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Added by Almalexia on Wed Oct 28 13:22:41 2009

Nice site. 14 years ago I was frequently playing Moktar on my A600, and on A1200. That was my favourite game. PC version has very poor scrolling, so I like only Amiga version.

Does anyone know: It is possible to use custom maps in Amiga version?

Reply by Jesses on Wed Oct 28 13:29:24 2009

I guess it would be possible, but probably just as on the pc require something like MTF to be made.. Without that, on the pc the main obstacle is level height, you can replace the pc levels with custom levels as long as the height is the same, perhaps on the amiga too. Just have to uncompress/recompress the amiga level files, I actually never looked into that, if they use the same format as the pc it would be easy to try. Probably Eric knows more about it :-)

Reply by Almalexia on Wed Oct 28 15:02:43 2009

I looked into "data" folder of the Amiga version of Titus/Moktar and I noticed that structure of files is different from the PC version (many more files than in DOS version). Probably those files are not compatible with each other, so I need to learn how to play on pc-version in order to play new custom levels.
Thanks for your answer.

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