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Added by DrejjZ on Mon Oct 12 23:52:06 2015

Hi Jesses. I've just uploaded a new level. Its a remake of the 1st level of Blues Brothers :D
Do you know any tools for editing other Titus games?
Are you still working on this level editor or is pretty much finished?

Reply by Jesses on Tue Oct 13 20:29:18 2015

Hi DrejjZ, amazing remake! Did you use some file-hacking way to do the initial conversion, or is the whole level manually entered in the editor? The double bosses are too evil, I died after ~140 hits to the rapid-fire guy near the exit :-(.

There is an editor for pre2 available by Dorten, see here (boot up your Russian skills first):
I'm not aware of editors for other Titus games though. Good resources for old games in general though are and, although at the time of posting the server seems to be down.

I still have plans for a version 3.0 of the MTF editor, rewritten in open-sourced c++ or so to make development easier and enjoy cross-platformness (turns out 8086 assembly isn't very portable). But too busy with other stuff as always! One day...

Reply by DrejjZ on Tue Oct 13 22:31:13 2015

I used a program from retrospec to get the tileset, but the level itself was manually entered in the editor.
There used to be 3 bosses! But even I couldnt finish the map. Also the bees in the clouds were harder (using AI from the jumping fish).

It would be awesome if the editor could launch "campaings" of levels, one after the other.
:( I'll try to reproduce other levels from BBrothers when I get time. Sadly there is no water in TTF/Moktar, so it wont be a 100% perfect remake.
The games are similar enough as to be based of the same engine, is that so?

Reply by Jesses on Wed Oct 14 17:50:19 2015

Hmm, you might be able to get the basic level layout from the BBrothers levels as a starting point. I don't know about their file format, but chances are they're compressed using the same algorithm as TTF. So, you could try to unpack the BB levels with the script in "tech docs". Then create a level in MTF with the same height, save it, and replace the first 256*height bytes with those in the unpacked BB level.

Being able to play "level sets" is indeed one of the planned features for the next MTF release, along with an easy way to launch them via command-line parameter.

TTF/Moktar does have a weird floaty-behaving tile when you apply certain "ladder" properties, but I think you already used it in your level :-)

Reply by Robert on Tue Mar 8 00:27:58 2016

Your level is awesome! If you're still planning to make the other BB levels then for sure I'll test them gladly, I think that, if you do this, then it would be nicer if you quit some of the enemies like the big woman who throw balls, so it looks more like BB. It's just an idea. Anyway, thanks for your creation!

Reply by Eirik on Sun Jul 2 20:03:54 2017

I made a level viewer for Blues Brothers some years ago, if that may be of interest.

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Reply by Eirik on Sun Jul 2 21:26:03 2017

Pretty cool remake by the way! :)