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Added by Afonso Arthur Braga Delgado on Mon Jul 14 02:41:25 2014

This game is really obscure and looks really cool and well made, it's kinda weird and very interesting that there's still a fanbase for this game that studies the game's complexity. Why don't you try to contact the producers of the original game or something? I think it would be interesting, you could say about this site. Maybe you could even try to encourage them to make a new game, 3DS has a really open space for indie game producers, I know Titus because I really liked their Xena game for GBC (but I was the only one, everyone else I knew didn't liked it), and it's always sad for me to see a gaming industry fail.. Serious, try to contact them or something, a Titus revival would be cool.

Reply by Jesses on Wed Jul 16 20:23:42 2014

I've contacted the original game's developers quite some time ago, which was very helpful in figuring out the game's level file format, and allowed MTF to be created :-). It would have been much more difficult to do so otherwise. Some of the developers also commented on this guestbook.

Titus is long gone, but no worries! Several people from the team behind TTF/Moktar are still involved in the gaming industry. For instance, Eric ZMIRO (the game's IBM engineer) founded Magic Pockets, which has developed quite a few games (also several on 3DS), and Florent MOREAU (the game designer) is now marketing director at Square Enix.

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