Here you can find walkthroughs for Titus the Fox and Moktar.

Level 11 walkthrough by Cosmo
Walkthrough by ManiacMansionFan, version 1.5

Level 11 walkthrough by Cosmo

Level 11 is my favourite level both in terms of design and skills required. If
you are a master of titus the fox, you don't need this. If you are a good
player and want the most of this level, meaning loads of bonuses AND a safe,
medium difficulty run of the level, keep on reading. I will skip the parts that
ManiacMansionFan and the secrets sections already covered.

Start the level by killing the guard and the scorpions by up throw technique.
Do not waste boxes on them. Take a box, go right to first building, go to the
roof and kill the knife thrower. Get the carpet and kill the fly and scorpion.
Go back, get another crate, and kill the knife thrower to the right, where the
next building is.

With the carpet and trampoline, get the bonuses on the top of all buildings, 3
in all. Use the carpet to kill scorpion in the 3 floor tower, and one box in
that tower to kill the fly over the elevator, the other 2 you will need later.

One very IMPORTANT thing to remember, all through this walkthrough. The carpet
must be with you at all times, all the way to the end. It makes this level much,
MUCH less frustrating.

Go to the right most tower, very tall, and go to the top with carpet in hand.
You can kill the scorpions or jump them, your choice. Taking the padlock is
irrelevant, the whole idea is that you don't die at all in this level. You die,
you use carpet shortcut below. Use the 2 boxes to get the trampoline, and leave
it for now.

Carpet in hand, do the jumps on icy platforms to the left, they are not THAT
hard (if they are, again, take the carpet shortcut). Stop on the big, highest
platform. From left end, activate carpet and ride it to whack the camel. For me
it worked perfectly first attempt, so I believe this is not a tricky part. Go
down below the camel platform, kill scorpions with carpet, then take both the
carpet and the bag, go up the ladder, kill fakir with bag, and leave carpet
there, take the 6 bonuses.

Go back to the tower, take the trampoline and come back. This is the last
(and short) ice jumping sequence, so don't fall, after all, you're here because
you did level 9 jumping, this is much easier. Use the trampoline to get the
whole shebang of bonuses, you can go up carpet in hand, then fly carpet back to
tower, and go down all the way. You can also take the trampoline while flying
carpet, your choice.

Now it's back to level start. With carpet flying from roof to roof, it is an
easy and fun ride. Also in your way, collect the 2 boxes in the fly tower, and
the initial trampoline (you can also have 2 trampolines if you took the one you
just used, up to you). You need to have 6 boxes, one trampoline and the carpet,
to continue this run.

*** alternative carpet shortcut ***

If you don't want/need the bonuses, skip all the above, but do go get the
carpet at the beginning of level, without wasting any boxes, just avoid the
knife thrower, jump him, take carpet, come back. If you do this, you are
exactly in the same situation as above, no bonuses, but with carpet.

*** end of alternative carpet shortcut ***

Stack 5 boxes and trampoline, go up throw the 6th box on platform between icy
spikes, return get the carpet, back up again. You are at the bottom of the
tower, carpet in hand and one box.

The tower is a walk in the park with a carpet. Kill all fakirs with carpet,
kill flame thrower with the box, go all the way up, collect bonuses, padlock is
irrelevant, since again, you must not die.

From now on, there are 3 objectives to finishing the level nice and easy: never
lose carpet, never lose your caged friend, and don't die.

To do so, step a bit back from the ladder at the end of the tower, leave a
space of approximately another fox between you and ladder. Launch carpet to the
right, pick up friend, fly carpet as long as you can. The carpet will stop the
ride on an icy platform. Repeat, and fly carpet with friend in hand to the next
section of buildings, careful not to slip off carpet (you can ride it until it
folds by itself, so you fall with it).

The rest of the level is another walk in the park thanks to the carpet.
Jump the knife thrower (the only real obstacle from now on), kill the fakir
with carpet, go right, kill the fakir guarding the ball with carpet, leave the
carpet, take the ball (leave the gun, take the cannoli :)

Go back after your friend, and kill the knife thrower in a rather nice way,
from safe distance jump and throw the ball, it will bounce and whack him. You
can try several times, just crouch walk past him and try again. Or you can just
jump him, friend in hand.

From now on, all is clear, throw the friend in ugly baby boss cage, take ball,
dispatch boss, finish level, as ManiacMansionFan already explained.


This is pretty much it, both the carpet bonus run and the carpet shortcut run
are doable, and the carpet really makes this level fun, rather than obnoxious.
The bonuses path is a bit tricky, but grants some 4-5 extra lives, more than
enough to finish the game. The carpet shortcut simply avoids the incredibly
annoying acrobatics with the ball fakir, which btw if not done perfectly, will
leave you hit before the boss.

For me, getting there with the carpet is MUCH easier than actually getting the
ball, and also much more fun.

I hope you enjoy the walkthrough as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

Walkthrough by ManiacMansionFan

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