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Welcome on this site about Titus the Fox and Moktar.

Titus the Fox is a platform game, made by a french company called Titus. The original version is called Moktar,
and is based on a song by Vincent Lagaf. Because mr. Lagaf isn't that famous outside France,
another version using the company's mascotte, a fox, was created.

A forum about Moktar can be found here, or if you prefer to read a translated version here.

- Jesses
Contact: mail at ttf dot mine dot nu


Wed Nov 4 23:40:25 2020

It's about time for a small update! There's a new movement trick on the SECRETS page, and ManiacMansionFan's walkthrough now looks OK again.
Sun Jun 25 19:08:40 2017

Added two awesome links: one to the speedrun.com page for TTF with some great runs, and one to GOG.com's page where you can buy the games (thanks to Simon for pointing out both links).
Go and have a look at the LINKS page!
Sun May 28 23:28:46 2017

Some more tips from Cosmo have magically appeared, along with a walkthrough specially dedicated to level 11.
Sun May 7 21:06:29 2017

Check out the Secrets page, Cosmo has a few more tips for us to survive the game!
Thu Oct 27 20:21:05 2016

Drejj (of new level "Le Magasin" fame) found a cover disk containing the PC demo of Titus the Fox. You can find a link on the LINKS page, along with a link to another cover disk with the Amiga demo.
Thu Jan 22 18:59:02 2015

Updated unpack.pl in TECH DOCS with support for CDRUN.COM's special LZW decompression algorithm.
It is used for the executables on the '10 Great Games' CDROM by 'Telstar Fun and Games'.
Sat Jul 19 21:08:57 2014

The SECRETS page now lists a bunch of generic tricks. Also improved the guestbook a bit, by adding permalinks.
Sat Jun 14 20:49:19 2014

Added a set of videos by linekioubeur containing a Moktar playthrough, and added a playthrough/review of the Amstrad CPC version by Xyphoe.
Also fixed the video page's blatant abuse of your poor innocent CPU upon opening it (it loads faster now).
Thu Mar 28 23:51:56 2013

A new MTF version is out, 2.1.1. It has gained the wonderful ability of producing the correct level codes on an old PC. Really old, that is, not one of those new-fangled 386s.

Apparently, the level codes used by the games are also dependent on CPU type, something which MTF didn't take in account, causing it to give wrong codes on 8086s and 286s. Until now.
Sun Jun 24 21:13:38 2012

ManiacMansionFan made an excellent new walkthrough: it can be found on the new WALKTHROUGHS page.
Fri Dec 30 21:57:07 2011

Small update to the unpack.pl script in TECH DOCS, so it asks for filenames if STDIN was not redirected.
Fri Dec 2 00:12:28 2011

Added tech docs describing the file format of TTF/Moktar's data files! Only for the brave.
In other news, OpenTitus has progressed to the point where it's fully playable!
Fri May 6 14:32:44 2011

Level maps for the CPC version are online now! Complete with petition slogans and greets!
Sat Mar 26 00:46:34 2011

A few non-levels-related secrets have been added to the SECRETS page, which also ended up being split in two. In other news: there's a new VIDEOS page, holding playthroughs and speedrun videos!
Mon Jan 24 15:37:29 2011

The Moktar sprites have managed to show up inside the sprites zip.
Sat Jan 8 16:48:49 2011

It's that updating time of the year again. I've added a zip containing all the sprites of Titus the Fox to the downloads page. Moktar sprites will be added soon.
Thu Jan 21 18:12:42 2010

Added a LINKS section. Also made a small update to the SECRETS page, involving its dead-end in level 8 warning. Sneakily flipped the guestbook upside-down as well.
Mon Jan 11 12:55:51 2010

Even in this time and age updates still happen!
A new MTF is out, reaching the mythical version number of 2.1.0. It boasts such amazing features as a proper functioning of MTF COD in the latest DOSBox, as well as an option to increase resolution in the editor.
Thu Mar 22 13:14:08 2007

The secrets guide by Reactor has received some updates! The new version is online now.
Tue Dec 19 15:18:29 2006

Reactor kindly provided a list of secrets, so now this list is on the site :-)
Also, I mischievously renamed the SCREENSHOTS section to LEVEL MAPS and LEVELS to NEW LEVELS, since that makes a bit more sense.
Mon Dec 18 19:51:30 2006

With the guestbook being abused as a message board lately, a reply feature might be handy, so I just added that.
Wed Mar 1 23:11:35 2006

The Prehistorik 2 trainer has vanished! Luckily, there's a new site that holds it now: http://pre2.mine.nu. On this site the level maps for Prehistorik 2 can also be found.
Sat Feb 11 00:57:05 2006

I slapped together a Prehistorik 2 trainer, which can be gotten at the download page. It's nothing fancy, just the same old trainer stuff like unlimited health and lives...
Sun Jan 29 22:13:46 2006

Version 2.0.2 of MTF is out! It contains mostly small fixes, once again.

As mentioned on the guest book, some of the new levels can be quite hard. The option to start with more lives will be in the next major MTF version, but for now, I'm afraid you have to resort to using the trainer and turn unlimited lives on.
You can start it with "MTF TRN EDIT"; press F6 once you're playing the level.
Mon Jan 9 22:15:10 2006

The LEVELS page contains level maps now.
Sun Jan 8 10:47:50 2006

MTF 2.0.1 is released, which fixes a nasty copy/paste bug (amongst some other small things).

Besides that, I made a start with the level editing tutorial, which can be found on the MTF DOCS page.
Fri Jan 6 22:48:31 2006

There's a new MTF DOCS page, which will explain some of the MTF2.0 stuff. It's not complete yet though.

I also changed the LEVELS page a bit: extensionless files now get a .LVL one, since both IE and Firefox insisted on adding a weird extension when downloading such a file.
Besides that, the level size is now no longer shown in KB, but as the actual tile area of the level (the height is the only thing that influences file size anyway).
Thu Jan 5 19:04:02 2006

I made a LEVELS section, which can be used to upload levels you made with the level editor. Coincidentally, the levels can also be downloaded from there.

Since the list was looking a bit empty, I've uploaded the level from the Titus the Fox/Moktar demo, so you can try using MTF 2.0 to play it.
Wed Jan 4 08:54:28 2006

Now that this site has appeared at the Wayback Machine, I've added some data that was lost in the crash a while back, mostly in the FAQ section.

Besides that, I managed to find a copy of Titus the Fox trainer 1.0. It's at the download page now, so those historians among you have something to play with.

Oh, and MTF 2.0 is now released, too.
Tue Dec 20 21:26:39 2005

Hmm, it appears the guestbook mysteriously stopped working about 3 weeks ago, but now it should work again. Luckily the messages posted were not lost, so I've added them again.

About MTF 2.0 (the level editor), the only thing that's left to do is placement of the enemies, the rest already is completed.
Of course, a level without enemies generally is a bit boring so I haven't released it yet, but that day is quite near!
Sun Nov 13 17:00:44 2005

The PC speaker music has returned! But this time it's not alone... Take a look at the music page to find out what's new.
Wed Apr 20 23:57:58 2005

The old layout is now back. Some things are still missing but will be restored; only the guest book entries since 14-1-2005 are lost.
Tue Apr 12 02:15:00 2005

The site is finally back again after being unreachable for over a week (my harddisk decided to go in early retirement).
Only MTF can be downloaded at the moment, nothing else to see.
Sun Feb 13 09:31:17 2005

PC speaker music added to the music page. You'll need some DOS Basic version (like QBasic) to play it.
Sat Feb 12 19:31:38 2005

Forcing of pages to be in the frameset is more friendly now. By the way, 1.991 is almost done!
Tue Feb 1 13:34:52 2005

Contact page added.
Mon Jan 31 08:44:33 2005

FAQ section added.
Mon Jan 17 23:34:35 2005

Download page is now a bit nicer.
Mon Jan 17 23:13:21 2005

It appears that version 1.99 of Moktar the Fox isn't accepted by Windows 98.
I'm fixing that now, so expect a version 1.991 soon.
Mon Jan 17 23:13:20 2005

From now on, news messages will show up here!