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Added by PrehFan on Thu Mar 15 18:16:31 2012

Jesses, will you add OpenTitus code detectors to your trainer?

Reply by Eirik on Thu Mar 15 21:25:30 2012

The level codes are currently hard-coded, hidden in src/settings.c in the source package. Or perhaps you would prefer the built-in develop mode (by adding the line "devmode 1" to titus.conf), then you can toggle noclip with "N", godmode with "G" and skip level with "S" ;)

Reply by PrehFan on Fri Mar 16 14:22:29 2012

Hehe, I've noticed that when I was researching the sources of OpenTitus. I've seen them. =D
Oh, Eirik, if you're here: how to change the window size in OpenTitus? I'm tired to strain my eyes when playing.

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