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Added by on Wed Dec 27 14:06:47 2006

I can't download the new levels except the first one.
Somebody can help me?

Reply by on Wed Dec 27 14:15:00 2006

Sorry, I can't download only nvl1201.lvl, lolly.lvl, nvl0801.lvl, nvl0701.lvl, but the rest of the levels I can.

Reply by Jesses on Thu Dec 28 13:21:23 2006

Hmm, in case you're using IE7: for some reason it seems to ignore the MIME type of the file. Just right-click and do a Save Target As, that should do the trick...

Reply by netz123 on Thu Dec 28 18:20:44 2006

I really use IE7 but it didn't work in a lower version (I think 5.5) too, but in IE5.5 I did your trick (because you can't do the trick in IE7) and it worked. thanks!!

Reply by Juanjo on Wed Dec 27 15:42:25 2006

I don't know, maybe Jesses (webmaster)knows the answer.
If you play the "nvl" ones, tell me your opinion, I made them :)

Reply by netz on Wed Dec 27 22:08:36 2006

I think your levels are very difficult, especially lvl nvl1001.lvl and the others too. I only succeeded to complete nvl0101.lvl after several times. Did YOU succeed to complete them from the BEGINNING to the end with only 3 lives??
In addition, How can I pass the almost last part in nvl1001.lvl with the bullies on narrow floors with nowhere to jump afterwards???

Reply by Juanjo on Thu Dec 28 23:31:34 2006

And no, I'm not able to pass the levels with only 3 lives. I use mtf loading it with MTF TRN EDIT (and choose f6 to unlimited lives).
But they may be possible with 3 lives once you know the level well :)

Reply by netz on Sat Dec 30 19:38:34 2006

How can you use f6 in your own levels?
I can use it only with the original game and not with my levels (I also made or changed some levels, but they are not so difficult as your levels).

Reply by Juanjo on Sun Dec 31 20:30:34 2006

You may run the editor under DosBox, and run it typing MTF TRN EDIT.
Then, once you are playing your level, press F6 :)
If you made some, put them on the site, I want to play them :D

Reply by netz on Mon Jan 1 18:09:51 2007

Thanks for helping!!

Reply by Juanjo on Thu Dec 28 23:29:50 2006

Hi, yes, they are VERY difficult, for people who has passed the whole game and are searching for new and more difficult levels.
You can pass the last part of 1001 picking up the bullies, and using the elevators.
Try the nvl0501, it's my favourite of my levels and not very long :)


Reply by netz on Sat Dec 30 19:45:35 2006

Thanks for helping in 1001 (can I pick them up from the front? can I pick up other creaturs?).
The end of 0501 is also difficult, you need to make more funny levels and not difficult ones.

Reply by Juanjo on Fri Jan 5 21:12:55 2007

Yes, you can pick up other creatures, but always from de back.
I will try to make easier levels :) Thanks for the advice!
But, are there other authors outhere?

Reply by netz on Wed Jan 10 23:05:08 2007

Try my second new lvl. I changed some levels - to upload them as well?

Reply by Juanjo on Mon Jan 15 19:38:13 2007

Wow, it's a good level. Really difficult but I passed it :P
Upload your level conversions of the original game please :)

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