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Added by Mathghamhain on Wed Jul 4 22:30:27 2012

TTF is based on Les aventures de Moktar game, and this is a well known fact. Actually those two games are the same, except lack of level 15 in ttf, sound "lagaf" replaced with bell sound and with some minor changes with graphics and music. Moktar is based on Lagaf' videoclip "La Zoubida", in that clip we can clearly see some ingame graphics, probably from beta version. Does anyone know something about those animations used in videoclip? Are they actual footage from early version of the game? Maybe someone has access to beta version of Moktar, or at least only those beta graphics? It would be very interesting to see how this game was supposed to look like at the beginning of the creation, and how it ended.
I was playing Moktar 10-15 years ago on A600. When I played PC version I hated it for terrible scrolling (or lack of scrolling at all).
I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language:)

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