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Added by Richard on Thu Apr 10 15:58:53 2008


I have a problem. I have XP, controls not work in dos mode. When I use dosbox, and when I reach the code lamp in a level, the code is always "0000", so I can't use codes. Can anyboby help me, please?

Reply by SweetBomber on Sat May 31 00:36:26 2008

It happens to me too. I believe that's because I have the version A. The solution is just load the game with mtf, and choose the "Run the game normally" option.

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Reply by Jesses on Tue Jun 10 17:44:34 2008

Yeah, the dosbox code problem is there, because the game bases its codes on the contents of the rom bios section in memory (which is also why the codes differ on most machines). Problem is, in dosbox that part of memory contains mostly zeroes, messing up the code generating algorithm. But like SweetBomber said, mtf will detect it and replace the algorithm with another one (the one from Moktar actually), giving you hopefully more usable codes. Nothing related to version A though :-)