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Added by Daim on Wed Nov 14 20:55:40 2007

best game i ever played.. still haven't found sth else with the same level of control.

just read on wikipedia u are able to pickup enemies from behind?! i never did that! how does it work??

Reply by Alexander Stephen on Fri Jan 4 20:57:39 2008

I was once playin´with my sister, she killed an enemy and then she grab him from behind. We were very surprised and we tried to do it again but we were unsuccesful. Write me if interested!

Reply by karin on Fri Jan 11 11:53:50 2008

sorry, my english isn´t good enough to tell you, but perhaps sb can translate: Du musst dich von hinten an den Gegner anschleichen (kriechen) und die Taste für "Gegenstände aufnehmen" drücken. Dann stemmst du deinen Feind in die Höhe und kannst ihn wie eine Waffe benützen. Sehr nützlich in Level 8!

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Reply by Howard on Tue Feb 12 12:26:02 2008

Grab enemy from behind is ok..EVEN THOUGH ENEMY DOESN'T DIED!!
It's easy to grab enemy walking slowly.