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Added by Paarth on Wed Sep 26 06:42:39 2007

I want to thank you for creating this game because it is almost unique and has good graphics.Because of this game I have become a gamer ever since I was 5 years old.When I become a game designer I promise that I will create a remake better than this version.Do not worry about your mascot Titus artwork.
And dodn't worry about your company's bankrurptcy(Sorry i can't spell the word correctly)it will be fine.

Reply by Alexander stephen on Fri Jan 4 21:06:39 2008

you´re right when you say that ´bout the graphics.. I just love the game... Some of the streets depicted in the game are very alike the neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.. i mean the light of the streets at night, it´s an effect very realistic Ain´t it? .)

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