Here you can download the programs I made for Moktar/Titus the Fox, as well as a zip with the sprites. For Prehistorik 2 stuff, see my Prehistorik 2 site.

Moktar the Fox

Moktar the Fox is a level viewer, level editor, trainer, code viewer, ingame bug fixer; your basic TTF/Moktar survival kit. The latest version is 2.1.1. It contains all functionality of my earlier Titus the Fox trainer, so no need to get that separately.

All versions:
Moktar the Fox 2.1.1: Show correct level codes on 8086 or 286 CPUs, even more minor changes.
Moktar the Fox 2.1.0: Higher editor resolution, MTF COD bugfix, other small improvements.
Moktar the Fox 2.0.2: More small fixes and a new recognised Moktar version.
Moktar the Fox 2.0.1: Some small fixes, mostly a copy/paste bug.
Moktar the Fox 2.0: Added level editor; lots of other things are improved.
Moktar the Fox 1.99: Added level viewer and changed name; finally it also supports Moktar.
Titus the Fox trainer 1.1: Improved trainer and added code generator. Still doesn't work on Moktar.
Titus the Fox trainer 1.0: First release; just a trainer that doesn't even work on Moktar.


A zip file containing all sprites used in Moktar and Titus the Fox, in BMP format. The transparent background color is represented by hot pink. Sprites unique to Titus the Fox have an F suffix in their filename, while Moktar-only sprites have M.
Get it here.