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Added by Forb.Jok on Tue Feb 16 21:49:35 2010

Anyone know what the official names of the bosses are, or if they even have any?

Here's what I called them:
1. The Road Worker (L3)
2. The Axe Murderer (L5)
3. Aunt Olga (L7)
4. The Mummy (L9)
5. The Baby (L11)

Reply by Jesses on Tue Feb 16 22:07:08 2010

I only know the french names used by the development team internally:

1. Le big skin head/punk de fin de level 0-1
2. Le boureau
3. La mere a Zoubida
4. La gross momie
5. L'eunuque
6. L'eboueur (from the Moktar level missing in TTF)

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