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Added by Pi on Fri Feb 26 04:10:37 2010

I found 20stage of the TTF.사진/FOX00007.jpg

Is it fake? or how can I get it?

Reply by Jesses on Fri Feb 26 12:10:41 2010

It's a bug in the game...

The game uses internal level numbers from 0 to 19; internal level 19 corresponds to real level 2, the other numbers are mostly similar with gaps here and there. After you enter a code number, the game first checks if it matches the code for any of these levels, however it accidentally checks this for levels 0 to 20 instead. This 21st level overflows the level name and level exist data structures, which is why the game thinks the level exists and why garbage shows up as the level name.

To get that screen, you need to enter the level code of internal level 20. In DOSBox running with MTF that's 29AE for TTF or D829 for Moktar. When you try to play it the game will just whine about LEVELK.SQZ though...

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