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Added by Dimitris Stamatiou on Sun May 26 20:02:36 2019

Hello sir,
Titus the fox has always been my favorite game .first seen on a friends msdos 386 and later i got it for my amstrad 6128 plus model.The original game for the amstrad is very well made but it is made for the older 6128 model.
i would like to ask you if i can use your sprites and backgrounds to try to make a remake of the game for the plus amstrad models.Thank you .

Reply by Jesses on Sat Jun 1 19:53:23 2019

Hi Dimitris,

Of course you may use my backgrounds/sprites for a remake! I guess you'll want to use the backgrounds in tile-format though, they use much less resources that way. And you'll need to know some metadata, i.e. on which tiles you can stand.

If your intention is to make the remake look similar to the dos version, it may be easier to just directly use the dos version's data files. See the tech docs for a description. That may also be safer from a legal point of view (I think Interplay still has the rights to this game).

And, not sure how compile-able it is for the 6128+, but maybe OpenTitus can be a good starting point. If not, at least it is a good reference for game logic and reading the data files :-)

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