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Added by Denis on Sun Mar 11 20:42:08 2012

I have a question : Is there any way to download the official Prehistorik 2 game?
I mean the original floppy disk image ... no the game cracked by hybrid or others, that can be found on any abandonware site.

Thank you in advance from Romania

Reply by PrehFan on Mon Mar 12 12:33:20 2012


You can download non-cracked version (BTW, it's from 'TITUS 10 Awesome Games'!) here:

Download files 'pre2nocd.part1.rar' and 'pre2nocd.part2.rar' and extract them to a folder. Then run START.BAT and have fun! :)
NB: I've found little differences from the hybrid-cracked version and version I suggested. There are some palette differences (main hero isn't sunbathed at level 3, etc.). But it's nothing, it doesn't change the game, moreover it was released later than official Pre2. :)

Reply by Denis on Mon Mar 12 21:59:58 2012

Thank you very much for the link!

I wanted the version without crack because i like games untouched for my collection.

I've made a perfect clone for every game i've bought so that i can run them in emulation software without crack or nocd fix.i've managed to clone almost every kind of copy protection including DVD Securom 7.XX with a tweaked BlindWrite profile I've made (guys on forums said that kind of protection can't be cloned).I am not able to clone starforce protection, yet.

Thank you again

Reply by PrehFan on Wed Mar 14 17:37:46 2012

You're welcome! =)

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