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Added by Ifan Wicaksono on Thu Sep 20 07:54:48 2007

Greeting from Jakarta, Indonesia!!

Great site! I played this game years ago using my 286 system with CGA color back in the early 90s. Thanks man! With this I will try to end this game using your tutorial!!

PS: Does anyone know the trainer of this game? I tried to use the trainer form this site but fail to work.

Reply by Jesses on Sat Sep 22 14:55:26 2007

Good luck ending the game!
In what way does the trainer not work?

Reply by Your name on Fri Oct 19 20:36:57 2007

can anyone tell me how to get password of 9.level.....

Reply by Jesses on Sat Oct 27 14:41:00 2007

Yup, use the MTF program from this site :-)

But it seems it doesnt work for you, drop me a mail at "smacdrek at hotmail dot com" so we can fix that.

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