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Added by Alejandro on Fri Feb 23 22:43:19 2007

I just do not know how to complete the level 9. I got stuck when I arrive to a place where there is a padlock and a platform, with lots of spikes on the bottom and in the ceiling. There is an egyptian painting on the background so you can recognize the place i assume. Since you pick up the padlock you can´t go back. I tried a lot of times to be precise, but I can´t just jump to the second platform without life loss! If someone can tell me a hint to help me you have my e mail. please send me a help.
PD: the site is great and I have tried some secrets i did not know, they´re awesome.

Reply by Jesses on Sun Feb 25 00:15:10 2007

That place is really evil... You need to jump very careful, not too low, not too high. It seems a bit easier when you run the game in dosbox, it makes the jumps a bit more precise apparently. Good luck!

Reply by Alexander on Fri Jan 4 21:15:43 2008

thanx .. . I will try it but i don´t know what the dosbox is.. Hey look how late i am seeing this response... sometimes this game makes me loose patience so i abandon it for a while and the i take it again , because i´ts wonderful... Bye n huge thanks

Reply by Jesses on Sat Jan 5 23:13:45 2008

Hey hey,
the dosbox is a dos emulator, handy for playing these ancient games: take a look at
Anyways here's how to use it, in case the game is in D:\TTF:
- start dosbox already
- type:
- start the game normally
- press CTRL+F11 or F12 to adjust the speed, this also helps with the grab-from-behind trick

Good luck!

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