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Added by Nikola on Tue Dec 8 12:44:44 2009

Hello everybody!

I'm happy to see that there are other people thinking about this game. I was playing it about 15 years ago on my first IBM PC. Amazing memories...

My brother brought a CD named "crazy games" or something similar. There were about 127 or 128 games, I'm not sure.

We were playing old games of this kind. Lion king, Titus the fox, there was a game named "frogger" I think. It was about a rabbit who was always trying to smash something in order to get to the next level. Golden axe - many of you should remember it. I was playing it on nintendo too!

I'm software developer and I'll be happy to help this community grow bigger and bigger.

Greetings to the developers: architects, designers, programmers, musicians and all other involved in this!

I believe we could develop something new, something better for this community. What you think 'site owner' ?

Reply by Jesses on Wed Dec 16 14:00:17 2009

Hey Nikola!

Currently a few people are working on a remake of the game, called OpenTitus. It is still in a very early stage, have a look. Of course, more help will make it progress faster!

mr. 'site owner'

Reply by Nassim on Sun Jan 3 20:06:41 2010

Hi there Jesse ... good news ! haven't heard about this project before ! and it looks like the project is launched more than a year ago ...
I'm a software engineer and musician. I'll be really pleased to help you out if there's anything I can do.

Happy new year 2010 to y'all

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