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Added by Eric ZMIRO on Mon Jan 10 09:28:05 2005

Wouaw ! What a site ! I'm very happy to see people like this game again.

I'm the creator of ths game, i've done it with a very small team 14 years ago, and because of Editor's considération, i've never be able to do another game with a such gameplay.


Reply by Alexander on Fri Jan 4 21:20:34 2008

Eric ... You rock ... Your game is xcellent... la crême de la créme. thanks for creating this masterpiece that Titus The Fox is... au revoir

Reply by Keivan on Fri Mar 9 21:15:31 2007

Hi Eric ;
This is my second comment in this site...
I just wanted to say that your game has been the best game I've ever seen in my life, as one said in this guest book, "Game of my life", I think that the team has been the most intelligent and talented one,As the other guy mentioned in the guest book I started this game when I was about 12-14 years old , and now I'm 25 years old...finishing my M.Sc and applying for Ph.D but yet playing this game(Still can't pass the 9th level!!! :) )...
Lots of things makes me wonder through this game: things that were designed to be used once(like the skull bone at the end of the 8th level), the very beautiful graphics with the lowest volume of files for that time (and even now!),and also how very mysterious is the game, the secret places, and the multi-choices you've got to end a level , ways that one could never see ,well, thanks to Jesse and Reactor I saw some that I hadn't seen,the way that each level has its own characteristics,each level is in a different media,I even like the way the enemies !!!...especially the old men who throw the T.V s(when thy die!!!)...Last thing to blow my mind is the beautiful music with eastern (or Egyptian) theme...

Don't you have any site, I'd like to know if you've made any other games,and also know abut yourself(How a human could be such creative!)...

My email is


Reply by Eric ZMIRO on Fri Nov 7 08:36:23 2008

Now you've my own email... i'm also on face book.

And I continue to makes games, but no one like Moktar, do to bussness consideration :-(

Reply by Keivan on Fri Nov 7 15:06:22 2008

Hi Dear Eric
I wish someday, somehow, your team gathers again, and you'll create a game like Titus the Fox.
Thank you both Jesse and Eric.

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Reply by D.H. on Fri May 25 12:06:57 2012

Boring as a game to play (pre2 is much better). But good for learning programming and so-called reverse engineering. While Tech Help talmud was a theory, browsing the TTF game code to see how stuff works was a practice. Being a child, I did not play TTF much, but spent a lot of time with it in a debugger. I started with removing functions from main loop to see what stops working. Then I investigated each function to see how the compression work, how level image is generated and scrolled, how clipping works, how enemies are driven, etc. I even had a map of game code in my memory and could tell what function does by its address, or at least which block of code it belongs.

It was an economical mess in russian at 90's, with a lot of gangsters, shootings, robberies, etc. around. Computers were expensive and not wide spread. No one cared about copyright and even knew what does it mean. All software was distributed on floppies, by BBS, and on CD-ROMS like "1000 best programs for your computer" selling everywhere just as being totally legal.

I knew I could learn programming, but I studied physics, because I liked it too. I thought programming is not a perpective profession: soon a lot of powerful programs with every function people may need will be written, a lot of programming libraries will be designed, programming will become easier than assemblying LEGO, will be quick to learn, and will not bring much money. Besides, better portable memory and faster networks will make them hardly possible to sell before someone cracks the copy protection and spread it all over the world for free.

I was correct in everything but one: programming still brings good money.

The truth turned out too simple to believe being a child: people are animals, animals are to eat each other and compete according to Darwin's theory. Capitalism is based on robbery and deception, this is why it suits the people society so good. It allows its "slaves" to have only money hardly enough to just survive, taking surplus value, and you have to violate the law constantly to trick this system and become more than a slave. Many of that gangsters robbing and killing people here in 90's (those of them which were not killed themselves) became oligarhs, they control the economy and government now, they are rich, everyone respect them. They don't kill and rob anymore -- now they use more thin capitalistic mechanisms to enslave people. The next generation will never suspect this respected people made themselves by robbing and killing. They will just think these people are a little more lucky, clever and hardworking, and deserve being masters.

The good way to trick the system is... to become a programmer, to live in an insane world of 100 billion worth blog sites... for a while... until this bubble collapses, again and finally.

If you check the Forbe's list of billionaries, you may find some programmers their, but hardly even a single physicist. I damn the day I went to university. You may trick the system by being a programmer, but not by being a scientist. Besides, the same darwinism here: to attract grants and sponsorship, people overrate their research and even juggle with research results, producing nonsense. I plan to leave this madness as soon as I complete PhD.

I don't know where to go. I could, finally, become a programmer. But learning modern programming from a scratch being 30 years old is not as easy as 20 years ago. I'm good in reverse engineering them, but not in writing. It was a good underworking when I was a student, and madness of 90's didn't dissolve yet, so, I practiced a lot, breaking copy-protection and such for companies that reselled software. But now, this skill is not relevant any more. And will not help me become programmer. Besides, it would be a shame to be mastered by younger people that already made themselves, by throwing high school and start practicing, while I wasted time on university, with those boring math, physics and other things, and, then, computational modelling. I should have done the same thing in high-school. Now, this way is not for me.

Failed to conquer a place under sunlight, I will try shadows. Like, say, spamming, carding, ddosing and other things. I need to browse hacker forums to look at innovations wave in hacking. Besides, this leaves the place for reverse-engineering skills I already have. Yeah, this is what i'll start to do when done with my PhD. I'll start by creating a soft of modern virus, with p2p connectivity and old forgotten tricks like polymorphism, to create a botnet. Then.. I'll see hot to make it a weapon agains other animals that I have to compete.

Reply by Artwark on Fri Oct 19 16:20:00 2012

I had been sick once and in my cousins birthday my dad showed me this game titus the fox. After I got healed my brother and I figured out how to run the game. we got it running and we played it till we got stuck with the woodcutter. After 12 years I made an attempt to start from where I stopped and I finally beaten that wood cutter as well as finishing the game. Its beautiful pixel art and although there are better games like cave story, you're game is still on my favorite list. Good luck to you Eric. I will someday create a legacy about this game. :)
I promise.