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Added by RED ALDER on Fri Jun 6 11:09:55 2008

Hello !
I've just discovered this site. It's very ... surprising. After so many years, some peoples are still talking about this game !
Finally, I feel some proudness because I'm the musician who made the musics for this game. And it's very fun to hear it again, 18 years after ! I've worked 3 years for TITUS company as musician (from 1989 to 1991).
Is there another website talking about other titus games ?
Thank you for all !

Reply by Jesses on Tue Jun 10 18:13:46 2008

Hey there, nice to see you found the site!
The game still seems to have many fans, to me it always stood out because of its unique platform gameplay involving the object carrying stuff (and also it was my first game on PC). And the music seemed nice too :-p.
I was wondering, as the game has so many different music formats (mod, adlib, beeper, ym etc) how did you compose all of them? Perhaps by "porting" the MOD version? Also I noticed the ST and CPC versions sound different, while they use the same AY-3-8912 chip if I'm not messing things up.
There might be more titus sites out there, but I only know my own site about Prehistorik 2 at
Anyway, thank you for the nice musics!

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