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Added by Sergix on Thu Mar 8 22:16:08 2007

Hi, here I 'am again, btw I forgot to say... I'm also from Portugal :)

Have somebody already converted the music from Titus in midi, Mp3, wav whatever format, I would like to make a ringtone out of the presentation music, can someoene help me please!!!

thank's in advance.

Reply by Jesses on Sat Mar 10 01:45:24 2007

If you want a mp3 ringtone, just use winamp's diskwriter to create a wav out of the mod files and make an mp3 out of it. Midi is a bit more work i think. At least, a decent one ;-)

Reply by sergix on Sun Mar 11 00:06:00 2007

Thanks a Million, A friend of mine pointed me to these sites: hope it helps others:

Reply by sergio on Tue Mar 13 09:27:39 2007

Thanks a million TTF Bonus point = 1000 extra live's :)

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