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Added by Alexis on Wed Jun 7 19:28:28 2006

Hi, nice to see people still working and playing this great game. I allways wanted a level editor and more levels to play.
But I have a problem I can run Titus the fox, and I also can run yet when I want to run the game from the editor it crashes. I'm not that good with English so I'll try to explain this by giving you the details:

-I use to run Titus the fox
-In the folder there's a, if I run this, the same error message that is displayed when I try to run the game from the is also displayed
-If I rename ffc with the game doesn't work (neither the game alone, or running it from the editor).

I'd like to know if you can help me here, I'll give more detailed info if it's needed.

BTW, I see some "new" enemies in the sprite viewer are these used somewere?

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