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Added by Reactor on Mon Dec 18 16:44:23 2006

Thank you for the quick response. Now I managed to write the complete list of all Titus The Fox secrets!

Making an editor which allows total conversion is an excellent idea! Until that,I'll try to create some levels with MTF. The capital of Hungary is such a crime-infested place, it'll serve excellent as a level :) There are tons of muggers, gipsies and homeless men around just like in the game, they'll even throw you with bottles if you get too close! :))
Okay, enough goofing around. I'd have a question. If you make the total conversion-editor, can it be possible to use MIDIs instead of MODs? I can easily convert MP3 and WAV to MIDIs, which I can't do with MOD files, that's why (I don't know if there a MOD converter exists).

Reply by Jesses on Mon Dec 18 18:50:04 2006

Well, the game doesn't use mod files; instead, it has two separate custom formats, one for pc speaker music, the other for adlib. However, I happen to have built in a mod player in the latest (not yet released) version, so mod is probably the easiest way to go if it comes to making new music (I also might put in a pc speaker/adlib tracker or something).

Making a midi player is not that hard, so I could do that. However, the thing with midi is that it depends on your sound card whether the music sounds good or crap (aside from the mess of introducing a fourth music format).

As for conversion; you can really convert WAV/MP3 to midi easily? Tell me more! A MOD -> WAV converter is really trivial (winamp's diskwriter does just that), so if you can convert WAVs to midi, MODs can also be converted.

In fact, direct conversion between mod and midi is possible and there are some programs that do it; midi to mod is the easier of the two (since the other way around requires you to pick and tune the right instruments for each mod sample). Although, with midi -> mod you hit the problem of only having 4 channels.. oh well.

Reply by Jesses on Mon Dec 18 20:41:06 2006

By the way, if your secrets list is any good, can I put it on the site? Saves me some work :-p

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