Moktar the Fox 2.1.1 documentation

  1. The basics

    1. Actually running the thing

    2. Trainer

    3. Level viewer/Editor main menu

  2. Level viewer

    1. What's there to see?

      While the menu's options 2-8 are quite incredible indeed, we'll choose "1" this time. Now the level viewer is visible:

      Viewing level 1

      This happens to be the very first level. At the bottom of the screen, you can see a bunch of words telling you which keys ought to be useful.
      The [stuff in square brackets] tells you where you are, WHITE UPPERCASE indicates what can be pressed and the rest is just some plain old text.

    2. So, how does it work?

      Try out the arrow keys, they're unbelievable!
      Well, apart from that you could also try picking another level than the first one via PgUp and PgDn, or just Play the level. "W" does not work yet. We'll keep the mysterious "ENTER" command for later.
      The toggle keys enable and disable display of certain things, just try them out. And guess what that number at the end of the bottom row is?
      When you have had enough fun with the viewer, Escape will bail you out.

  3. Playing a custom level

    1. Which level?

    2. Loading it

    3. Time to play

  4. Tutorial part 1: level background

    1. In the beginning

    2. Creating a level floor

    3. Building the sky

    4. What can the tiles do?