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Added by michal on Thu Oct 3 11:17:23 2013

I just finished the game again :) I used to play it a lot in the early 90s, it was an amazing game.

btw do you know that you can even grab some enemies and then used them to kill another enemies? i didn't see that info on this page..
anyway for sure you can grab the walking enemy from level 1 (the first one you can meet in this game), the bee, walking skeleton (level5) and the arabic guy with the sword (level 10). you can grab them from behind - but be careful, if you are too close, then they will hit you..

Reply by miso on Thu Oct 3 11:22:50 2013

and one more thing from my side:
you can even kill the boss in level 5 without using the two boxes. you can grab the boss from behind - if you succeed, then you hold a copy of the boss in your hand. you can throw it quickly to the original boss and runaway to the elevator. you need to do this 3 or 4 times (don't remember) and it's gone :)
the easiest way is to wait on the elevator (on the right side of the screen), until the boss starts to walk to the left side. then quickly get behind, grab the copy, throw and runaway to the elevator.. it's quite fun.. good luck :)

Reply by Jesses on Wed Jul 16 20:39:20 2014

Awesome! I knew of the picking-up-enemies trick, but not that it also works on the level 5 boss :) I'll add the info to the page somewhere.

There is another trick (probably a bug) that allows you to jump very high, when you are hit by a projectile while at the same time something falls on your head...

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