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Added by Pi on Wed Jan 20 16:57:57 2010

I'm korean, and i'm not accustomed to writing in English.(Please understand this.)

According to the left "SECRETS" menu, the fifth tip of the LEVEL 8,
we should go underground, or we have no way to go out of the secret above area.

But i think "the two way" is needed a 'trick' respectively.
Upper way is needed to do 'picking up the enemy'
Lower way is needed to do 'change the ball and the box'

The writer may not know that: The FOX can pick up the mugger!(or skeleton, killer bee, and so on)
we should pick up them on the back of the enemy. we can't do that in front of them. anyway, we can go through the upper way, if we pick up the mugger and throw to homeless man guarding the way to go out.

i'm afraid that my homepage is not connected in foreign country
if the homepage is connected, see the second video.

저는 영어에 익숙치 않습니다 좀 양해 부탁드립니다.
왼쪽의 SECRETS 메뉴에서 8단계, 5번 팁을 보면
분명히 윗 길로는 갈 수 없다고 되어있는데,
제가 생각하기에는 두 갈래의 길이 각각 뭔가를 요구하는 것 같습니다.

윗 길은, '적을 들 수 있느냐?'를,
아랫 길은, '상자와 공의 위치를 바꿀 수 있느냐?'를 알아야 합니다.

SECRETS에 글을 써주신 작가가, FOX가 '강도'를 들 수 있다는 것을 모르고 있는 모양입니다.
강도 뿐만이 아니라, 벌, 해골, 마귀할멈 등을 들 수가 있는데, 항상 뒤쪽에서 들어야합니다. 앞쪽에서는 절대로 들지 못합니다. 어쨋든, 윗 길로 가서 강도를 든 후에 노숙자에게 던지면 됩니다.

외국에서 제 홈페이지가 열릴지 모르겠지만,
만약 이 홈페이지가 연결되면 두 번째 동영상을 봐 주시기 바랍니다.

(첫 번째 영어글에 문제 있으면 좀 말씀해주세요. 혹시나 저와 같은 한국인 중에서 영어 잘하시는 분 있으시면,,,)

Reply by Jesses on Thu Jan 21 18:16:05 2010

You are right, and it is about time I fixed that notice in the secrets guide!

It seems you have quite an interesting amount of TTF stuff on your site. However, my Korean is a lot worse than your English is, and for some reason I couldn't convince Google Translate to work on the entire site either. Copy-pasting the text did help though. Anyways, I made a new links section specially for it!

Reply by Pi on Sun Jan 24 15:08:32 2010

I thought the idea from the mugger. I thought that : 'Why the mugger walks so slow?'
And I realize it means we can pick up the mugger easier.

Jesses, Thanks for linking(?) my homepage, and I will modify some words which is not a standard Korean language(which is not in dictionary) for the people who are using Google Translate.

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