In this section a few secrets are mentioned that are not related to the actual levels; for the latter, see the other sections below.

Generic secrets/tricks

Here are some generic gameplay tricks.

Level-specific secrets

With thanks to Reactor, who wrote this list of secrets. Comments in green added by Jesses.
Update 7 may 2017: added some tips by Cosmo.
Update 29 may 2017: added some more tips by Cosmo.

This document contains all secret areas and hidden passages. Feel free to distribute and spread this all over to the ones who still like Titus the Fox.
Version 2.1

Level 1: On the foxy trail

Level 2: Looking for clues

Level 3: Road works ahead

Level 4: Going underground

Level 5: Flaming catacombes:

Level 6: Coming to town

Level 7: Foxy's den

This level has tons of hidden rooms. Titus can enter several rooms of the flat. Here are the locations. Note that the flat has 10 floors (the 10th is the roof).
Level 8: On the road to Marrakesh

I got stuck on this thrice-cursed level for at least 5-7 years, until I figured out how to complete it.
Level 9: Home of the pharaohs

Level 10: Desert experience

Level 11: Walls of sand

Level 12: A beacon of hope

Level 13: A pipe dream

Level 14: Going home

Level 15: Just married

Written by: Reactor
Location: Hungary
E-mail: lambda_team at freemail dot hu