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Added by antibug on Tue Oct 11 20:03:58 2011


I'm a fan of the Retrogaming :)

I search the SQZ file format for a new light version of window game .....
Could you send me the info please ?

in advance thank ;)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Oct 11 22:48:18 2011


Hope you mean the PC version's format, I've sent you a mail with the format info attached. If you're after making a windows port of the DOS version, check out OpenTitus (, they're already getting close to a playable version.

However if you're after the CPC version, things get more unlucky. It's completely different from the PC, and I've only reverse-engineered a small part, just enough to make those CPC level maps on this site. Let me know if you're interested in the sketchy details on that.

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