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Added by ATA on Mon Dec 3 01:32:58 2007

Great game! But I think it is very difficult!! Finishing this game could be a part of Hell.

Level 8's "Dead End" is not a dead end as long as you have carried with you the ball from the start of the level.

This site is PERFECT! Great job!!

Sapporo, Japan

Reply by Alexander Stephen on Fri Jan 4 20:50:49 2008

Yeah you´re right... i knew i had to take the violet ball always with me because i´ts very useful... i could not understand why the page says i´ts a dead end... i´ts the best part! Could you help me up saying something ´bout that part of the 9´s level where you see egyptian paintings all over the background, and there are lots of deadly spikes up and down?... there is also a padlock so you can´t go back... Please i need help cuz i´m stuck since 2003 in that part...saionara :)

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