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Added by Cosmo on Thu May 4 11:18:34 2017

Jesses, fabulous job mate! And THE most fabulous job are the maps, secrets and so can be found over the net, but the maps are GOLD.

Like the stories of the Lucases above, I too started playing as a kid, 12 or so, and got stuck at the 3rd level (i did not know how to pick things, and you can't jump the boss :) at about 13 I found out how to pick things but got stuck at lvl 7, too difficult. 15 years later I picked it up and played until I finished it, some www guidance here and there, and a lot of training.

And now I am playing it again, full run every time, from level one to as far as I can go in one sitting, stacking up lives for the 8 - 10 levels, especially the level 9 insanity on wheels :)

Here are some tips I did not find in the secrets or walkthrough sections, that the fans of this great game might find useful:

- level 5, you can get all the bonuses in both paths, but to do so, you have to kill yourself at one point, and start over. I believe the upper route is easier, so a good choice can be you go all the way to the pit with 2 bees, drop, keep left to enter niche and get 30 bonuses, then F1, restart and play the upper route as usual. The balance is 2 extra lives, i.e. two extra level 9 attempts :)

- level 6, you can skip all the final tedious scaffold descent, and miss out on just a few bonuses, but save a lot of time. After the area with 6 bonuses and 2 cats, you go down to a floor with 2 boxes, which ends to the right with a ladder (not spikes like all the rest of the floors). You can make a massive jump to the right and to the end of the level from there, either stack up the boxes, or if you have the skateboard/ball with you, jump on them and make an ever clearer leap to the end of the level.

- the boss on level 7 (i really liked the "aunt olga" suggestion) is the easiest boss in the game (and the easiest enemy on level 7). All you have to do is to get as close as needed to see her (in part or in full) and stay as far as needed for her not to shoot at you. There is an optimal area for this, and once you find it, jump and throw, duck and catch, rinse repeat, no headaches. Accidentally (and illogically) some balls or melons or whatever they are might come from the left, but for the rest of the time, it is a walk in the park.

Cheers again and thanks and congrats,

Reply by Jesses on Sun May 7 21:04:55 2017

The maps certainly help with finding some sneaky secrets, you should give the level viewer (mtf) a try for even more discoveries :-)

Now I am challenged to reach the level3 boss empty-handed! Like you I got stuck on an earlier level back in the day (level 5 in my case), but eventually decided to attack the game again and see what happened. Yep, level5 is peanuts compared to the glorious death trap at the end of level 9...

Thanks for your tips, I have added them on the Secrets page!

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