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Added by Reactor on Mon Dec 18 22:41:45 2006

Well, for converting WAV/MP3 to MIDI, I use the program named Mobile Music Polyphonic. It must be purchased, but - and ssssh! about this! - I cracked up the 1.5 version, so I could use it to convert MP3/WAV into MIDI. To tell the honest,the first results are 100% crap, you will have tons of work making a proper MIDI out of the former MP3/WAV, but it saves you from hours of work. You can also edit/change instruments of MIDI files, slowing/speeding it up, or write a brand new song :) So it's a really cool program.

Can you recommend me a good MIDI to MOD converter then? If there will be new possibilities for music in the "total editor",I'd probably choose MOD instead of MIDI, since it will not change on other sound cards (I suggested MIDI since Wolfenstein 3D also used MIDI files as music). I converted hunderds of famous music from MP3 to MID, such as Final Countdown, Seven Seconds, All The Things She Said, and many more!

It really works in the other direction. I can convert EVERYTHING into WAV and MP3 which my Winamp can play.

Of course, you're freely welcomed to put the secrets list up :) I'll send it right away!

Reply by Juanjo on Mon Dec 18 22:59:22 2006

I encourage you to experiment with MTF, you will see that when you catch the idea is very easy to use :)
I can't wait to play your levels! :)
(sorry for my bad english)

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Reply by Reactor on Tue Dec 19 00:11:21 2006

Well, since our capital Budapest is such a crime-infested place, I'd make the Eastern Rail Station (Nyugati pályaudvar in Hungarian), if there were some new sprites, like trains and such. Evil homeless men, tramps and policemen would fit in the scene very well! Especially policemen...they shoot first,and ask questions never! :))

Reply by Jesses on Tue Dec 19 15:30:24 2006

Ha, thanks for the secrets list, as you can see I've put it online :-)

Hmm, I could swear I had a MIDI -> MOD converter lying around, but apparently not. If you really need one, I could try my luck on making one myself; at least simply putting the notes in some MOD patterns should not be that hard, and you could put standard MIDI samples in yourself and finetune everything. Hmm...

Reply by Jesses on Tue Dec 26 12:55:44 2006

For those interested, I've found a midi -> XM convertor that seems to work great: MID2XM. XM to MOD conversion still needs to be done of course.

You'll need a patch set for it to work. I used eawpats; its official site seems to be dead however, but I found the patches here too.