On this page you can watch several videos/speedruns of people playing Moktar or Titus the Fox. Note that none of these videos were made by me :-).

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ToMarrakechAndBack - Titus the Fox playthrough
mysoft64bits - Titus the Fox speedrun
linekioubeur - Moktar playthrough
Xyphoe - Amstrad CPC version review and playthrough

If you made a speedrun/playthrough, it tragically fails to show up below and you feel there is such injustice in that, just drop me a mail and we can sort it out!
On with the show...


One of the first playthroughs of Titus the Fox on youtube, there is one video for each level.

ToMarrakechAndBack also shows a shortcut for the Mario-fans and the top-secret shortcut in level 8, as well as a shortcut in level 11:


This is a speedrun that uses the shortcut in level 8, so it skips most of the later levels.

mysoft64bits also made a complete speedrun, seen here in two parts:


A playthrough of Moktar, with one video per level.


Both a review and playthrough of the Amstrad CPC version of Titus the Fox.