Moktar the Fox 2.1.1 documentation

  1. The basics

    1. Actually running the thing

      First of all, unzip into the same directory as your game (I've used Titus the Fox here, but for Moktar it's roughly the same). Then run MTF.COM. You should see something like this:


      Here you have 4 choices; just play the game, use the trainer, view the level codes and run the viewer/editor. Options 1 and 3 should speak for themselves.
      Any other key just quits.

    2. Trainer

      While playing, you can press F5/F6/F7 to enable/disable the 3 features of the trainer, being unlimited health/unlimited lives/noclip mode.
      With noclip mode, you'll be able to move unhindered by walls and gravity; enemies will still throw you around though. Also, the deadly tiles are still deadly, even if you can pass through them.
      Note that there is no indication when you press F5-F7; a future version of MTF will improve that mess.

    3. Level viewer/Editor main menu

      The menu looks like this:

      Main menu

      Option 2 shows you all the sprites used by the game, while 3-8 show some pictures.
      Let's devote a fresh section to the remaining option.

  2. Level viewer

    1. What's there to see?

    2. So, how does it work?

  3. Playing a custom level

    1. Which level?

    2. Loading it

    3. Time to play

  4. Tutorial part 1: level background

    1. In the beginning

    2. Creating a level floor

    3. Building the sky

    4. What can the tiles do?