)

Hope to hear from you ;)

Reply by Jesses on Thu Mar 15 00:22:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

The thing with level 11 is, you have to hold that cage you find along the way when passing the exit. So, throw the cage into the boss area, find yourself a fancy weapon, kill the boss with it, hold the cage, and walk into the right side of the screen. Hope this helps :-)

Added by sergix on Wed Mar 21 11:25:07 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found this video on you tube of Lagaf, and has Moktar on the backgound:

Added by sergio on Wed Mar 21 19:03:45 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanks Jesses ;)

Added by Dorten on Wed Mar 28 12:27:47 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello, I'm from the group of Russian Titus Fans.
Great work you've done here!
I wonder, if you have level redactor for Rrehistoric 2, since it's levelfiles are in a format very close to Moktar's.
If yes, can you reach to my mail and send it, would be very grateful. If no, well, still maybe you could share the sources for moktar's editor with us? Please answer by mail, or here.

Added by benni & hans on Sun Apr 22 19:33:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I like titus :D i actually found it on an old pc <3

Added by kis on Sat Apr 28 10:04:13 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Very lovely site! You could lay out the editor of levels for prehistoric 2?
Beforehand thank.

Added by kis on Sun Apr 29 09:12:40 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Why the site Prehistoric 2 has ceased to be updated? You could not place here, or send me on mail editor of levels for Prehistoric 2?

Added by Zuche on Tue Apr 17 17:00:32 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello I am from Portugal, Here we love the game... But I can not pass level 3, can you give me the code for de level 4 ... and the rest, if possible... the code of the level 1 is 7194, level 2 is C38B and level 3 is 0DBF..., thanks

Reply by Zucher on Mon May 7 14:04:14 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

The code for level 4 is inside this zip:

Added by guy on Sun May 27 19:31:32 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

wow ive been searching for a site with the music to this game for years, i havent heard this music in about 12 years, good 1!!!

Added by New Commer on Mon May 28 19:05:01 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can someone help me, how to pass the big fat guy in the end of level 3?

Added by New Commer on Mon May 28 19:35:30 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks, I got it!

Added by Chris on Wed Jun 6 23:16:09 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you SOOOOO much! I have finally been able to see the end of MOKTAR and see how much difficult the game is afterwards! I had only made it to level 9 by my own!
Thank you thank you thank you!

Added by on Wed Jun 27 02:26:25 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

wow thx a lot... i played this game i think 15 years ago... and i dont get to level 12, allthough i won against that stupid kiddie end boss in level 11...
1 week ago i started to play again
now i know why i failed :D
thx :)
this site is really really good :)

Added by pikappa on Tue Jul 10 12:20:06 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Fantastic! I discovered this site only today. Titus the Fox has been one of the amusing games of my infancy. And play still today with dosbox is an incredible adventure. Compliments for the site and for interesting and useful collected material.


Added by Question on Sat Jul 21 22:21:56 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can everyone who wants a port of the DOS version of Titus the Fox or Moktar to Windows or Linux please reply to this message. I would like to see how many persons would like to play a Windows/Linux version of Titus the Fox/Moktar.
Should we bother writing a port or should we stick to emulation/playing the game on a real DOS machine/Amiga etc.?

Added by wizst on Sat Aug 4 06:12:07 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

You are a genius!!

Added by Florin on Tue Aug 7 14:38:03 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

It s the best game. I play t since 1993. I love it. you are doing great job. good luck!

Added by mahieddine on Wed Aug 8 18:14:51 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanks for for all maker

Added by Aristeides on Wed Aug 15 13:27:02 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greetings from Greece.
It is the first site i found in internet about this fantastic and diachronic game!
It was and still is my favorite PC game.I have to remember a lot of things from this game...
Congratulations to the site maker !!!

Added by MiuMiu on Tue Aug 21 03:18:14 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Большое спасибо
Замечательный сайт
Вы меня просто выручили
никак пройти не мог
10 лет!!!
теперь Пройду
Thank you !!!!!!!

Added by strider on Tue Aug 21 23:25:49 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

you are a fundamentalist!

Added by walid djemaa on Tue Aug 28 21:03:19 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

exisist-il ce site en francais

Added by Your name on Sat Sep 1 01:19:26 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Your message

Added by Nassim on Sun Sep 2 22:33:03 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

hello to all titus Fans ,Jesse and Juango !

Added by Ariel Castelluccio on Mon Sep 24 02:37:19 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Uno de los mejores juegos de todos los tiempos

Added by Juanjo on Mon Sep 24 14:55:03 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I wish someone make new levels with the editor :D

Added by Reactor on Thu Sep 27 17:05:19 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I would gladly make a 2nd part of Titus Fox, if only I could replace the old levels with the new ones I'd make.

My good friend, Jesses might solve this somehow :) He is the Titus fox editing master, I'm just responsible for the secrets :)

Added by Juanjo on Sat Sep 29 00:00:12 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Reactor, I'm waiting your new levels!!!
I have created several new levels with the Editor "Moktar the Fox", play them!! :)

Added by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:43:33 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I'm from Slovenija and I don't speak very good!!sorry.....I WAN TO Play TITUS THE FOX 2!!!in slovenijan:zelim si igrati titus the fox 2.

Added by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:50:45 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

TITUS is the best!!!!!for ever!!!!
I'm making the computer virus called"FOX"

Added by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:34:32 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Where can we get new levels?I try to download then but.....can anyone tell me?please...!

Reply by Juanjo on Sat Oct 20 12:45:20 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, you have to click on "new levels" and download them. You can open them with the editor "Moktar the fox".

Added by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:46:25 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I wan to talk with titus the fox(maker)....pupils can start with making of(TITUS THE FOX 2)I WISH!!!!..

Reply by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:51:41 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]


Reply by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:52:54 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

how can i get the pass of eight level??

Reply by Juanjo on Sat Oct 20 12:46:17 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yes, make new levels, I made a few, they are in the "new levels" section :)

Added by Ifan Wicaksono on Thu Sep 20 07:54:48 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greeting from Jakarta, Indonesia!!

Great site! I played this game years ago using my 286 system with CGA color back in the early 90s. Thanks man! With this I will try to end this game using your tutorial!!

PS: Does anyone know the trainer of this game? I tried to use the trainer form this site but fail to work.

Reply by Jesses on Sat Sep 22 14:55:26 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Good luck ending the game!
In what way does the trainer not work?

Reply by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:36:57 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

can anyone tell me how to get password of 9.level.....

Reply by Jesses on Sat Oct 27 14:41:00 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yup, use the MTF program from this site :-)

But it seems it doesnt work for you, drop me a mail at "smacdrek at hotmail dot com" so we can fix that.

Added by liki on Fri Nov 2 18:39:51 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greetings from Poland.
Great site.
Titus the fox was my first game i had on my PC. I love this game, a have it all the time on my HDD since 1993 :)

Added by AmirAli Sharifi on Wed Nov 7 08:10:54 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey great site, TTF was the first game I have played on my Amiga 600. such great game, I was a child at that time and always beaten by the 5th level boss !

Added by To Marrakech and Back on Wed Nov 7 21:49:45 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great site. Congratulations. This is the chanel dedicated to this great game:

Added by To Marrakech and Back on Wed Nov 7 22:19:37 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great game, great site. See my chanel which is dedicated to "Titus the Fox":

Added by Joro on Tue Nov 13 22:19:14 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

SUPER !!!!

I played this game in the summer ot 1999 and after 2-3 months - I finished all levels.... But now it's diffucult..



Added by IRAQLOVER on Thu Nov 15 09:55:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

this is the best game i have ever had n i m thankful 4 this website helps n services...
thnx n join me if interested

Added by jfe on Tue Nov 20 12:06:21 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you sooooo much!s

Added by mirex on Mon Nov 26 19:48:13 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for the site. I just love most of Titus company games. Thanks again !

Added by I 've missing this old game on Thu Dec 6 15:40:40 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

and I found the hidden secrets that I always wanted to find finally in this site. (- v -);;

Added by Your name on Tue Dec 4 11:15:38 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

great game been playing it for more than 12 years????? great....
cant find where is the code for Home of the pharaohs . I looked every where can you help???? please

Reply by Jesses on Thu Dec 6 17:27:46 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi there!
That level has no code lamp unfortunately; if you want a code still, you can fetch one from MTF.

Added by Brnzn on Fri Dec 14 16:27:49 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Moktar owns all!

Great site dedicated to the game!It deserves it:)Keep it up!Try to finish the game with no cheats.(Impossible)We made it to lvl 12 in one night (With cheats)when the game just quit by itself..(Ouch)

Miskolc, HUNGARY

Added by Raziel on Sat Dec 15 08:25:52 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ahh I am so happy to find this site, I started to play TTF when i way 7 years old. I made the game up to lvl 5, but i never could kill the guy with that axe :S.

All the best!
Budapest, HUNGARY

Added by Your name on Tue Dec 18 23:13:21 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found my savation to this childhood nightmare!!!
Thank you a lot!!!

Added by Vladosss on Sun Dec 30 13:03:44 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Where i can download this game? Please help...

Added by ATA on Mon Dec 3 01:32:58 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great game! But I think it is very difficult!! Finishing this game could be a part of Hell.

Level 8's "Dead End" is not a dead end as long as you have carried with you the ball from the start of the level.

This site is PERFECT! Great job!!

Sapporo, Japan

Reply by Alexander Stephen on Fri Jan 4 20:50:49 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeah you´re right... i knew i had to take the violet ball always with me because i´ts very useful... i could not understand why the page says i´ts a dead end... i´ts the best part! Could you help me up saying something ´bout that part of the 9´s level where you see egyptian paintings all over the background, and there are lots of deadly spikes up and down?... there is also a padlock so you can´t go back... Please i need help cuz i´m stuck since 2003 in that part...saionara :)

Added by Paarth on Wed Sep 26 06:42:39 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I want to thank you for creating this game because it is almost unique and has good graphics.Because of this game I have become a gamer ever since I was 5 years old.When I become a game designer I promise that I will create a remake better than this version.Do not worry about your mascot Titus artwork.
And dodn't worry about your company's bankrurptcy(Sorry i can't spell the word correctly)it will be fine.

Reply by Alexander stephen on Fri Jan 4 21:06:39 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

you´re right when you say that ´bout the graphics.. I just love the game... Some of the streets depicted in the game are very alike the neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.. i mean the light of the streets at night, it´s an effect very realistic Ain´t it? .)

Added by Alejandro on Fri Feb 23 22:43:19 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

I just do not know how to complete the level 9. I got stuck when I arrive to a place where there is a padlock and a platform, with lots of spikes on the bottom and in the ceiling. There is an egyptian painting on the background so you can recognize the place i assume. Since you pick up the padlock you can´t go back. I tried a lot of times to be precise, but I can´t just jump to the second platform without life loss! If someone can tell me a hint to help me you have my e mail. please send me a help.
PD: the site is great and I have tried some secrets i did not know, they´re awesome.

Reply by Jesses on Sun Feb 25 00:15:10 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

That place is really evil... You need to jump very careful, not too low, not too high. It seems a bit easier when you run the game in dosbox, it makes the jumps a bit more precise apparently. Good luck!

Reply by Alexander on Fri Jan 4 21:15:43 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

thanx .. . I will try it but i don´t know what the dosbox is.. Hey look how late i am seeing this response... sometimes this game makes me loose patience so i abandon it for a while and the i take it again , because i´ts wonderful... Bye n huge thanks

Reply by Jesses on Sat Jan 5 23:13:45 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey hey,
the dosbox is a dos emulator, handy for playing these ancient games: take a look at
Anyways here's how to use it, in case the game is in D:\TTF:
- start dosbox already
- type:
- start the game normally
- press CTRL+F11 or F12 to adjust the speed, this also helps with the grab-from-behind trick

Good luck!

Added by Nassim on Fri Jan 11 00:09:53 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi there every body, i'm performing Titus The fox music.So maybe i'll upload it For You Fans, Check back soon ;^) ( a big greeting for Jesses & Zmiro )

Added by allen on Fri Jan 11 21:24:42 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

thank you very much for the wonderfull site
you remind me with the school days
but i need a direct link to download the fox again on my pc
thank you

Added by Eitan Tal on Thu Jan 24 15:04:27 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello everyone! Playing this game takes me back 10 years ago, when I was a kid. I never got far off with this game beyond level 4. I haven't even dreamed that an editor to this game will ever be available.

When I was a little older, I played a lot with a good 2d platform game called Abuse, and made my own editor to it

Added by Xarthok on Sat Feb 9 10:23:29 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Check out this Youtube channel!! Some guy is making videos on completing every TTF level, amazing!

Added by keroro on Wed Jan 30 08:25:19 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

i want code level 16!!!

Reply by Nassim on Thu Jan 31 00:49:41 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Codes changes from computer to another.try to dominate by restating ! Good Luck

Reply by xxx on Sat Feb 9 10:23:49 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Reply by gewoon on Sat Feb 9 13:43:32 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Use the code generator in the Downloads section of this website to get the code of level 16.

Added by Marek on Sun Feb 10 13:23:22 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, this is a perfect site. I found everything what I wanted here. Thanks for your work!

Reply by Howard on Tue Feb 12 12:04:49 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

You're right. perfect site about FOX!!

Added by Daim on Wed Nov 14 20:55:40 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

best game i ever played.. still haven't found sth else with the same level of control.

just read on wikipedia u are able to pickup enemies from behind?! i never did that! how does it work??

Reply by Alexander Stephen on Fri Jan 4 20:57:39 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I was once playin´with my sister, she killed an enemy and then she grab him from behind. We were very surprised and we tried to do it again but we were unsuccesful. Write me if interested!

Reply by karin on Fri Jan 11 11:53:50 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

sorry, my english isn´t good enough to tell you, but perhaps sb can translate: Du musst dich von hinten an den Gegner anschleichen (kriechen) und die Taste für "Gegenstände aufnehmen" drücken. Dann stemmst du deinen Feind in die Höhe und kannst ihn wie eine Waffe benützen. Sehr nützlich in Level 8!

Reply by Howard on Tue Feb 12 12:26:02 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Grab enemy from behind is ok..EVEN THOUGH ENEMY DOESN'T DIED!!
It's easy to grab enemy walking slowly.

Added by Alex on Fri Feb 29 14:03:23 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Questo gioco è fantastico! Ci gioco da quando è uscito e non l'ho ancora finito.. altro che i giochi moderni! :-D

Added by Me on Wed Mar 12 00:04:02 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great site. I use the PC version of Titus the Fox (which I got off the Internet) with dosbox on Windows XP.

Added by Rodrigo on Wed Mar 19 11:56:29 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I played this game 12 years ago !

Thenks from Brasil !

Added by Teti on Tue Mar 18 12:39:19 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I played that game about 10 years ago, and when I found it again, I was thrilled! But I am dealing with some problems which I don't remember... In example, can anyone tell me on level 5, how do I kill the undead boss with the axe, and how do I leave?
Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work!

Reply by Titus oracle on Thu Mar 20 12:15:29 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Here's a video of level 5:

Added by JUN on Wed Mar 26 10:51:01 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks you I'm big fan

Added by Oracle on Fri Apr 4 22:47:47 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

You owe the Oracle a Moktar copy.

Added by Richard on Thu Apr 10 18:34:29 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I solved my problem, but there's another. When I run mtf trainer mode to have unlimited health or lives, I haven't. I die 3x and game over. What can I do to have unlimited lives?

Reply by Jesses on Mon Apr 14 17:25:07 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

During play you have to press F5 and F6 to enable the trainer functions. Also it wont protect you from things like spikes.

Added by Savuyar on Wed Apr 16 08:04:50 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow! Nice to see there are still fans of this awesome game! Cheers, people!

Added by Gabryel on Fri Apr 18 02:50:06 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

This site rox!!! :))

Added by Gabryel on Fri Apr 18 02:53:13 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I love Titus the fox. And hiss song a lot too.. but i never find its like in original game. midi are inexistent and mod are so so..... is terrible! Sigh

Added by GameBop on Sat May 3 21:48:39 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Man, I remember Titus, but barely. I once had a Titus Games collection disk LONG ago, but it got scratched to a point where it sometimes had problems playing, and it's also been long lost for awhile too.
Though I'm wondering about the music section - I can't get any of the PCAdlib songs to play, and the thing that said how to play them seemed a bit too complicated or something, and I even tried downloading everything it said to download for it, but I couldn't quite get it working. ...Um, is there anyway somebody could record them as mp3s?

Added by Your name on Sat May 31 00:40:38 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Congratulations for your site! This was the first game I played on the pc, about 10 years ago,and i still haven't reached the end! I never found the key of level 9,and it was really difficult to reach it with enough lives! Now I can finish it! Thanks!

Added by Attila on Wed Jun 4 10:26:31 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


I just loved this game!!! Thanks so much for music files!!!

Added by Dodo on Thu Jun 5 19:48:46 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Best game ever ;)

Added by Frigo on Mon Jun 9 21:54:56 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

"Yeah, still playing Moktar Adventure in 2008, programmed in 1991 on 6Mhz."

Downloaded the bas files and had a listen in qbasic. This after I had the Level5 tune in my head last weekend. Classic Stuff.

Thanks for making it possible.

Added by Richard on Thu Apr 10 15:58:53 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


I have a problem. I have XP, controls not work in dos mode. When I use dosbox, and when I reach the code lamp in a level, the code is always "0000", so I can't use codes. Can anyboby help me, please?

Reply by SweetBomber on Sat May 31 00:36:26 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

It happens to me too. I believe that's because I have the version A. The solution is just load the game with mtf, and choose the "Run the game normally" option.

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jun 10 17:44:34 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeah, the dosbox code problem is there, because the game bases its codes on the contents of the rom bios section in memory (which is also why the codes differ on most machines). Problem is, in dosbox that part of memory contains mostly zeroes, messing up the code generating algorithm. But like SweetBomber said, mtf will detect it and replace the algorithm with another one (the one from Moktar actually), giving you hopefully more usable codes. Nothing related to version A though :-)

Added by RED ALDER on Fri Jun 6 11:09:55 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello !
I've just discovered this site. It's very ... surprising. After so many years, some peoples are still talking about this game !
Finally, I feel some proudness because I'm the musician who made the musics for this game. And it's very fun to hear it again, 18 years after ! I've worked 3 years for TITUS company as musician (from 1989 to 1991).
Is there another website talking about other titus games ?
Thank you for all !

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jun 10 18:13:46 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey there, nice to see you found the site!
The game still seems to have many fans, to me it always stood out because of its unique platform gameplay involving the object carrying stuff (and also it was my first game on PC). And the music seemed nice too :-p.
I was wondering, as the game has so many different music formats (mod, adlib, beeper, ym etc) how did you compose all of them? Perhaps by "porting" the MOD version? Also I noticed the ST and CPC versions sound different, while they use the same AY-3-8912 chip if I'm not messing things up.
There might be more titus sites out there, but I only know my own site about Prehistorik 2 at
Anyway, thank you for the nice musics!

Added by RED ALDER on Fri Jun 6 11:11:28 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Another question : who is the webmaster of this site ?
Someone I know perhaps ?
Thank you.

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jun 10 18:14:06 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

That would be me.. doubt you know me though, as I'm "just" a TTF fan ;-)

Added by melissa rae on Wed Jul 9 10:39:24 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

hey thanks for creating this site. helped me a lot... i've been playing ttf since 1992 ( i was 11 then) and couldn't finish it...

Added by Your name on Thu Jul 10 17:14:11 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Welcome to my world

Added by eeeeee on Sun Jul 13 04:39:03 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Massy on Wed Jul 30 21:52:24 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey, I am an italian TTF fan! Great site!!! Thank you very much, Jesses!!! With mtf trainer and with level maps I finally managed to finish this fantastic game!!!!

Added by mike on Sat Aug 2 17:24:16 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

unbelivable ... thank you for this great site - ttf is the best game i've played in my whole life (besides price of persia) - thank you ...

Added by vicenticox666 on Sun Aug 10 01:30:09 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

im totoctoc

Added by Droid on Mon Aug 18 02:39:40 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeah! Im still palyin' it in 2008.

Great site!

I finished this game more than 10 years ago i think i was 6 or 7. Now in don't even know how i did it i can barley get through the 6th level witowth the trainer.

I see that you also have a trainer for prehistorik 2 im gonna check it out i never finished that game.

Added by Shit Ur Mum on Mon Dec 8 19:35:49 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ks Amk Sharmota

Added by Gabriel on Sun Dec 14 22:52:41 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I love the game (thanks to eric and the team) even my wife does. And I also love this site! Maybe one sunny day a small flash game version will be done by someone (with a new level?). I could not wait to add it to my online game classics (
Keep on playing.


Added by ale on Sat Dec 20 20:14:26 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

there is a way out on the lv8 when you get to the place where it seems like a dead end.
you can grab the walking guy from behind and get the other sitted guy out of the way.

Added by ale on Sun Dec 21 19:44:28 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

and please if you know how to get trough the platforms on lv9 please tell me i'm stuck in here since i was 10

Added by hayrullah on Mon Dec 29 10:27:38 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ah ça c'est du jeu j'en n'ai passé du temps, ha le bon vieux temps

Added by Your name on Mon Jan 5 13:34:24 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi. Great job on this site and Pre2 site too. Do you have a list of enemies that can be picked up in this game? I remember playing some kinda version back on the old days and I could pick up the soldiers on level 11. But Im not sure now?..

Added by David on Mon Jan 5 13:35:17 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

so sorry I forgot to fill in my name and email..

Added by domen on Fri Jan 16 20:04:49 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

cooooool game..where can i get clear music songs in mp3 format and please can ANYONE make TITUS THE FOX 2

Added by Astrid on Sat Jan 24 16:03:01 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

cool, i was just thinking collecting information about that game on my own but then i found this website.

great work!!! thank you a lot

Added by André Flores on Mon Feb 16 16:29:29 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

how i come across level 3

Added by on Fri Feb 20 20:52:40 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by External on Sun Mar 15 22:47:44 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by srg84 on Tue Mar 17 22:08:33 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

I cannot pass the Egypt level since 1995!!. THANKS!!

Added by Your name on Fri Mar 27 17:47:14 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

thank you

Added by Constantine Iliakis on Wed May 6 04:56:40 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

THis is the first game I played ever on my fathers pc. Thank you for everything..

GReetings from Greece

Added by Raven on Wed May 27 08:36:13 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you for all the sound files you have ripped. That was the probably the coolest of all I saw on this site. (I enjoy playing old file formats thanks to WinAmp; it rules!) Keep up the good work.

Regards from Istanbul, Turkey :-)

Added by Matt on Mon Jun 29 21:45:14 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Man you rock! Greetz from Poland

Added by TomTOm on Tue Jun 30 13:08:43 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Excellent work !

Added by Pato on Tue Jul 7 18:16:34 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Awessome man!!! You are so generous!!! Greetings from Argentina!

Added by Alex on Fri Jul 17 23:04:45 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

French developers are best! Titus, Silmarils... They got style! Much love this game, my first awesome arcade on IBM PC. Very smooth, very romantic!

Added by Alex on Thu Aug 27 12:21:39 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wow, You are the best !
I have an obsession with this game, still playing it - got to level 12 and will not give up untill i finish it !
Thank you for your work and greetings from Romania !

Added by Claude on Sun Aug 30 15:17:27 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Good work!
Regards from UK

Added by Antonio on Mon Aug 31 20:54:08 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi... sorry for my´s no so good...anyway... I need to know how fly in prehistorik 2, wich keys works...

Reply by Eric ZMIRO on Wed Sep 2 07:23:48 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

It's not a key. You must going down (dw arrow) and after a short while, going up (up arrow). It's a bit hard at the begining, but very easy after 1 minute of training

Added by Viktor on Wed Sep 2 14:24:58 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you, Eric and all TITUS team!! The fox is the first game i played, the best game i played! it has incredible atmosphere and drive. I complete it without cheats, but for 8 years :) Thanks for creator of this site too, it's sweet nostalgie. I'm waitin' for The fox 2!
Regards from russia

Added by diggy on Mon Sep 21 09:45:07 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

does anybody have a version of moktar that is not cpu speed dependant?

Added by Natasha on Wed Sep 30 05:03:54 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

You are awesome and amazing. Titus the fix has been driving me insane, and looking for the secret food in Prehistorik2 and still getting 40% level done was driving me crazy too. Thanks muchly, love forever, etc.

Added by help plz on Tue Oct 6 02:54:29 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

how to take the things... what botom

Reply by me on Tue Oct 6 08:14:15 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

press & hold down, press & release space, release down.

Added by alexa on Sat Oct 24 20:19:46 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

This website is wonderful! I have played Titus the Fox like 10-12 years ago...and I got stuck somewhere at level 8. I am so glad to find so much information here! This website took me back in time...! Congrats and regards from Romania

Added by Almalexia on Wed Oct 28 13:22:41 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nice site. 14 years ago I was frequently playing Moktar on my A600, and on A1200. That was my favourite game. PC version has very poor scrolling, so I like only Amiga version.

Does anyone know: It is possible to use custom maps in Amiga version?

Reply by Jesses on Wed Oct 28 13:29:24 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

I guess it would be possible, but probably just as on the pc require something like MTF to be made.. Without that, on the pc the main obstacle is level height, you can replace the pc levels with custom levels as long as the height is the same, perhaps on the amiga too. Just have to uncompress/recompress the amiga level files, I actually never looked into that, if they use the same format as the pc it would be easy to try. Probably Eric knows more about it :-)

Reply by Almalexia on Wed Oct 28 15:02:43 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

I looked into "data" folder of the Amiga version of Titus/Moktar and I noticed that structure of files is different from the PC version (many more files than in DOS version). Probably those files are not compatible with each other, so I need to learn how to play on pc-version in order to play new custom levels.
Thanks for your answer.

Added by Alexey on Sat Nov 28 07:37:58 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks very much! Great site.
I've fully played this game near 10-15 years ago. Yes, that was very poor scrolling on :-)

Ukraine, Kharkov.

Added by Kenneth on Wed Dec 16 09:55:11 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Well I'll be damned

I remember playing this with my Window 95 in the 1997

Needless to say that I never got past level 3, but that didn't stop me from trying. I only remember it as Fox, but after some research, I found this place and I must say, I'm impressed. Keep the game alive mates


Added by 001 on Wed Dec 23 16:48:07 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Any chance you're planning something like this for Blues Brothers?

Added by Nikola on Tue Dec 8 12:44:44 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello everybody!

I'm happy to see that there are other people thinking about this game. I was playing it about 15 years ago on my first IBM PC. Amazing memories...

My brother brought a CD named "crazy games" or something similar. There were about 127 or 128 games, I'm not sure.

We were playing old games of this kind. Lion king, Titus the fox, there was a game named "frogger" I think. It was about a rabbit who was always trying to smash something in order to get to the next level. Golden axe - many of you should remember it. I was playing it on nintendo too!

I'm software developer and I'll be happy to help this community grow bigger and bigger.

Greetings to the developers: architects, designers, programmers, musicians and all other involved in this!

I believe we could develop something new, something better for this community. What you think 'site owner' ?

Reply by Jesses on Wed Dec 16 14:00:17 2009 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey Nikola!

Currently a few people are working on a remake of the game, called OpenTitus. It is still in a very early stage, have a look. Of course, more help will make it progress faster!

mr. 'site owner'

Reply by Nassim on Sun Jan 3 20:06:41 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi there Jesse ... good news ! haven't heard about this project before ! and it looks like the project is launched more than a year ago ...
I'm a software engineer and musician. I'll be really pleased to help you out if there's anything I can do.

Happy new year 2010 to y'all

Added by Wow on Thu Jan 7 20:50:40 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I never knew there was a bigger Titus the Fox fan than I! I'm speechless... Congratulations on such a complete and amazing website. I think I just came.

Added by Mamba on Mon Jan 11 15:18:06 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

1-8 level i did without cheats 9level was a hard for me (no save)...

Added by Pi on Wed Jan 20 16:57:57 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I'm korean, and i'm not accustomed to writing in English.(Please understand this.)

According to the left "SECRETS" menu, the fifth tip of the LEVEL 8,
we should go underground, or we have no way to go out of the secret above area.

But i think "the two way" is needed a 'trick' respectively.
Upper way is needed to do 'picking up the enemy'
Lower way is needed to do 'change the ball and the box'

The writer may not know that: The FOX can pick up the mugger!(or skeleton, killer bee, and so on)
we should pick up them on the back of the enemy. we can't do that in front of them. anyway, we can go through the upper way, if we pick up the mugger and throw to homeless man guarding the way to go out.

i'm afraid that my homepage is not connected in foreign country
if the homepage is connected, see the second video.

저는 영어에 익숙치 않습니다 좀 양해 부탁드립니다.
왼쪽의 SECRETS 메뉴에서 8단계, 5번 팁을 보면
분명히 윗 길로는 갈 수 없다고 되어있는데,
제가 생각하기에는 두 갈래의 길이 각각 뭔가를 요구하는 것 같습니다.

윗 길은, '적을 들 수 있느냐?'를,
아랫 길은, '상자와 공의 위치를 바꿀 수 있느냐?'를 알아야 합니다.

SECRETS에 글을 써주신 작가가, FOX가 '강도'를 들 수 있다는 것을 모르고 있는 모양입니다.
강도 뿐만이 아니라, 벌, 해골, 마귀할멈 등을 들 수가 있는데, 항상 뒤쪽에서 들어야합니다. 앞쪽에서는 절대로 들지 못합니다. 어쨋든, 윗 길로 가서 강도를 든 후에 노숙자에게 던지면 됩니다.

외국에서 제 홈페이지가 열릴지 모르겠지만,
만약 이 홈페이지가 연결되면 두 번째 동영상을 봐 주시기 바랍니다.

(첫 번째 영어글에 문제 있으면 좀 말씀해주세요. 혹시나 저와 같은 한국인 중에서 영어 잘하시는 분 있으시면,,,)

Reply by Jesses on Thu Jan 21 18:16:05 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

You are right, and it is about time I fixed that notice in the secrets guide!

It seems you have quite an interesting amount of TTF stuff on your site. However, my Korean is a lot worse than your English is, and for some reason I couldn't convince Google Translate to work on the entire site either. Copy-pasting the text did help though. Anyways, I made a new links section specially for it!

Reply by Pi on Sun Jan 24 15:08:32 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I thought the idea from the mugger. I thought that : 'Why the mugger walks so slow?'
And I realize it means we can pick up the mugger easier.

Jesses, Thanks for linking(?) my homepage, and I will modify some words which is not a standard Korean language(which is not in dictionary) for the people who are using Google Translate.

Added by Forb.Jok on Tue Feb 16 21:49:35 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Anyone know what the official names of the bosses are, or if they even have any?

Here's what I called them:
1. The Road Worker (L3)
2. The Axe Murderer (L5)
3. Aunt Olga (L7)
4. The Mummy (L9)
5. The Baby (L11)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Feb 16 22:07:08 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I only know the french names used by the development team internally:

1. Le big skin head/punk de fin de level 0-1
2. Le boureau
3. La mere a Zoubida
4. La gross momie
5. L'eunuque
6. L'eboueur (from the Moktar level missing in TTF)

Added by Pi on Fri Feb 26 04:10:37 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found 20stage of the TTF.사진/FOX00007.jpg

Is it fake? or how can I get it?

Reply by Jesses on Fri Feb 26 12:10:41 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

It's a bug in the game...

The game uses internal level numbers from 0 to 19; internal level 19 corresponds to real level 2, the other numbers are mostly similar with gaps here and there. After you enter a code number, the game first checks if it matches the code for any of these levels, however it accidentally checks this for levels 0 to 20 instead. This 21st level overflows the level name and level exist data structures, which is why the game thinks the level exists and why garbage shows up as the level name.

To get that screen, you need to enter the level code of internal level 20. In DOSBox running with MTF that's 29AE for TTF or D829 for Moktar. When you try to play it the game will just whine about LEVELK.SQZ though...

Added by Dany on Tue Sep 21 15:49:31 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I grow up with this game. thanks for keeping the magic alive!

Added by Diego on Sun Oct 17 09:51:24 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wonderful! I played this game when I was 8 years old... now I'm 26! :)

Added by Pablonauta on Thu Nov 11 12:34:04 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Muy buen juego, me acuerdo!!

Added by foxxy on Fri Dec 10 16:38:03 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

the best game ever!

Added by Great web! on Thu Dec 23 09:29:23 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

I remember playing the game on my old 286 PC. That were the days! Thank you for the information and your website. I think it's very useful. Cheers from Spain.

Added by Sale on Wed Dec 29 22:19:10 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

One of my favorite games of all time!! I played it on Amiga 500 back in '93 I think. Its an awesome game, just awesome!

Added by MastroSpritz on Wed Dec 22 15:02:33 2010 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Jesse!
You did a great job with Titus the Fox, my favourite game ever!!! :)
Have you got a zip with the sprites like the one you posted on the Prehistorik 2

Reply by Jesse on Sat Jan 8 16:54:26 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yup, and it's on the Downloads page now!

Added by moktarfan on Wed Mar 9 20:36:57 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

oooooaaaaah the memories
one of my first computer games :)))))))))))))))))

Added by omotto on Thu Mar 10 11:11:18 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great web page for one of the best games I've ver played in '92!! (when I was 12)

Thanks a lot!

Added by omotto on Thu Mar 10 11:23:44 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ahh! I want to add:
What fucking level 9th!!! It was too difficult!!! hehehe
I finished it once only!!!!! What were you thinking in with this level, ZMIRO?

Added by Xarthok on Mon Feb 18 11:59:28 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Can you add teleport gates to the maps just like in Prehistorik 2 maps? :)

Reply by smuel on Sun May 22 12:47:28 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

how to teleport in the game which the keys or the code?

Reply by Me on Sun May 22 16:19:19 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Just press Down for a second or so, at the right spot

Added by Mystery on Sat Jun 25 15:38:43 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]
For fun! I will continue to create a JavaScript engine for full game, hopefully.

Added by Your name on Thu Sep 29 20:49:33 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Well Done Bro...

It's The Best Game Over The World...

Added by antibug on Tue Oct 11 20:03:58 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]


I'm a fan of the Retrogaming :)

I search the SQZ file format for a new light version of window game .....
Could you send me the info please ?

in advance thank ;)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Oct 11 22:48:18 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]


Hope you mean the PC version's format, I've sent you a mail with the format info attached. If you're after making a windows port of the DOS version, check out OpenTitus (, they're already getting close to a playable version.

However if you're after the CPC version, things get more unlucky. It's completely different from the PC, and I've only reverse-engineered a small part, just enough to make those CPC level maps on this site. Let me know if you're interested in the sketchy details on that.

Added by Awesome on Sun Oct 30 13:14:11 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Awesome game, awesome (and extremely useful) site! :) Nice job!

Added by Drejj on Wed Nov 30 16:41:49 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Jesses!
Awesome site :)
Could you send me the SQZ file format data that you sent to antibug?
Also, do you have some info in Blues Brothers file formats? levels/sprites and such?


Reply by Jesses on Fri Dec 2 00:23:40 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Drejj!
Nope, can't send you that SQZ file format data, but you're in luck because it has just been put on the site! Have a look in the new TECH DOCS section.

I've not yet digged in the Blues Brothers file formats. They're made by another team of coders, so it's not likely the formats will be very similar to ttf/moktar or pre2...

Added by Robert on Mon Dec 12 23:40:01 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]


I just wanted to say that the site is really awesome. I posted a new level, look for it in the New Levels page, and give it a try!

Added by ^_^ on Fri Dec 23 08:52:24 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

this site is good!!
hmm. anyway
this game is freeware or shareware?

Reply by Jesses on Sat Dec 31 11:25:45 2011 - [Reply][Permalink]

It's neither, and not even abandonware...
Titus (the company) may be gone, but the game's now owned by Interplay.

Added by Marco on Sat Jan 28 19:26:42 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

This IS and WAS my favourite game ever played! Greetings and thanx from Austria/Europe for this geat game and rememberance to my childhood! Thanx also for the videos (I would have needed them back then 'cause I also got stuck in level 9 for a loong time ;)!

Added by on Sun Jan 29 15:05:13 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

super game 2012

Added by PrehFan on Mon Feb 6 15:33:06 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi! I'm PrehFan, I play Prehistorik since 2002! ^_^ I'm desperate fond of this game and I've found almost all secrets there. I'm Russian fan (to be exact, Belarusian fan - I'm from little country called Belarus =)). Unfortuntely I didn't play Titus the Fox but I guess this one is cool.)))

I wrote the walkthrough to Prehistorik 2 in Russian language (you can see it here: It's the fullest walkthrough now (although it isn't the final version). I also plan to write Prehistorik 1 walkthrough.

I'm gonna create the remake of Preh2. As you know Preh2 runs on WinXP with "hissing" sound and there are some bugs there. Even DOSBox does not always help. In addition, there are no normal level editors. I found one - (links in the lower rectangle inside the first post) - but it's poor and the format of levels is limited in possibilities. You can't change sizes and palettes of levels, you can't create more than 1024 enemies, 70 items, 15 platforms, 80 secrets and 20 gates. As for me it, I'm not enough of this. I want to create the remake of Preh2 - without bugs, without hissing sounds, with internet score board & with NORMAL and UPGRADED level editor (for creating your own levels). I don't start it now but if I do, I'll write here. =)

Thank you very much!

P.S. Eric Zmiro, if you read my post, please answer: did you write Preh2 & TTF in pure asm?

P.P.S. I'm very sorry that I have to write it here. It's just because there aren't any guest book at Please restore it!!! (2 Author: I can help you to clean all the spam out if neccessary. =))

Reply by Jesses on Thu Feb 16 00:23:16 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi PrehFan!

Alright alright, by popular request the pre2 site's guestbook is now back online! Along with some overall site redesign.

Nice walkthrough so far. When I add a links section to the pre2 site as well, now there is already something to put inside it :-). Probably I'll add a tech docs section as well, there is some documentation made by the guy behind that editor you found and me, that you will probably find interesting to have. It's nowhere near as detailed as the docs on this site though... Anyway, looking forward to your remake!

Hope Eric won't mind if I answer your question for him, but TTF was made in pure asm, and as far as I know pre2 also.


Reply by PrehFan on Thu Feb 16 13:42:12 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

O, thank you for redesigning the site!!! I really like it =)

BTW, if you want to know, there is a post 'by the guy behind that editor' I found in this guest book. "Added by Dorten on Wed Mar 28 12:27:47 2007" - find this. Apparently Dorten didn't fing any docs for Pre2 and he thought level formats for Pre2 & TTF are equal. As you see he hadn't reverse-engineered several bytes yet. But I think it's enough to create own levels. :) Unfortunately he was never back to Pre2 editor :(((( but it's reason to create our own!)))

As for remake, I've found like-minded persons on the Russian site This site is not ready because of no time but I'll request site owner to give me privilegues for editing the site. Maybe I'll rewrite walkthrough (as for me it's 'raw' =))) in Russian and English and add a lot of things there. Now we think what to add to the remake :DDD Hm, good idea! Couldn't you make a quiz "what do you want to see in the remake of Pre2"? If to do this, we would know what to do better in the remake.


P.S. Do you speak Russian? :D Or did you use online-translator?

Reply by Jesses on Thu Feb 23 23:10:15 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hehe yeah, after that post Dorten and I got into some emailing, I told him what I knew of the format so far and he then researched it and added a lot more information. Eventually he made that editor you found.

The limits it has (70 items, 15 platforms etc) are not editor limits but game engine limits, you'd have to either hack up the game itself to increase them, or make your own engine. Also, 1024 enemies is really a very optimistic limit, as the actual amount of enemies depends on the kind of enemy; the enemy descriptions are variable-length. Anyway, too much detail for this site :-). I'll put the file format info we discovered on the pre2 site in a couple of days.

Unfortunately my Russian sucks! When viewing the Russian site I've had to rely on a translator, which sucks slightly enough to be usable. From what I could see, the walkthrough part looks quite useful already. I'll think about the quiz :-).

Added by Denis on Sun Mar 11 20:42:08 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have a question : Is there any way to download the official Prehistorik 2 game?
I mean the original floppy disk image ... no the game cracked by hybrid or others, that can be found on any abandonware site.

Thank you in advance from Romania

Reply by PrehFan on Mon Mar 12 12:33:20 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]


You can download non-cracked version (BTW, it's from 'TITUS 10 Awesome Games'!) here:

Download files 'pre2nocd.part1.rar' and 'pre2nocd.part2.rar' and extract them to a folder. Then run START.BAT and have fun! :)
NB: I've found little differences from the hybrid-cracked version and version I suggested. There are some palette differences (main hero isn't sunbathed at level 3, etc.). But it's nothing, it doesn't change the game, moreover it was released later than official Pre2. :)

Reply by Denis on Mon Mar 12 21:59:58 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you very much for the link!

I wanted the version without crack because i like games untouched for my collection.

I've made a perfect clone for every game i've bought so that i can run them in emulation software without crack or nocd fix.i've managed to clone almost every kind of copy protection including DVD Securom 7.XX with a tweaked BlindWrite profile I've made (guys on forums said that kind of protection can't be cloned).I am not able to clone starforce protection, yet.

Thank you again

Reply by PrehFan on Wed Mar 14 17:37:46 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

You're welcome! =)

Added by PrehFan on Thu Mar 15 18:16:31 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Jesses, will you add OpenTitus code detectors to your trainer?

Reply by Eirik on Thu Mar 15 21:25:30 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

The level codes are currently hard-coded, hidden in src/settings.c in the source package. Or perhaps you would prefer the built-in develop mode (by adding the line "devmode 1" to titus.conf), then you can toggle noclip with "N", godmode with "G" and skip level with "S" ;)

Reply by PrehFan on Fri Mar 16 14:22:29 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hehe, I've noticed that when I was researching the sources of OpenTitus. I've seen them. =D
Oh, Eirik, if you're here: how to change the window size in OpenTitus? I'm tired to strain my eyes when playing.

Added by exist on Tue Mar 27 07:02:18 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi. i'm korean
i would often play the game "titus the fox" in childhood.
at that time, i play 'ultimate version' of TTF.
but though i'm looking for this version during some day, i fail.
in this version, fox and enimy has no collision and infinite health.
do you know this?
would you make the trainer of this version?
with no trainer, this game is so difficult that i can't one level..
please take the consideration..

Added by kowi on Tue Mar 27 19:13:49 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Damn, it's hard to believe that actually someone has made such site about this platform game :D And thit it's still active! I remember playing this game like 15-16 years ago, when I was about 7y old. I tried to pass it countless times, I knew all levels by heart, though it was implossible for me to beat boss at level 3. Several years later I came across this game once again and made it to level 5. Now I don't really find playing Titus the Fox entertaining, but still I respect that game. Games were pretty difficult back then!

Added by Tolga on Tue Apr 3 13:31:59 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Just wov!!! This site is the best surprise ever. Very good job.

Added by ZOAN on Sun Apr 29 20:40:59 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Fatih on Tue Jul 3 19:20:09 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you very much for such a GREAT game. Titus the fox is the GOLDEN STANDART for arcade games.

Added by Mathghamhain on Wed Jul 4 22:30:27 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

TTF is based on Les aventures de Moktar game, and this is a well known fact. Actually those two games are the same, except lack of level 15 in ttf, sound "lagaf" replaced with bell sound and with some minor changes with graphics and music. Moktar is based on Lagaf' videoclip "La Zoubida", in that clip we can clearly see some ingame graphics, probably from beta version. Does anyone know something about those animations used in videoclip? Are they actual footage from early version of the game? Maybe someone has access to beta version of Moktar, or at least only those beta graphics? It would be very interesting to see how this game was supposed to look like at the beginning of the creation, and how it ended.
I was playing Moktar 10-15 years ago on A600. When I played PC version I hated it for terrible scrolling (or lack of scrolling at all).
I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language:)

Added by mchanga on Sun Sep 9 12:54:23 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

what is main changes in TITUS FOX (1992 ver) and MOKTAR (1991 ver) ????

Reply by Math on Wed Sep 19 20:44:36 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Main changes between those games are:
Graphics (some enemies sprites, eg black guys in level 3 are replaced by white),
Music (different music for level 9 and 11)
Sounds (different "bonus" sound)
Lack of level 13 and 15 in TTF (In TTF level 15 is just a cutscene, in Moktar it is regular level, very small, but it is still possible to die there)

Added by Val on Thu Feb 8 19:13:09 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]


Reply by Luke on Mon Oct 1 21:27:19 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

I know exactly what you mean.peace.

Added by vladosssk on Sun Oct 14 00:52:05 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Please give me this great game on Android!!! Help!!!

Added by Eric ZMIRO on Mon Jan 10 09:28:05 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wouaw ! What a site ! I'm very happy to see people like this game again.

I'm the creator of ths game, i've done it with a very small team 14 years ago, and because of Editor's considération, i've never be able to do another game with a such gameplay.


Reply by Alexander on Fri Jan 4 21:20:34 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Eric ... You rock ... Your game is xcellent... la crême de la créme. thanks for creating this masterpiece that Titus The Fox is... au revoir

Reply by Keivan on Fri Mar 9 21:15:31 2007 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Eric ;
This is my second comment in this site...
I just wanted to say that your game has been the best game I've ever seen in my life, as one said in this guest book, "Game of my life", I think that the team has been the most intelligent and talented one,As the other guy mentioned in the guest book I started this game when I was about 12-14 years old , and now I'm 25 years old...finishing my M.Sc and applying for Ph.D but yet playing this game(Still can't pass the 9th level!!! :) )...
Lots of things makes me wonder through this game: things that were designed to be used once(like the skull bone at the end of the 8th level), the very beautiful graphics with the lowest volume of files for that time (and even now!),and also how very mysterious is the game, the secret places, and the multi-choices you've got to end a level , ways that one could never see ,well, thanks to Jesse and Reactor I saw some that I hadn't seen,the way that each level has its own characteristics,each level is in a different media,I even like the way the enemies !!!...especially the old men who throw the T.V s(when thy die!!!)...Last thing to blow my mind is the beautiful music with eastern (or Egyptian) theme...

Don't you have any site, I'd like to know if you've made any other games,and also know abut yourself(How a human could be such creative!)...

My email is


Reply by Eric ZMIRO on Fri Nov 7 08:36:23 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Now you've my own email... i'm also on face book.

And I continue to makes games, but no one like Moktar, do to bussness consideration :-(

Reply by Keivan on Fri Nov 7 15:06:22 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Dear Eric
I wish someday, somehow, your team gathers again, and you'll create a game like Titus the Fox.
Thank you both Jesse and Eric.

Reply by D.H. on Fri May 25 12:06:57 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

Boring as a game to play (pre2 is much better). But good for learning programming and so-called reverse engineering. While Tech Help talmud was a theory, browsing the TTF game code to see how stuff works was a practice. Being a child, I did not play TTF much, but spent a lot of time with it in a debugger. I started with removing functions from main loop to see what stops working. Then I investigated each function to see how the compression work, how level image is generated and scrolled, how clipping works, how enemies are driven, etc. I even had a map of game code in my memory and could tell what function does by its address, or at least which block of code it belongs.

It was an economical mess in russian at 90's, with a lot of gangsters, shootings, robberies, etc. around. Computers were expensive and not wide spread. No one cared about copyright and even knew what does it mean. All software was distributed on floppies, by BBS, and on CD-ROMS like "1000 best programs for your computer" selling everywhere just as being totally legal.

I knew I could learn programming, but I studied physics, because I liked it too. I thought programming is not a perpective profession: soon a lot of powerful programs with every function people may need will be written, a lot of programming libraries will be designed, programming will become easier than assemblying LEGO, will be quick to learn, and will not bring much money. Besides, better portable memory and faster networks will make them hardly possible to sell before someone cracks the copy protection and spread it all over the world for free.

I was correct in everything but one: programming still brings good money.

The truth turned out too simple to believe being a child: people are animals, animals are to eat each other and compete according to Darwin's theory. Capitalism is based on robbery and deception, this is why it suits the people society so good. It allows its "slaves" to have only money hardly enough to just survive, taking surplus value, and you have to violate the law constantly to trick this system and become more than a slave. Many of that gangsters robbing and killing people here in 90's (those of them which were not killed themselves) became oligarhs, they control the economy and government now, they are rich, everyone respect them. They don't kill and rob anymore -- now they use more thin capitalistic mechanisms to enslave people. The next generation will never suspect this respected people made themselves by robbing and killing. They will just think these people are a little more lucky, clever and hardworking, and deserve being masters.

The good way to trick the system is... to become a programmer, to live in an insane world of 100 billion worth blog sites... for a while... until this bubble collapses, again and finally.

If you check the Forbe's list of billionaries, you may find some programmers their, but hardly even a single physicist. I damn the day I went to university. You may trick the system by being a programmer, but not by being a scientist. Besides, the same darwinism here: to attract grants and sponsorship, people overrate their research and even juggle with research results, producing nonsense. I plan to leave this madness as soon as I complete PhD.

I don't know where to go. I could, finally, become a programmer. But learning modern programming from a scratch being 30 years old is not as easy as 20 years ago. I'm good in reverse engineering them, but not in writing. It was a good underworking when I was a student, and madness of 90's didn't dissolve yet, so, I practiced a lot, breaking copy-protection and such for companies that reselled software. But now, this skill is not relevant any more. And will not help me become programmer. Besides, it would be a shame to be mastered by younger people that already made themselves, by throwing high school and start practicing, while I wasted time on university, with those boring math, physics and other things, and, then, computational modelling. I should have done the same thing in high-school. Now, this way is not for me.

Failed to conquer a place under sunlight, I will try shadows. Like, say, spamming, carding, ddosing and other things. I need to browse hacker forums to look at innovations wave in hacking. Besides, this leaves the place for reverse-engineering skills I already have. Yeah, this is what i'll start to do when done with my PhD. I'll start by creating a soft of modern virus, with p2p connectivity and old forgotten tricks like polymorphism, to create a botnet. Then.. I'll see hot to make it a weapon agains other animals that I have to compete.

Reply by Artwark on Fri Oct 19 16:20:00 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

I had been sick once and in my cousins birthday my dad showed me this game titus the fox. After I got healed my brother and I figured out how to run the game. we got it running and we played it till we got stuck with the woodcutter. After 12 years I made an attempt to start from where I stopped and I finally beaten that wood cutter as well as finishing the game. Its beautiful pixel art and although there are better games like cave story, you're game is still on my favorite list. Good luck to you Eric. I will someday create a legacy about this game. :)
I promise.

Added by Musari on Sat Nov 10 23:41:54 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

first time i saw having 7 years... Now i am 22 year old man with work and my own flat ;) Time is flowing, but good games are loike never-ending story ;)

Added by Sebastian on Sun Nov 18 23:30:11 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

este juego me encanta lo jugue toda mi vida muy bueno!!!! saludos desde Argentina.-

Added by Hadi on Fri Dec 21 05:00:37 2012 - [Reply][Permalink]

You made this game in 1991 and I still enjoy it in 2012. When I was 12 or something I discovered this game and for years me and my friends used to play this game. Although I never could finish the game but the graphics, music and gameplay were very cute and charming. Thanks for making it.

Added by JM on Tue Feb 26 20:42:42 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, I used to play this game about 20 years ago (I'm 31 at present), it was so fun... I never went past level 9, thought. Listening to the mods brings so many good memories back! Greetings from Spain!

Added by David on Sun Mar 31 03:12:10 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

I played this game 20 years ago and today, searching for things on an old backup cd, I found it again. Thank you for this great title! :D (and sorry for my english :/ )

Added by szilárd on Tue Apr 2 23:28:27 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by Alexey on Wed Nov 30 21:26:40 2005 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello, guys.
I'm a big fan of many old games from Titus, especially created by great Eric Zmiro! I have a license CD-ROM "10 Awesome Games from Titus" and it works fine from there, but i'm tired to use mu old 486 PC and put CD-ROM in drive every time i want to play one game.
In addition, there are some related troubles when i try to run games on my new PC using DOSBox or other emulators (CD-ROM launcher hangs-up in DOSBox in mail menu) or there is an error "only from CD-ROM" (game think i run games not from CD-ROM, but from HDD).
All main games' executables on that CD-ROM packed/encrypted in *.SQZ files using some exclusive tool hypothetical named "Eric Zmiro (un)cruncher (exec code IV)" (i thint they are NOT in real SQZ format, just encrypted and renamed to *.SQZ EXE files.
So, can anybody know how to unpack\decrypt main executables from each game?
Perhaps, somebody knows how to do it or rnjw where to get this tool or other tool "Eric Zmiro's Best Protection Kit", used by "The Humble Guys!" to crack some Titus games (not sure it helps, but may be).
Please undestood me correct: I AM an owner of ORIGINAL LICENSED CD-ROM and just wand to enjoy MY games from THIS CD, but without this damn protection. There is no problem to copy this CD-ROM to CD-R or to ISO-image, so it's not why i need to remove this protection.
I know, i CAN download cracked (unprotected) versions of these games, but i don't like it, i want to PLAY MY versions, but WITHOUT CD-ROM.
I saw the great Eric Zmiro was here, may be Eric help me?
Guys, please help me!!!

Reply by Fabulous Furlough on Sun Jan 13 08:01:55 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Best Protection Kit was what Eric called his protection. He released it in several versions, and released one half baked one that had weak encryption, and then the unsqz engine in the .exe file. I was able to pull out the sqz code into my own tool, and use it to just unpack his stuff from then on. That tool would be 15 years old now, and I no longer have it, but I figured you might want to know the story.

Reply by Fabulous Furlough/THG on Sat Feb 23 20:16:17 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thinking back on this, I think the game with the "half baked" version of the protection was around the time of "Crazy Cars", or "The Blues Brothers". If all else fails, just grab all the Titus games you can, and look through the protection code. Eventually you'll find the SQZ unpacking code, and you can do what I did to make an unpacker.

Reply by Rocco on Fri May 16 06:36:35 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

I can`t believe that you are still alive. The humble guys were my heroes. Thanks for so many cool releases when there were no decent groups on the pc.

Reply by Fabulous Furlough on Sat May 24 23:19:15 2008 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks Rocco! We came from the 64 & Amiga, and were SHOCKED to see how lame the PC scene was. So, we just ran our group like we had on the other platforms, and you all know the results! :-)

Reply by Eric ZMIRO on Wed May 8 07:28:13 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

what an old post!
Always wanted to unpack the code? Please write me an email.

Mr Fabulous Furlough, are you ready for a new challenge?

Added by Portuguese fellow on Sat Jun 29 23:21:11 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nice to see this site still up.
Great game, and nice tools of yours!


Added by Serebriakov on Tue Aug 13 09:46:03 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Cool site!

Added by Version For iOS and Android on Wed Sep 11 09:39:33 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello all. I wont to porting this game to iOS and android. If anybody wont help me , pls send me a letter. Thx

Added by Paarth on Tue Oct 8 11:46:34 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

I want to make a reboot of this game and revive the series. This is a great game!
I'm playing it again!

Added by jeremias on Sun Jan 5 13:00:58 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

it would be great to see this on android. AnotherGuest made a symbian version of this a while back...

Reply by Eirik on Sun Feb 23 22:11:34 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

OpenTitus is coded with SDL 1.2. The new SDL2 is easy to use with Android and iOS, but it requires some work to implement SDL2 in the OpenTitus source. I am the main OpenTitus developer, but I'm unfortunately quite busy with other stuff at the moment. Feel free to contribute to the project if you like some progress!

Added by m170 on Sun Mar 16 16:11:50 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great game. been playing it since it came out. love your website. keep up the good work

Added by Afonso Arthur Braga Delgado on Mon Jul 14 02:41:25 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is really obscure and looks really cool and well made, it's kinda weird and very interesting that there's still a fanbase for this game that studies the game's complexity. Why don't you try to contact the producers of the original game or something? I think it would be interesting, you could say about this site. Maybe you could even try to encourage them to make a new game, 3DS has a really open space for indie game producers, I know Titus because I really liked their Xena game for GBC (but I was the only one, everyone else I knew didn't liked it), and it's always sad for me to see a gaming industry fail.. Serious, try to contact them or something, a Titus revival would be cool.

Reply by Jesses on Wed Jul 16 20:23:42 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

I've contacted the original game's developers quite some time ago, which was very helpful in figuring out the game's level file format, and allowed MTF to be created :-). It would have been much more difficult to do so otherwise. Some of the developers also commented on this guestbook.

Titus is long gone, but no worries! Several people from the team behind TTF/Moktar are still involved in the gaming industry. For instance, Eric ZMIRO (the game's IBM engineer) founded Magic Pockets, which has developed quite a few games (also several on 3DS), and Florent MOREAU (the game designer) is now marketing director at Square Enix.

Added by michal on Thu Oct 3 11:17:23 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

I just finished the game again :) I used to play it a lot in the early 90s, it was an amazing game.

btw do you know that you can even grab some enemies and then used them to kill another enemies? i didn't see that info on this page..
anyway for sure you can grab the walking enemy from level 1 (the first one you can meet in this game), the bee, walking skeleton (level5) and the arabic guy with the sword (level 10). you can grab them from behind - but be careful, if you are too close, then they will hit you..

Reply by miso on Thu Oct 3 11:22:50 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

and one more thing from my side:
you can even kill the boss in level 5 without using the two boxes. you can grab the boss from behind - if you succeed, then you hold a copy of the boss in your hand. you can throw it quickly to the original boss and runaway to the elevator. you need to do this 3 or 4 times (don't remember) and it's gone :)
the easiest way is to wait on the elevator (on the right side of the screen), until the boss starts to walk to the left side. then quickly get behind, grab the copy, throw and runaway to the elevator.. it's quite fun.. good luck :)

Reply by Jesses on Wed Jul 16 20:39:20 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

Awesome! I knew of the picking-up-enemies trick, but not that it also works on the level 5 boss :) I'll add the info to the page somewhere.

There is another trick (probably a bug) that allows you to jump very high, when you are hit by a projectile while at the same time something falls on your head...

Added by The most simple things are always the best! on Mon Jul 8 08:54:20 2013 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have been nostalgic of the good old times and was searching about this game. I'm surprised to see that you guys are still around! :-)

Reply by Luke on Wed Oct 1 12:51:37 2014 - [Reply][Permalink]

I sure am, and sure love it and get well nostalgic about it as well. So lucky to have experienced that as a child. I still play it, too. Been thinking about making a level or two as soon as I figure this out.

Added by OldSchool on Wed Jan 7 19:08:06 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Best game ever made. EVER ! They don't do them like this anymore.

Added by alex on Fri Jan 16 22:35:22 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi. I was started porting to Unity3d(will be iOS, Android, GoogleTV, Amazon)
Now i made parser of original levels. Now working creating level geometry. If anyone want help, pls send email to

Added by Your name on Wed Mar 18 13:13:06 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]


Added by CST on Sun Mar 6 06:24:54 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great great site. Thank you very much !!!!

Added by Matteo on Tue Apr 26 07:32:31 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

I'm glad that people keep playing to an old classic like this one, even in 2016. Of all the retro games i think that " Titus the Fox" and "The Legend of Myra" are both 2 masterpieces.
That said, i wish that someone would do a forum for us Titus the Fox's fans. We surely need one, to keep this game alive.
Oh, i like the level editor. And i would like to create levels and share them to the community. If you are interested, please create a proper forum and after that contact me at

Added by Dragon on Sat Jul 23 23:05:55 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have adapted the amstrad version to the amstrad gx4000 console.

So now the game can be played in the console. Is the same, but with keys adapted to the gamepad, and i create a litte subrutine to insert the password with the game pad. Instead of the call &bb06 from firmware the game uses to read from keyboard.

Reply by Jesse on Sun Jul 31 21:00:59 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nice job! I added a link on the Links page :-)

Added by Lucas on Sun Oct 16 06:34:02 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks! Your Program is Magnificent! Outstanding!
I helped me with duplicate codes in DosBox!

I´m from Argentine.. My English is basic..
When I was 12, I did not go beyond the third level ..

It is One of those Games, Especially Classics, that have Soul!

25 years later, I played and could finish the game
without tricks or watching videos with the solution, or spoilers ..

Thanks Again!

You are a Master.
A hug.

Added by Lucas (another one) on Thu Nov 3 04:06:17 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

My name is Lucas too and curiously enough, I'm from Argentina as well. I'm really fascinated by the fact that a website exists about Titus the Fox that's active right now, in late 2016! I've known this game since I had my first computer in 1993. I knew it used to be called Moktar, but knew nothing about that original version other than that.

I'm glad that somebody's dedicated all this effort to this great game. Amazing work!

Added by Paul on Thu Dec 15 14:07:46 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you for this site !

Added by Ivan on Mon Apr 24 11:18:27 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Lol, I've just noticed that level 9 of this game is very similar to the level 9 from Prehistorik 2. Just look at the maps of these levels!

Added by Cosmo on Thu May 4 11:18:34 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Jesses, fabulous job mate! And THE most fabulous job are the maps, secrets and so can be found over the net, but the maps are GOLD.

Like the stories of the Lucases above, I too started playing as a kid, 12 or so, and got stuck at the 3rd level (i did not know how to pick things, and you can't jump the boss :) at about 13 I found out how to pick things but got stuck at lvl 7, too difficult. 15 years later I picked it up and played until I finished it, some www guidance here and there, and a lot of training.

And now I am playing it again, full run every time, from level one to as far as I can go in one sitting, stacking up lives for the 8 - 10 levels, especially the level 9 insanity on wheels :)

Here are some tips I did not find in the secrets or walkthrough sections, that the fans of this great game might find useful:

- level 5, you can get all the bonuses in both paths, but to do so, you have to kill yourself at one point, and start over. I believe the upper route is easier, so a good choice can be you go all the way to the pit with 2 bees, drop, keep left to enter niche and get 30 bonuses, then F1, restart and play the upper route as usual. The balance is 2 extra lives, i.e. two extra level 9 attempts :)

- level 6, you can skip all the final tedious scaffold descent, and miss out on just a few bonuses, but save a lot of time. After the area with 6 bonuses and 2 cats, you go down to a floor with 2 boxes, which ends to the right with a ladder (not spikes like all the rest of the floors). You can make a massive jump to the right and to the end of the level from there, either stack up the boxes, or if you have the skateboard/ball with you, jump on them and make an ever clearer leap to the end of the level.

- the boss on level 7 (i really liked the "aunt olga" suggestion) is the easiest boss in the game (and the easiest enemy on level 7). All you have to do is to get as close as needed to see her (in part or in full) and stay as far as needed for her not to shoot at you. There is an optimal area for this, and once you find it, jump and throw, duck and catch, rinse repeat, no headaches. Accidentally (and illogically) some balls or melons or whatever they are might come from the left, but for the rest of the time, it is a walk in the park.

Cheers again and thanks and congrats,

Reply by Jesses on Sun May 7 21:04:55 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

The maps certainly help with finding some sneaky secrets, you should give the level viewer (mtf) a try for even more discoveries :-)

Now I am challenged to reach the level3 boss empty-handed! Like you I got stuck on an earlier level back in the day (level 5 in my case), but eventually decided to attack the game again and see what happened. Yep, level5 is peanuts compared to the glorious death trap at the end of level 9...

Thanks for your tips, I have added them on the Secrets page!

Added by Simon on Thu May 25 07:12:15 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey Jesse, great website.

Would love if you emailed me. I there is currently a lot of movement in the speedrunning scene and TAS (tool assisted speedrun) scene.

Would like to discuss with you and then we can post up some videos and ideas soon (I would say now but things are still developing).

Added by DrejjZ on Mon Oct 12 23:52:06 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Jesses. I've just uploaded a new level. Its a remake of the 1st level of Blues Brothers :D
Do you know any tools for editing other Titus games?
Are you still working on this level editor or is pretty much finished?

Reply by Jesses on Tue Oct 13 20:29:18 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi DrejjZ, amazing remake! Did you use some file-hacking way to do the initial conversion, or is the whole level manually entered in the editor? The double bosses are too evil, I died after ~140 hits to the rapid-fire guy near the exit :-(.

There is an editor for pre2 available by Dorten, see here (boot up your Russian skills first):
I'm not aware of editors for other Titus games though. Good resources for old games in general though are and, although at the time of posting the server seems to be down.

I still have plans for a version 3.0 of the MTF editor, rewritten in open-sourced c++ or so to make development easier and enjoy cross-platformness (turns out 8086 assembly isn't very portable). But too busy with other stuff as always! One day...

Reply by DrejjZ on Tue Oct 13 22:31:13 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

I used a program from retrospec to get the tileset, but the level itself was manually entered in the editor.
There used to be 3 bosses! But even I couldnt finish the map. Also the bees in the clouds were harder (using AI from the jumping fish).

It would be awesome if the editor could launch "campaings" of levels, one after the other.
:( I'll try to reproduce other levels from BBrothers when I get time. Sadly there is no water in TTF/Moktar, so it wont be a 100% perfect remake.
The games are similar enough as to be based of the same engine, is that so?

Reply by Jesses on Wed Oct 14 17:50:19 2015 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hmm, you might be able to get the basic level layout from the BBrothers levels as a starting point. I don't know about their file format, but chances are they're compressed using the same algorithm as TTF. So, you could try to unpack the BB levels with the script in "tech docs". Then create a level in MTF with the same height, save it, and replace the first 256*height bytes with those in the unpacked BB level.

Being able to play "level sets" is indeed one of the planned features for the next MTF release, along with an easy way to launch them via command-line parameter.

TTF/Moktar does have a weird floaty-behaving tile when you apply certain "ladder" properties, but I think you already used it in your level :-)

Reply by Robert on Tue Mar 8 00:27:58 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Your level is awesome! If you're still planning to make the other BB levels then for sure I'll test them gladly, I think that, if you do this, then it would be nicer if you quit some of the enemies like the big woman who throw balls, so it looks more like BB. It's just an idea. Anyway, thanks for your creation!

Reply by Eirik on Sun Jul 2 20:03:54 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

I made a level viewer for Blues Brothers some years ago, if that may be of interest.

Reply by Eirik on Sun Jul 2 21:26:03 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Pretty cool remake by the way! :)

Added by PypeBros on Sat Jul 8 16:11:53 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nice to see that this site is still alive. Enjoyed the nitty-gritty details about the level editor and the eNeMI tables ^_^

Added by Sebastian on Tue Dec 19 19:36:43 2017 - [Reply][Permalink]

Great work Eric Zmiro! Greetings from Argentina. When we were preteens back in the early nineties, after learning with Logo, we would play Hangman and Titus The Fox, i remember the shortcut to the roof in the first level, the catchy music and the drunkards who always killed me and my classmates when attempting to go through. I found this site asking how was the game programmed and in which language, i assume its C. The last time i played the game i reached level 7 but no more than that, i got stuck in a coal mine or such, the level with the mine carts and tracks. Logo was boring, we spent more time playing Titus than making the turtle go forward, we should have been learning MS-DOS commands but the teachers were not up to date!. Greetings to all the programmers of this beautiful game, you left a mark in our hearts. Good work.

Added by Jean-Louis VITTI on Sat Apr 7 16:26:44 2018 - [Reply][Permalink]

I found a trick to bypass a great part of Level 10 (Private Desert - Désert privé) and didn't see it reading Titus the Fox WebSite information. You have to keep 2 items (taken from scaffholding part and I used it to kill the 2 white sword soldiers) to put down on slope of the rocky spike, which separates the 2 wells. After climbing the rocky spike, you just have to go right to the end of level ;-)

I hope it will help everyone to get Titus adventure a little bit easier (i know you will appreciate it)


Added by Frenkel on Sat Jun 16 20:14:25 2018 - [Reply][Permalink]

Ancient DOS Games just did a review of this game:

Added by Gabor on Thu Dec 20 23:20:55 2018 - [Reply][Permalink]

I am playing TTF on my 386 for the first time :) After a weird hard disk controller failure on entering level 5 (and did not find level code item on level 4) I looked for a level code generator, because I did not want to replay the half of 3 and whole 4... This one that I've found here in this site is working, thank you! (:

Added by LukegaX on Wed Mar 27 20:39:07 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello there

Added by Dimitris Stamatiou on Sun May 26 20:02:36 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello sir,
Titus the fox has always been my favorite game .first seen on a friends msdos 386 and later i got it for my amstrad 6128 plus model.The original game for the amstrad is very well made but it is made for the older 6128 model.
i would like to ask you if i can use your sprites and backgrounds to try to make a remake of the game for the plus amstrad models.Thank you .

Reply by Jesses on Sat Jun 1 19:53:23 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi Dimitris,

Of course you may use my backgrounds/sprites for a remake! I guess you'll want to use the backgrounds in tile-format though, they use much less resources that way. And you'll need to know some metadata, i.e. on which tiles you can stand.

If your intention is to make the remake look similar to the dos version, it may be easier to just directly use the dos version's data files. See the tech docs for a description. That may also be safer from a legal point of view (I think Interplay still has the rights to this game).

And, not sure how compile-able it is for the 6128+, but maybe OpenTitus can be a good starting point. If not, at least it is a good reference for game logic and reading the data files :-)

Added by George on Sat Jun 22 21:29:49 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

can I put your titus the fox maps up on
I will give this site credit(as well as a link to it)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jun 25 22:15:39 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Sure, feel free to post them on vgmaps!

Added by Francute on Mon Jul 8 00:45:59 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

This game is impossible to forget for me :)

Added by Ignacio on Tue Nov 19 05:15:56 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, I'm Ignacio, Titus the fox was one of the first games I played and I remember it with love. Very good game and if someone wants to buy it is on Steam at $ 10 dollars, it comes with the MSDOS emulator. Greetings from Argentina.

Added by Moebius on Mon Dec 9 12:49:55 2019 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi! Could you please tell me which copy protection method was used by Titus for floppy disks? I looked into a few dumps and noticed "A001prot" and "Megaprot" in the last sectors. Is that what this protection is called or is there another name for it? Please, email me the response if possible.

Added by Vince on Wed Jan 22 23:10:04 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Un site de fan pour le jeu de Moktar de Lagaf' ! Mais bien sur ! Mec je sais pas quelle drogue tu prends mais j'te jure il est pas ouf le jeu mdr :D

20/20 pour l'effort sinon, waow!

Added by Yep on Sat Mar 21 18:10:35 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]


Still playing Moktar in 2020... And all that ;)

Added by Olivier on Sat May 9 17:19:12 2020 - [Reply][Permalink]

Merci pour votre site

Added by Carlos Mario Álvarez on Mon Jan 4 02:07:03 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Wau, 2021 and still playing 8-D

Added by Tenmicu on Mon Feb 1 19:16:37 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Greetings from Poland.
Game from my childhood, finally managed to beat it after all this time. Thank you for keeping this page going.

Added by Eddy Terpstra on Wed Feb 3 16:30:03 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

I have a couple of questions for you

Added by Damnham on Sun Mar 7 01:40:53 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

My childhood

Added by Levant on Sat Mar 20 17:10:45 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Amazing game. I'll be making a level soon, based on levels 1-3. Have already begun. I'm putting a lot of attention to details.

Added by Mark Jones on Wed Apr 14 11:44:37 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Loved this game! Played it a lot back in 1994-1995.

Added by twinzen on Thu Jul 15 09:37:33 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

I bought the Steam version of the game, and both TTF and Moktar have a level LEVELD.SQZ which I find no references to anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this level? I don't think they will be loaded by the original game or OpenTitus...

Reply by twinzen on Thu Jul 15 09:41:31 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

To clarify, it is a proper level file and can be loaded by OpenTitus, but will not be used by default - as it is not referenced in the default level configuration file.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Jul 15 10:25:23 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

That's probably the level from the demo (if it has CRC32=74f0946d).
The demo can be found here:

Reply by twinzen on Thu Jul 15 17:50:08 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks for the answer, you are right. When I double check it, the level was only present in the TTF folder and not the Moktar one. They didn't include the demo executable though, so that level cannot be played out of the box.

Added by twinzen on Tue Jul 20 10:34:56 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hi, I left a new level on your page. This is a remake too of sorts, and this time we draw inspiration from our Japanese friends. :)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jul 20 10:53:20 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

That's a cool level, very impressive! Looking forward to what the message points at :D

Reply by twinzen on Sun Jul 25 22:19:52 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

That's great to hear. We are getting close to release, and have added documentation and screenshots to

Reply by twinzen on Wed Jul 28 17:09:57 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

The first version has been released! =)

Reply by twinzen on Sun Aug 15 19:04:43 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

We added a troubleshooting-section to the documentation in case people have certain problems getting the editor to work.

Added by Ike on Wed Sep 1 19:31:23 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thanks so much for this site! This is amazing! I admittedly got most of the secrets by spending 5 hours a day as a kid playing it though I never got the shortcut of level 8.

I remember playing level 8 + 9. I've spent years searching for the lamp on level 9, sounds funny to find out there's no lamp. The top spikes before the boss on level 9 would usually get me 9/10 times.

Would love to contribute (via $$ or developing) if there is a project for a FoxV2 batch of levels! (Maybe another visit to Marrakech and Back!)

Reply by kaimitai on Fri Sep 3 18:13:16 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Jesses hasn't been active here for a while, but TTF level editing is now easier than ever if you want to make something - no $$ required! ;)

Check out the application @

Reply by Jesses on Mon Sep 6 21:45:47 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeah, my time budget for TTF is severely limited these days 🤣
Luckily it's always possible to make some time for it!
Either way, I added a link to Visual Titus in the Links page, so hopefully that helps with promotion.
@Ike: definitely go and have a look at vtitus! And in the meantime, check out the NEW LEVELS - it's not quite a coherent FoxV2 set, but there are several very nice and challenging levels in there.

Reply by kaimitai on Tue Sep 7 10:26:46 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Thank you @Jesses, that is very much appreciated. And thank you very much again for compiling and hosting the technical docs that made it possible for me to create an editor for one of my favorite childhood games! :)

Added by Vulpes on Wed Feb 10 14:10:23 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nice to see I'm not the only one still playing this game. Since I'm not taking the shortcuts, I find level 8 absolutely brutal. How do you get past the long pool with the moving platform and the fish jumping at you (and throwing you into the water)? It's shortly after the pool with the fish + fly and the ladder.

Reply by Vulpes on Sat Feb 13 17:20:17 2016 - [Reply][Permalink]

I figured out how to get past the pool: Wait until the moving platform is close without the fish being there. Jump on the moving platform, then anticipate the fish jumping at you and jump accordingly to avoid it. Afterwards position yourself at the right end of the moving platform and memorize the spot where the moving platform turns around in order to time your jump right. Then you (barely) make it to the other side. There is some gimmick with two boxes and a spring (the spring seems unnecessary?) and afterwards another room with a hobo that shoots really fast and boxes that need to be placed correctly in order to crawl forward, but that scene is not too difficult. However, the following jump - jumping onto the ladder while avoiding the fish - and the jumps on the slippery platforms seem really difficult. Is there a jumping technique that avoids sliding down after landing on a slippery platform?

Reply by ike on Tue Sep 14 21:35:18 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Yeah I did it this way when I was a kid for years. It's a sure way to lose lives, but there's actually an easier way, between the moving platform and the ledge there's 2 hidden tiles that you can stand on. You discover them by jumping on them.

Added by Arnt-Ove on Fri Oct 29 10:25:37 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

hi! the "New Levels" page is returning an internal server error message for me. :(

Reply by Jesses on Fri Oct 29 11:45:29 2021 - [Reply][Permalink]

Oops! It should be fixed now, thanks for the report.

Added by kaimitai on Sat Jan 1 19:36:13 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

yeaaa... you are still playing moktar in 2022 !!

Added by 3EPHOEd on Thu Feb 3 07:34:46 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hello. I want to talk about your secret from Quiet Walk. It works a little differently. If you press down and press up at the same time to make the Fox jump, he will go into stealth mode when he lands. This can be seen from the animation of the character, in this form, until we release to the left or to the right, he moves and sleeping dogs and all similar enemies do not hear him. It works until you hit them or stop, you can try to jump over them in the same way.

Added by Joachim W. Beinhart on Tue Jul 12 19:32:45 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Hey! I found your site via HCG101. I used to play this game back in 1996. Never got to see level 3. :-) The site is pretty cool tho. I like maps and secret sections. Cheers! - JWB

Added by 1 on Tue Aug 16 21:47:26 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Does the secret in Level 13 A Pipe Dream works in the Amiga version? I press jump and right and nothing happens

Added by kaimitai on Tue Jan 3 23:12:42 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

yeaaa... you are still playing moktar in 2023 !!

Added by Frenkel on Fri Jan 27 14:00:45 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

Check out NashuMan. It looks a bit like Duke Nukem 1 and Titus the Fox:

Reply by kaimitai on Sat Feb 4 21:38:07 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

Very cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Added by Ike on Mon Dec 12 05:04:03 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

I discovered a secret path on level 9 that I don't see mentioned anywhere. Im wondering if anyone has explored it.

After you get to the 6 balls place, take the balls and go back left. Start throwing the balls the way you came. The first 3 will get stuck on the small crouch area. The 4-6 will go all the way through to the bottom of the area where you got the vases.

Take one of the balls and put at the bottom left of this area. Crouch on top of the ball and crawl left to open up a secret crawl path that goes underneath the spikes. Try to "uncrawl" on each block and you'll come to a block that is open in the middle under the spikes.

Unfortunately this is all I've found. Im wondering if someone has explored this area.

Reply by Ike on Mon Dec 12 05:18:44 2022 - [Reply][Permalink]

Nvm, I think this may just be to skip the 3 boxes bridge spikes.

Reply by nes on Fri Feb 24 18:15:54 2023 - [Reply][Permalink]

Still nice discovery that I don't remember reading of before. Last spike is fake and it's small shortcut to skip that next 3 box spike area. Good for speedruns

Added by kaimitai on Wed Jan 3 07:22:54 2024 - [Reply][Permalink]

yeaaa... you are still playing moktar in 2024 !!

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