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Added by PrehFan on Mon Feb 6 15:33:06 2012

Hi! I'm PrehFan, I play Prehistorik since 2002! ^_^ I'm desperate fond of this game and I've found almost all secrets there. I'm Russian fan (to be exact, Belarusian fan - I'm from little country called Belarus =)). Unfortuntely I didn't play Titus the Fox but I guess this one is cool.)))

I wrote the walkthrough to Prehistorik 2 in Russian language (you can see it here: It's the fullest walkthrough now (although it isn't the final version). I also plan to write Prehistorik 1 walkthrough.

I'm gonna create the remake of Preh2. As you know Preh2 runs on WinXP with "hissing" sound and there are some bugs there. Even DOSBox does not always help. In addition, there are no normal level editors. I found one - (links in the lower rectangle inside the first post) - but it's poor and the format of levels is limited in possibilities. You can't change sizes and palettes of levels, you can't create more than 1024 enemies, 70 items, 15 platforms, 80 secrets and 20 gates. As for me it, I'm not enough of this. I want to create the remake of Preh2 - without bugs, without hissing sounds, with internet score board & with NORMAL and UPGRADED level editor (for creating your own levels). I don't start it now but if I do, I'll write here. =)

Thank you very much!

P.S. Eric Zmiro, if you read my post, please answer: did you write Preh2 & TTF in pure asm?

P.P.S. I'm very sorry that I have to write it here. It's just because there aren't any guest book at Please restore it!!! (2 Author: I can help you to clean all the spam out if neccessary. =))

Reply by Jesses on Thu Feb 16 00:23:16 2012

Hi PrehFan!

Alright alright, by popular request the pre2 site's guestbook is now back online! Along with some overall site redesign.

Nice walkthrough so far. When I add a links section to the pre2 site as well, now there is already something to put inside it :-). Probably I'll add a tech docs section as well, there is some documentation made by the guy behind that editor you found and me, that you will probably find interesting to have. It's nowhere near as detailed as the docs on this site though... Anyway, looking forward to your remake!

Hope Eric won't mind if I answer your question for him, but TTF was made in pure asm, and as far as I know pre2 also.


Reply by PrehFan on Thu Feb 16 13:42:12 2012

O, thank you for redesigning the site!!! I really like it =)

BTW, if you want to know, there is a post 'by the guy behind that editor' I found in this guest book. "Added by Dorten on Wed Mar 28 12:27:47 2007" - find this. Apparently Dorten didn't fing any docs for Pre2 and he thought level formats for Pre2 & TTF are equal. As you see he hadn't reverse-engineered several bytes yet. But I think it's enough to create own levels. :) Unfortunately he was never back to Pre2 editor :(((( but it's reason to create our own!)))

As for remake, I've found like-minded persons on the Russian site This site is not ready because of no time but I'll request site owner to give me privilegues for editing the site. Maybe I'll rewrite walkthrough (as for me it's 'raw' =))) in Russian and English and add a lot of things there. Now we think what to add to the remake :DDD Hm, good idea! Couldn't you make a quiz "what do you want to see in the remake of Pre2"? If to do this, we would know what to do better in the remake.


P.S. Do you speak Russian? :D Or did you use online-translator?

Reply by Jesses on Thu Feb 23 23:10:15 2012

Hehe yeah, after that post Dorten and I got into some emailing, I told him what I knew of the format so far and he then researched it and added a lot more information. Eventually he made that editor you found.

The limits it has (70 items, 15 platforms etc) are not editor limits but game engine limits, you'd have to either hack up the game itself to increase them, or make your own engine. Also, 1024 enemies is really a very optimistic limit, as the actual amount of enemies depends on the kind of enemy; the enemy descriptions are variable-length. Anyway, too much detail for this site :-). I'll put the file format info we discovered on the pre2 site in a couple of days.

Unfortunately my Russian sucks! When viewing the Russian site I've had to rely on a translator, which sucks slightly enough to be usable. From what I could see, the walkthrough part looks quite useful already. I'll think about the quiz :-).

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