Moktar the Fox 2.1.1 documentation

  1. The basics

    1. Actually running the thing

    2. Trainer

    3. Level viewer/Editor main menu

  2. Level viewer

    1. What's there to see?

    2. So, how does it work?

  3. Playing a custom level

    1. Which level?

      You managed to dig up a level file somewhere eh? Here's how to load and play it.
      I'll use the demo level in this example. Download DEMO.LVL from the NEW LEVELS page and save it in your game directory.

    2. Loading it

      Open the level viewer. Since DEMO.LVL's preferred level is 11, press PgUp/PgDn until you see this (note the "Level=11" on the right):

      Viewing level 11

      Now, press ENTER. This opens the level editor, which I will explain later on. For now, press "L" to load the level. At the prompt, enter DEMO.LVL. Your screen should look like this:

      Entering DEMO.LVL

      and after pressing ENTER:

      DEMO.LVL is loaded

    3. Time to play

      Pressing Escape one time, we're back at the viewer:

      Viewing DEMO.LVL

      Hit "P".

      Playing it

      Take a walk!

  4. Tutorial part 1: level background

    1. In the beginning

    2. Creating a level floor

    3. Building the sky

    4. What can the tiles do?