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Added by Sebastian on Tue Dec 19 19:36:43 2017

Great work Eric Zmiro! Greetings from Argentina. When we were preteens back in the early nineties, after learning with Logo, we would play Hangman and Titus The Fox, i remember the shortcut to the roof in the first level, the catchy music and the drunkards who always killed me and my classmates when attempting to go through. I found this site asking how was the game programmed and in which language, i assume its C. The last time i played the game i reached level 7 but no more than that, i got stuck in a coal mine or such, the level with the mine carts and tracks. Logo was boring, we spent more time playing Titus than making the turtle go forward, we should have been learning MS-DOS commands but the teachers were not up to date!. Greetings to all the programmers of this beautiful game, you left a mark in our hearts. Good work.

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