On this page you can find a number of links to other interesting sites about Titus the Fox and Moktar.

Link Description
Visual Titus - TTF/Moktar Editor It's another editor for TTF/Moktar! This time not for boring old DOS like MTF, but it runs in Windows instead.
The "Super Titus Brother" level (see NEW LEVELS) was made using this editor, so if you like that level definitely check out Visual Titus (and otherwise, check it out anyway).
Grab the binaries from the Releases section on the GitHub page.
Titus the Fox on There are some truly amazing speedruns to be found here. At the time of writing the fastest time is 16:36 for the whole game, done in single-segment and realtime.
Some very inventive shortcuts are being used.
Buy Titus the Fox and Moktar on Yes yes, now also offers our beloved games for a friendly price. You get both TTF and Moktar in one package. System req's are not what they used to be though :-)
The included versions (as described in "Known versions" of README.TXT in the MTF.COM download zip on this site) are version B, for both TTF and MOK.
PC Format Issue 7 Cover Disk This cover disk of PC Format issue 7 contains a PC demo of Titus the Fox, and allows you to play the "Just a sample" level. It also features an autoplay mode! Just sit in the menu for a few seconds.
Amiga Power Issue 12 Cover Disk On the Bonus Disk for this issue of Amiga Power, an Amiga demo of Titus the Fox can be found. It's similar to the PC demo above.
Amstrad GX4000 port This is a port of the Amstrad version of Titus the Fox for the Amstrad GX4000 console, made by Dragon.
Korean Titus the Fox blog This blog contains, among other things, detailed walkthroughs of each level, complete with images and videos. The site is in Korean though. If your Korean is not as fluent as the author's, it appears Google Translate won't process the whole site, but copy-pasting text to it works...
OpenTitus An SDL-based rewrite of the game engine, fully playable!
S&F Prod.'s Moktar / TTF page At S&F Prod. you'll find utilities, cheats, downloads, hints, add-ons, Easter eggs, links and more for some of the best classic computer games ever.