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Added by Vulpes on Sat Feb 13 17:20:17 2016

I figured out how to get past the pool: Wait until the moving platform is close without the fish being there. Jump on the moving platform, then anticipate the fish jumping at you and jump accordingly to avoid it. Afterwards position yourself at the right end of the moving platform and memorize the spot where the moving platform turns around in order to time your jump right. Then you (barely) make it to the other side. There is some gimmick with two boxes and a spring (the spring seems unnecessary?) and afterwards another room with a hobo that shoots really fast and boxes that need to be placed correctly in order to crawl forward, but that scene is not too difficult. However, the following jump - jumping onto the ladder while avoiding the fish - and the jumps on the slippery platforms seem really difficult. Is there a jumping technique that avoids sliding down after landing on a slippery platform?

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